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Lol who of us is having a bad day and insulting others Vasiliy?

Thanks for your advice how i should live my life. Didn't ask for it so thank you but next time don't answer and keep your opinion to yourself.

While i admit my answer wasn't the friendliest possible answer, atleast i contributed something useful to the topic.

I was merely stating a fact, not speculating about someone being on drugs or whatever for no reason. If you don't want to be criticized then don't come on a forum, or simply mind your words.

But to add to your "useful" and "not that insulting" contribution, I'd say that the medusa line should indeed be slower than the other corvettes because of its 360° firing angle, but not to the point of being slower than a destroyer.

So in my opinion, they should probably reduce a bit the maneuverability rating of the vindicta (-5, because it still has access to thrust amp/energy gen) and increase a bit the medusa's (+5 or +10). I know the medusa have access to thrust amp as well, but it's a primary module unlike on destroyers, so using it means giving up more important modules just to compensate an innate weakness.

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I think they're only useful on the Vindicta line now, 1.2km range is just too low for any other Destroyer, they're not fast enough to use it effectively.

...which brings me to a suggestion of mine that I was thinking about writing a topic about, where every ship sub-class (like heavy DN, medium DN, etc.) would have a bonus attribute, to put an emphasis on their differences. So it wasn't just HP / Manueverability / Cosmetics difference in sub-classes anymore, but an extra attribute affecting ship behavior.

For example (totally random stuff, just to show what I'm thinking about):

  • Light dreadnoughts would have a 20% shorter cooldown on broadsides

  • Heavy destroyers would have a 20% longer range on torpedo weapons

  • etc.

Just some little extra, that would make you positively reconsider the viability of certain builds on certain sub-classes. Could even come in the form of unlockabe passives on ships, maybe we could call it "Specializations", have 3 unlockable on every sub-class, and should be restricted to one of them being active?...

I like your idea, but I think these bonuses should be more general than what you listed, or else it would confine certain ships to certain playstyles and reduce diversity.

So maybe bonuses like +10% armor, +20% damage at optimal range, -10% module cooldown...could work.

Stribog is actually really powerful, with kinetic weapon amplifier + survival instinct + desperate measures you can litterally strafe with shotguns.

The main problem IMO is the aim cursor which is really unprecise, sometimes the projectiles will miss even though your target isn't moving and your cursor is right on it.

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Don't complain about stuff you don't understand.
I dunno what kind of drugs you may have taken, but the Vindicta and Brutus speed is just fine.

The heavy corvette turns like a rock and does only fire in one direction, while the medusa-line has a 360° firing angle. thats why is is slower than the other vettes.

Just because i'm curious, are you 14 years old or are you just living in your own bubble?

Looks like someone had a bad day... Don't you have better things to do than venting your frustration on a forum, insulting teenagers ? No one cares about your life so keep it for yourself, thank you.

1200 credits is really useful for beginners gearing up their first T2s, but almost negligible when grinding T4s-T5s, hence the idea to make rewards scale based on level.

I agree about progression rewards, aside from the 500 GP reward for winning battles, they're negligible as well at higher ranks.

I often do the most damage with modules of the game as a tac cruiser, just by pressing 1. I think artillery pods are braindea...strong enough .

I'd like more diverse rewards too, scaling with level, as the current leveling system is pointless.

They could also add some sort of daily mission chains that would allow us to get additional bonuses for completing missions on a regular basis, say for 7 days in a row. It would create "customer loyalty".

Title. When using disruptor missile/pulse/whatever on a dreadnought using it, the module won't stop until its whole duration has finished.

I don't know if the same bug happens with weaponbooster pulses/overclock pulses/cloak pulses but it's extremely annoying.

I agree, now I regret buying armor amp IV. Tbh I shoud've kept armor amp II, it lasts way longer and the damage reduction is still very useful.

I don't think there are other modules that get worse at higher tiers, maybe heavy cloak V:
damage resistance decrease: 100% at tier IV > 80% but its cooldown increases by 10s. -20% damage taken is nice but +10s cooldown is huge and I don't think the upgrade is really worth it.

The game is still lin beta, so no advertising campaign yet (the game isn't even on Steam).