It isn't OP. Problem on PS4 is teams are 5 players s 8 on PC. That makes it more important to stick together to cover each other. With the proper co-operation within the team, incoming enemy corvettes rarely survive 15 seconds.

(I'm not a biased corvette player -- don't even play them much)

A big issue is that the majority of us have developed some form of muscle memory when it comes to swiping on the touchpad. As it stands right now, any touch/tap of the touchpad deactivates the energy wheel and turns whatever you have selected off, instead of swiping down like we had before. This makes it too easy to deactivate the energy wheel setting by accident (the touchpad IS the biggest button on the DS4 controller).

Definitely having problems with the touchpad. If you have anything activated (shields, engines or weapons) any accidental tap/touch of the pad disables it. You don't even need to swipe down to turn it off. Considering that the touchpad is the biggest "button" on the contrller, it becomes too easy to accidentally deactivate the energy management.

The touchpad energy management wasn't all that good to start with but this patch has made it a lot more difficult to use. Stop messing with it and assign it to the dpad buttons already.

Didn't know we got a patch today. I thought it was all server maintenance.

Anyway, if it was a patch, patch notes pls.

It automatically takes you back to the main screen after about 20-30 seconds.

Synbious#7127 posted (#post-201944) said:

ships skins don't appear until respawning after a death,

The workaround for this is during the initial orbit where you select the ship, select different ship first then finally select the one you really want to spawn with and the skin shows up.


You're not the only one. I experience these exact issues even up to the latest update (1.06). The audio bug starts small and keeps growing until you get all those "slow" and laggy speech plus audio breakup. Only a restart of the game fixes the issue.

This all seems like there's a memory leak with the audio drivers.

Psyduck#5542 posted (#post-177975) said:

The matchmaking is not very good. Yesterday i played a Recruit Game with my old T2 Dreadnought. And the enemy has mostly T4 Ships. :/

Im sure the devs will fix this in a future update.

If you keep at least one T1 ship with your T2 fleet, you will not end up being matched past the Recruit level (i.e. Tier 1-2 max)

Hey guys, how about a comprehensive set of patch notes for this launch? Stuff has changed and a lot of us are still guessing what is what.

Still not willing....