Somewhat on the topic. I can actually do all this with VoiceAttack since I'm already using it for my energy wheel functions and other module key commands.

For Instance, Using VA I could bind the spoken word "Forward" to the W Key as a Hold Key function and Bind a different command to turn it off (Forward Off, or whatever).

In Battle I could then say "Forward" while then continuing to move in that direction while carrying out other functions of battle. Could then say "Reverse", or "Port", Starboard", "Up", or "Down" verbally while having my faculties free to do whatever else.

I love VoiceAttack and posted about it just recently here:


VoiceAttack is Brilliant!! Voice Control PC Game Key-Binding App. (Just say BLINK!)


Seeing your post and Idea about Cruise Control, I have another capability to utilize this Voice Key Binding App for. I already use it to say other commands for modules, energy wheel function, etc.

BTW, the cool thing about the key binding options in VA, allow me not only to do press/release, or hold functions, but also allow me to do macros or select the duration of key press in milliseconds as well as the duration of pauses in between key presses. I could actually utilize this to simulate a slow movement function by saying "Forward 50%" and just mapping a W keybind to a macro of short duration press/release and pauses of certain duration. That would allow me to control ship motion in any direction and at any speed I chose completely with Voice command.

Thank You for this Ideas, and while I know you want it to be incorporated into the native game controls, I actually love this idea for hands free voice activated commands in VA. I'll give it a try and see how I like it smile

So funny you mention it as my family had no idea about the program and at first thought I had some weird G Rated form of Tourettes, LOL.

Not sure if anyone else uses it and many people I know never even heard of it. It's a voice to keybinding PC gaming voice command app and it is absolutely brilliant.

$10 USD for the Full Version.

The voice recognition is spot on right out of the box (so to speak). Zero recognition errors and instant activation.

Fast configuration. All you do is make the profile choose a new command, type the name it is called and map it to a key press (or macro key combo), choose key press attribute (press, hold, hold release, etc) The name you type for the command is the name you say to activate it. That's it..

No voice training/learning mode. It uses the built in windows speech recognition engine. Works seamlessly in Win 7,8 and 10. It recognizes the phonetic pronunciation of the names you type for the commands without ANY error for me so far. Been using it for couple years, mainly in Elite Dangerous and a few others.

I've mapped the energy wheel F keys and get instant activation on saying "Weapons", "Thrust or Engines", "Shield". Love it for weapon modules. Just say "Blink or Jump", "Nuke", "Pulse", "Torpedo".. whatever.

It's so fast and responsive and second nature that I don't miss using key bindings for these functions one bit and greatly appreciate the seamless immersion. Love it for this game. Only problem really is when i want to use it in MP while on TeamSpeak with voice activation, then I have to switch TS to Push to Talk.

BTW, I've not noticed any significant delay between saying a short named command vs just pressing the appropriate key, even though it may take a split second longer. I may lose that time fumbling for the right key in that moment anyways so probably more advantageous for an old fart like me anyways, lol.

Anyways, just thought I'd throw it out there. smile

The contract for Destroy Corvettes got to 9/15 and has not progressed since then. Shot down many many more since, but no progression.

Something is wrong with the Vindicta and Camo. When scrolling over camos it does not display on the ship, just blurry base paint. When purchased and equipped, The ship is just a blurry base coat.

The ONLY time I have seen it look correct is before buying the camo, when you have the option for "view in 3D" or whatever it is called. It looks correct in that interface only. But once purchased, scrolling over it or equipping it does not apply the visual correctly. This applies to all the camos regardless if subtle or normal.

Just in case needed.. GTX 980Tis in SLI 372.90 driver

Thank you so much!


I'm really loving this game and see there is such a wonderful community behind it!

I was looking through the Market and saw the Trident so i purchased it. It said the ship was delivered to my hangar, however, I can't find it anywhere. Only 5 ships under the "Hero" ships section and Trident is not listed. I saw an older post from last month where members were talking about it not being added however, since it was purchasable i would expect it to be a playable ship. Can someone help confirm whether I am completely blind or not, LOL. Much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.