Idéalement les vaisseaux de tier 3 ne devraient affronter que d'autres tiers 3, le problème c'est que le jeu est toujours en beta et que il y a pas assez de joueurs pour ça, donc il faut mixer les tiers pour avoir des temps de queue corrects. Mais je crois avoir vu un développeur dire que quand il y aura assez de monde les tiers seront séparés.

Corvettes have huge DPS only if they are within 1200m of their target. At 1201m their DPS is cut by more than half, and even getting that close is usually pretty hard.

Some older problems are still relevant today I guess...

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-213858) said:

If you can't beat it, copy it:
Try to get 3 healers on your team. now both teams teams are healed equally either it gets static as [censored] or the better team breaks the ball.

That's fighting fire with fire, and making it unfun for everyone as any damage dealt is healed right away by pods/autobeams/drones. The outcome of this type of battle is determined by the frustrated players fighting outside the healball (2-3 per team usually) so they have a chance to actually kill something.

I agree that DM and AS should be reworked. AS is part of what makes healers so frustrating to play against and desperate measures gives a way bigger advantage than the other comm briefings (retaliator, feddback loop and module recycler). Drain effects should cancel every way to regen energy, briefings included.

Some briefings also could use some buffs, like tip the scales, glass cannon and naviguation expert. They reduce some stats to increase others, but the trade is often not worth it, on any ship.

An effective healball just requires 2 healers with good awareness. Destroying it requires a simultaneous attack of 2-3 players with very specific modules. Healing is not overpowered indeed but it is without doubt a core element in a fleet. In a battle between two evenly skilled and outfitted teams, the one without healers will lose ~80% of the time according to my experience. Battles outcome actually hinge on them most of the time, which clearly means that healers' impact in a match is superior to other classes, as Frenotx said.

To reduce the impact of healing I keep suggesting to add some sort of antiheal ammo, so to have a direct counter. If healing stays a core mechanic, then everyone will use this module. Then the healball strategy will be given up, and players won't use this module as much since healing wouldn't be as reliable as it is now (making them both balanced).

(also reduce energy generator duration to 5 sec at T4 like on destroyers, and delete adrenaline shot).

People need to learn to shoot at the healers first and not at the ships being healed . Use corvettes with drain torpedoes/disruptor pulse or a vindicta with a ram.

If there are 2+ healers with dreads using armorbooser pulses, you won't kill anything and might as well just alt+f4 since disruptor pulses won't cancel armorboosterpulses for some reason.

I wonder if tac cruisers shouldn't have some sort of heating effect, so if they use their beams for too long they take some damage (to balance their infinite ammo). Maybe it could add some thought process to the gameplay of tac cruisers, which currently consists in pressing left mouse click.

There is the same problem on corvette (weaponbreaker torpedoes>heavy torpedoes). It's so obvious I don't know why it hasn't been touched yet, except the ridiculous cooldown buff last patch.

Kokurou#1978 posted (#post-211137) said:

A lot of times I have to press one of the face buttons several times before I get a Module off, and after that, I have to wait a solid second and a half before I can use another one. This hurts. It really hurts the gameplay, it's starting to feel clunky in some spots. Like using Disruptor Pulse to Torpedo Salvo, I have to wait almost 2 seconds before using Torpedo Salvo and when I do I'm already way behind my target.

Kokurou#1978 posted (#post-211137) said:

For Modules, I noticed that Disruptor Pulse DOESN'T interrupt or cancel Weaponbooster or Armorbooster pulses. That, and Disruptor Pulse still allows some ships to use certain modules, like torpedos or even rare Armor Amplifier.

This. Fix it asap please. Also armor/weapon booster pulses cancel health regeneration even if you don't take damage for 10sec.

Ship tiers, or rather avatar level could increase contracts rewards though. 1200 credits is nice when you have to buy T2 modules, but negligible when trying to unlock T5 ships (worth ~ 1 vet game without elite).