Thanks !

I doubt it can be fixed for 1.11, but there is a bug with artillery pods on PC. When these pods destroy an enemy player, it doesn't count toward the "Plan B" contract : destroy ennemies with any tac cruiser module.

Since heavy torpedoes are getting a buff, please do the same on dreadnoughts ( light torpedoes are way better).

Missile salvo is fine imo, but the buff to plasma broadsides will deter dread players to use it even more so maybe it needs a slight buff (?)

Also please do something about the hangar lighting, currently I can't see the actual colour of the coatings I want to buy.

Even with this buff, weaponbreaker torpedo will still outclass heavy torpedoes imo (no weakening effect and just 1k-ish damage more, same cooldown). I'd suggest to reduce the damage of the weaponbreaker torpedoes or increase the cooldown (+20%?).

Also still no adrenaline shot nerf (or removal ) and a buff to tac cruisers ? It will just make them harder to kill and I don't think they'll suddenly turn into corvette-hunters.

Otherwise it's a good patch, really looking forward to secondary loadouts !

Ennemy team using suicidal tactics seems like a good thing to me. Each class has stasis ammo, pulses, missiles or beams, so it's actually really easy to stop a ramming destroyer (if you see it coming, that is).

Well in league of legends you need about 10 buttons as well and it has 50 millions players so it mustn't be that bad.

Bump. Coatings looks weird and I don't know what colour I'll get if I buy one .

I don't think there is something to be improved. Team Elimination is basically a worse version of Team Death Match: when you die, you have to use a weaker ship than the ones you invested time and/or money in. So there was no reason to play in this mode rather than TDM unless for contract/quest . I would suggest to forget this mode and try new ones. Here are a few ideas:

-Control points mode. A set number of points spread across the maps that you can capture to get points. Let's say they'd have a 2000m diameter, and to capture one you'd just need to have more ships than the enemy team in the sphere for a set period of time (like 10s). They would be visible from anywhere on the map like command ships in onslaught. I believe it would be even more dynamic than onslaught.

-Headhunter mode. After let's say 2 minutes a random player in each team becomes empowered and get increased stats (they could glow red like mines, but not too much so stealth corvette would still be playable). Taking down an empowered ship gives an extra amount of points. The empowered ship could change every 2 minutes to avoid healballs forming around it (or it could just get reduced healing from other ships). Again, I think it would be quite dynamic.

Maybe I'll add more ideas if I find good ones. There's also the Havoc mode that we don't have on PC, hope to see it someday.
Good luck, this game has potential and I believe you can do somethig great with it.

I agree that we don't have enough ways to spend money without wasting it. Only useful thing is elite, all the rest is just esthetic and thus useless. Ships coatings are ok, but have you seen the size of the emblems/decals ? They're so small you don't even notice them ingame.

They could make new forecastles/hulls/bridges/sterns for every class and sell them for GP so we could actually customize our ships instead of just changing their colour.

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-203591) said:

Couple of things I want to share on why healing tacts are more popular than actual "tactical" tact, despite the fact that tacts do have tactical modules (such as cloak pulse, cool down pulse, drones or pods)

  • Support pulses give you ZERO score. That's right, 0 score

  • Drones give you ZERO score, yep

  • Purge beam, strongest module in the game, give you next to 0 score as well, sometimes it gives you an assist.

  • Offensive modules are super short range: tesla pod 1400, tesla turret 800, mine 680, blast pulse 900. Why get close to < 1000 range when you can heal from 5000 away?

  • Tacts are relatively slow (except certain Aion build), and don't have enough HP to duke it out at close range

Given those, going healing is a logical choice, not dumb choice. Until offensive modules on tacts are buffed, not matter how much you nerf healing, playing healing tacts is better.

They could just update the scoring system you know...

" don't have enough HP" => lol, see first post.

"Why get close to < 1000 range when you can heal from 5000 away?" => to fight rather than hiding behind a wall/teammate and pressing left-click ?

But I agree, playing heal tacs is logical, given how strong (and dumb) it is. That's why I'm suggesting to remove healing and turn tacs into support ships rather than healing bots.