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In your words, "Not calling for any major nerf". Implying a call for a minor nerf, nonetheless a nerf.

The conversation didn't end there... if you keep reading you might comprehend whats being said (sorry I'm assuming you're older than a 12yo, I apologize if that's not the case).

It would be nice to effectively counter vettes while still having a role to play in the overall game.

Yesterday I had 5 matches in a row where all real players on the other team were playing vettes, each time was a total slaughter, I think they need their own game mode haha.
The least they could do is limit how many of each class is in a match (disregarding the bots).

I too now have the player names written down (not that I need to, there isn't that many players currently) that only use vettes and now I don't even bother with the games they join I just leave the match and look for a new one. I've noticed other players doing this too, so it is impacting on the game, at least on PS4.

Ultimately I guess, chronic vette players will just end up playing with themselves (we know they already do anyway).

Maybe this is where the differences and conflicting opinions come from. I've never played the PC version (really not worth the space on my gaming rig from what I've seen on PS4, maybe this view is skewed), only ever played on PS4.

Following a corvette thats moving around you with the current controller setup is painfully slow and annoying, camera views are also annoying. Yes you can change the sensitivity but then this makes your ranged game harder.

The autoguns issue on a dread, does anyone else get this? Autoguns dont highlight if a corvette is close, once you find them(spot them) they will highlight, you then activate the autogun, it kicks in but then stops within a couple of seconds then is highlighted again and you have to activate it again, but the corvette has never moved out of range. Am I missing something, is this by design? Whenever I have noticed this its always with the Oberon line of corvettes, so maybe a module but it just seems a bit more like a bug (I dont play corvettes, so please educate me).

I agree that co-ordinated gameplay is required and it should be, but again there is a problem because its region locked i'm in PAL (Europe and Oceania) region, so 9 out of 10 times my team is all foreign, team sizes are also very small sometimes 2 vs 4 (not counting bots).

Loadouts - would be nice to have several different preset loadouts you can switch between during games. Changing your loadout prior to joining a game, without even knowing the map or opponents is very limiting

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Disclaimer: Just stating how the game is designed and what works, not saying it is good or bad.

All ships are meant to be able to solo all other ships. And there are even more caveats, Corvettes weakness is simply range and hp, if you cannot use those two against them, youre usually dead. So to counter them you not only need a certain loadout, you also have to be aware of their attack routes, meaning stay away from cover, you need to land some shots at range, then beeing stationary, even with a Dread, is bad, always move to get the most out of it, if you are not moving at nearly all times, you are at a disadvantage.

Regarding the "radar", it only shows ships that fire or get spotted, the game, at least on the PC, creates markers on the viewport for ships in line of sight but out of your field of view, might not yet be in the PS4 version as it is three patches behind.

Yeah... "you need to land some shots at range", only the AI bots are dumb enough not to move out of the way of a ranged shot, a dread ranged shot is super slow, nowhere near enough accuracy to hit a moving corvette most of the time, in fact the Flak turrets seem to be pretty useless also. Don't corvettes have cloaking also?

The thing that annoys me the most is that when a you have a corvette attacking you at close range you have to find him first before you can initiate the Autoguns, by then its too late. Surely this is a bug (for PS4) as autoguns light up when there is an Attack ship near you without you needing to sight him first. I dont know if its part of a recent patch or not but also explosion/smoke etc seems to be more dramatic now also making it hard to sight ships, impossible at times when you have multiple attackers hitting you.

"to counter them you not only need a certain loadout" That is my point really, if you need to make a dread with a certain loadout just to counter corvettes then the dread isnt really doing what its designed to do... so why dont we all just play with corvettes, better yet why not let the players decide and let them have a game lobby where they can turn off/on corvettes joining the games, other games do this.

Disclaimer: my opinion
Really at the end of the day, they have made a game that has potential and on the surfice seems cool... apart from the multitude of issues (game lag, timeouts, diconnections, midgame joining, randomness of ship speed, randomness of ship control, sound... omg the sound, why cant they fix that? And the wait times to join games).
But once you play it for a while, you realise its a bit of a mess and actually more frustrating than fun. Hence why not many players.

I was just looking through my list of friends in Dreadnought and noticed a player that was 4 levels higher than me, but his player score was 50,000 less than me.

What is the player level based on?

Is it just me or is the scoreboard at the end of the match (onlslaught etc) often incorrect with the team tally?

or are the individaul scores and the total team score not supposed to relate to each other? The winning team has to get 3500, but in many games when I add it up based on individual scores in the list often the winning team hasnt even got >3500 but the losing team has.

Yes does seem to be getting worse for me too, only mode that works lately (mode with real players that is) is Onslaught Veteran but still wait times can be 40mins +

I've commented this is another topic also but once I've played a onslaught veteran game I go straight into the queue to play another one and I seem to get into a game within a minute or so. So I really think its a server issue, not that there are really that few players.

Also having a lot of drop outs mid game, or it joins me into games that have already been going a few minutes, without letting me select a ship etc.

I'll say it again... we really need to be able to see a list of current games in play and ones waiting for players etc on the lobby screen (dashboard). People will assume no one is playing this game anymore (not that its even that old) and never come back to it.

I can wait 40mins or longer to join a game, it's pretty pathetic. I find it hard to believe that there are really that few players. When you say it's region locked... what regions are they? I'm in New Zealand and just about every game I join it sounds like all the other players are russian? (some speak english but heavily accented).

Once I finally get into a onslaught veteran game as soon as it ends I queue up for the next one and I seem to be able to join within a minute or so. I tend to think it's more of an issue with the servers putting you into a game. Why there isnt a lobby list of active games etc really boggles my mind(let us at least see there are people playing, beause currently feels like a ghost town).

Even sometimes if i wait 30 minutes or so and still cant join a game, I play a proving grounds game and then at the end of that I can usually get into an onslaught game pretty quickly.

I agree, corvette is way too over-powered and now over-played. Most games I join now have 2 or 3 random bots the real players are mostly corvettes now, you see the same players too always in the game with their favourite corvette.

I think they should just remove all other classes and call the game:

"Corvette wars, thats if you are actually lucky enough to get into a game with real players because it seems only 5 other people play this game, and only 2 of them speak english... oh and the AI sucks bad, and 40% of games will probably crash on you anyway"

ok not the most catchy title.

There isnt much you can do to counter corvettes if you like a class like dreadnought, Artillery Cruiser, or even Destroyer for the most part. This is where you really need a team and you all huddle together and creep across the map (this is very boring by the way to any game devs that are listening)... but guess what you can f'n get a team because your team is always full of bots that will play totally randomly.

So if I use my dreadnought, same thing always happens, Corvette guy (that doesnt even show on the radar) comes in, knocks out my modules and obliterates me (shields, and armor amplifiers make little difference), my only defence is reapeater guns or flak turrets, that dont seem to be able to hit anything very effectively. Most of the games now it's 2 corvettes in a team attacking.

For those saying corvettes need to kill quickly or they are dead, have you played a dreadnought vs corvette on PS4? and I'm not talking about the $#1t AI driven corvettes.