I thought there was supposed to be tech tree changes this update smile

My biggest problem is the huge increase in t4. From 8k a module which is fair, up to 28k each. It is utterly rediculous. A game like world of tanks can get away with 20k a module since each tanks only has around 3-6 tops but to have about 15 different modules at 202k+ each and you are forced at times to unlock 4 modules you never use to get the one that you want for your playstyle, is just plain irritating. A bad grind to the extreme.

Played a few games so far in the Jutland and honestly, it is an absolute god aweful ship. It is so pitifully weak and is little more than a pinyata with a feather duster for claws. The main cannons are so absolutely pitiful breathing on the enemies armour would do more damage.

It takes about 15 volleys on average (for me anyway, I have terrible aim as a I live in Australia) to kill tier 3 corvette with them. Are they supposed to be so god dam pitiful? I have resorted to only using its secondaries as they deal far more damage and net far better results. Is there something I'm missing or is it little more than a garbage ship to spend free XP on to get to the monarch? To reiterate, it is so pitifully weak a tier 2 destroyer can out damage it even after a broadside.

Sometimes I just kamikaze nuke the vette with a Goliath when they in close enough. Tis fun.

I mean i understand how they work ect. but when taking things out like destroyers, in particular ones like the otranto ect., should they be able to burt you down from full hp? (No sheild boost I mean as well)? Because i understand them killing another corvette or a tac cruiser but i am not sure if they are supposed to do as much damage as they are doing. They are supposed to be high risk high reward scout/assasins but what I have seen is corvettes getting away with stupid plays as they are hard too hit and surprisingly tanky at times. Yet they manage to 100-0 a destroyer or two and still manage to get out, after crashing into a wall and statying still for a solid 10 seconds. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of them but I don't think they are as high risk as they should be and are they dealing too much against the tankier class of ship?

Sorry made a duplicate on accident