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There is a very good point, especially on console. The numbers are most definitely there for both NA and EU. A number of variables impact queue/matchmaking times though such as the fleet in use, game mode being searched, or even the time of day you're playing. Our teams have initiatives in place to improve these times in the future.

Thank you for the honest response. It's good to see that your teams are working on improving the experience despite the relatively small playerbase.

I believe the splitting of the various game modes is leading to fragmentation of the players. Perhaps combine them in a "random game mode" selection that lets a player search all game modes at the same time and plop them into the first available pvp or pve mode.

Having run IT development groups for a long time, I see the effort you guys are putting into this game and only wish you guys success. Besides, it's a fun game - you just need to get the word out. smile

I think it's this perpetual "Open Beta" state that is affecting the playerbase. You can only go so long in beta before players leave, with the impression that the game is somehow incomplete.