Shipmaster Vadum



2nd for me

The devs really need to fix their kills and assists systems. Too many times now, I do somewhere between 75-90% damage to an enemy ship, using up my modules whilst getting shot up in the process, only to get a measly 50 points for the assist because an allied ship struck the final blow.

Why cant they just switch to a system that gives points for every shot landed or at least fix the threshold for what constitutes as a kill if we do enough damage?

I switched the colours on my Otranto to see what the others looked like, and now I can no longer get it back to black atriaz, the default colour. Instead the only 2 skins that are available is Jupiter arms default and Tiger Heroship.

How do I restore the default skin if it isn't available from the options?

Replying because I can't find the default skin as well. It just has the Jupiter arms and Tiger skin as the only 2 available.