Also when I logged back in, I looked outside and my car was gone. smile

This bug can be corrected. When it happens, hitting ESC and then resuming the game resets the camera back to normal behavior.

In Red Sands this bug occurred 4 total times when flying around the metallic structures near the center of the map. Each time hitting ESC and resume corrected it.

Playing with Trafalgar.

This bug does not occur every time but is reproducible and carries over after a respawn, although it seems to correct itself after some time after that.

When you are looking around your ship while you come close to a planet surface or large object that causes your camera to get forced into a fixed position. It gets stuck even after you move away from the obstruction and then rubber bands to that fixed position regardless of where you point your mouse view. Once you stop moving the mouse the camera forces the view back.

For instance, when I was firing at a ship above while thrusting down towards the planet surface and touched down, the camera cannot go any lower while looking up above and glitches out even after you move away from the surface. After moving away from the surface with no obstructions anywhere around the ship for many km, the camera view "springs" back to looking up, as if the ship was still obstructed.

It's not just planet surfaces that cause this. It also happened when looking left while coming close to a mountain on the right. Or looking down when going under the structure on Rings of Saturn.

OMG! Still not fixed! I surely thought this update would have straightened this out, lol.

Theobald#3611 posted (#post-83151)

I don't see any reason to sell ships in this game. I'm astonished to see resources devoted to adding that in the game. You always need low level ships because of the maintenance costs.


No reason to sell ships!? LOL.

Maybe you need to wait till you get to the part where you are forced to WASTE over 200k to buy 2 different classes of ship unrelated to the class you want

You want the Vindicta Light Destroyer? Well I hope you want the Tier 2 and 3 TAC as well as the Tier 3 and 4 Vettes because you'll be forced to buy them 1st even if you'll never play them for one second.

Don't dismiss those that want to sell all the possibly useless (to them) "tree transition ships" that are needed to unlock specific classes that are stuck behind lateral tree progression behind completely unrelated ships.

Sooo, ya, I'd have to say that I'd love to be reimbursed to some degree where multiple ships were crammed down my throat and spend those creds where I really wanted to I the first place.

BTW there are already more than one thread posted about this already in the bug section.

I fixed the module issues which cost me 1500 cred to do.

I had to re-buy weapon booster again and also buy autoguns (which I never had before), basically all the slot 3 modules available. Just re-buying WB Pulse did not do it so I bought autoguns as well.

Once I did I was able to "see" and choose the slot 3 module I had previously and get rid of the duplicate torpedo salvo I had in both slots. Until I purchased the other slot 3 modules, which I did not have prior to the update, there was no choice to select anything other than the duplicate item in that slot.

The Energy wheel is terrible IMO for fast engagement. I don't use the energy wheel, that's why I mapped all the keys where I wanted them. I have all the energy wheel buttons mapped individually to mouse and keyboard. Engine, Weapon, Shield, and Off buttons are close and easy to engage. No issues and no desire for a toggle feature with respect to the dilemma I proposed in my previous post. Optional toggle sure, complete change to the current way, No.


The current layout is ideal and I completely disagree with the toggle feature.

In the heat of battle I frequently will press the energy key I want more than once sometimes inadvertently, sometimes just to affirm it was pressed and active. A double tap.. A second confirmation press just to be certain.

I don't want a scenario where I'm toggling the selection and lose track whether it's on and turning off, or if it was off and turning on. Sure it seems simple but when you are distracted by the other things in the battle I want my choice to be what it is intended.

Having it toggle will drive me crazy and make me have to pay more attention I do not have time for.

Pressing the energy key of choice should ONLY be to activate it no matter how many times it is pressed. That's why you have an additional "off" selection.

I can ONLY agree to a toggle feature IF and only IF it is optional to the standard layout, rather than a replacement.


I would love to have multiple loadouts back in the game. Switching to a different (module) loadout variant during a match respawn in order to adapt to changes in enemy team complement was very welcome before 2.0

Man-made structures floating above the ground - I"m totally fine with it (some gas silos probably?) Floating NATURAL rocks in Solar System - nah, that's completely absurd.

So Fine. The proposed Pandora Map will feature levitating man made structures that are covered with dirt/rock/grass and are completely indistinguishable from natural occurring grassy rocks. For everyone else we will use the other explanations of naturally occurring flux pinning/magnetic/gravity style phenomenon. Problem solved. smile