Sorry but this revelation just took me aback because it is really.. well.. just odd to the point it is retarded.

So then I read that Proving Grounds ,a live player coop vs AI mode, is somehow replacing player vs AI training!? NOT THE SAME THING!

How the F is "Proving Grounds" remotely the same as firing up a training match to quickly practice against bots ONLY? I want to quickly get in a practice match to get a feel for my ships after a long hiatus and I can't. Maybe I don't want to play with other players at this moment! Proving grounds is not a replacement for training PERIOD.

TRAINING was just hopping in for an IMMEDIATE session local session. Fiddle around for a few minutes. Test stuff out without affecting other live players or feeling self conscious if you want to practice. Training mode did exactly what any training mode in practically any other game out there would do. Sorry but whoever made this decision is probably not the right person to make decisions. How hard is it just to let training be a mode among others? Are you limited to modes that u had to remove it? No.

NOTE: Customer Service contacted me saying they noticed my account was not participating in the game for a long time. That my input was valued because I was a long time contributor and spent over $600 in this game and was a regular participator. Well, now you have at least one MORE reason.

Still happening after the last fix. 4 times today and a few yesterday. I have close to 30k lost now for being charged maint for winning. Both in Onslaught and TDM. Have not played Elimination lately so not sure.

I have an Athos.

layinout#5947 posted (#post-103173)

Part of the problem is that I have very good reactions when using the graphics software at work. My software has about 100 keyboard shortcuts that are all over the keyboard, and speed is not the issue. Getting things right with the least rework is the issue. But the overlay for this game (and most other PC games, that I haven't played) is very counter intuitive to my 35 plus years of driving a 3 button mouse and using keyboard shortcuts.

Not sure if this would interest you or not, but I really enjoy using VoiceAttack with this game and a few others. VA is a small voice to keybinding app that, for instance, allows you to say things like "Shields", "Engines", Weapons" rather than using the energy wheel or pressing shortcut F keys to divert energy. Same with saying things like "Blink", "Torpedo", or whatever you want to name your voice to key binding. Before Dreadnought, I used this app in Elite Dangerous which has far too many bindings for a keyboard/mouse alone while keeping immersion.

Definitely love the immersion and responsiveness. I posted about Voice Attack and Dreadnought a while back:

Still happening today. Lost over 12000 credits to this bug so far in unjustified maint for winning

Happened 5 times today. All wins and top 3. 1225 Credit maintenance cost (1 x T4 and 4 x T2 in fleet). This happened a log while ago during update 1.4 and no since then until today constantly. Already reported in game.

It happened 5 times today so far. Submitted a bug report. This has not happened to me since update 1.4 and all of a sudden today constantly. 1225 Credits all wins and most of them top 3 as well. 1 x T4 and 4 x T2 in Vet fleet.

If you think Flak Turrets are useless you have not played long enough to use them correctly or are unaware that they are the highest Damage dealing weapons of all the Primary or Secondaries despite their short range.

Flaks are Corvette Killers if you wait for them to be in the kill zone. One 4 round clip can down unwary vette which I do religiously. Also, when the battle sneaks up in your face, Flaks deal the most DPS and can help take down a larger ship quite fast if your reaction and circumstance allows it. Unload 4 Flak Rounds, switch to Primary until Flak reloads, switch back to Flak and repeat. Highest close range DPS.

I would never give up my Flaks. Indispensable Secondary.

Looks like it. Can't login either.. just spinning

I had to repurchase my Trafalgar once.

Although my Trafalgar has not disappeared after subsequent logins, 2 of my modules disappeared and had to be repurchased after the 3rd login.