So we can't have a Pandora style map because it does not fit into your definition of science FICTION? FICTION being the key word here. LOL.

None of the planets nor moons have something similar to "flying rocks". Which is impossible in terms of physics by the way.

This is sci fi not real life. Most of what is happening in this game and ANY sci fi is crossing the line in any realistic sense whatsoever.

Impossible you say? Why don't you explain fully how everything else that happens in this game IS possible then, haha.

How about this for an explanation based on the concept of flux pinning:

Flux pinning is the phenomenon where a superconductor is pinned in space above a magnet. The superconductor must be a type-II superconductor because type-I superconductors cannot be penetrated by magnetic fields.[1] The act of magnetic penetration is what makes flux pinning possible. At higher magnetic fields (above Hc1 and below Hc2) the superconductor allows magnetic flux to enter in quantized packets surrounded by a superconducting current vortex (see Quantum vortex). These sites of penetration are known as flux tubes.

Floating Mountains of Pandora are composed of a novel unknown Type Superconductor that has characteristics of Type 2 SC that allows for Quantum Flux Pinning to occur at high(er) temperatures. The area in which the mountains float is distorted by augmented magnetic fields that interact with the composition of the unique type superconductive materials of the rock causing them to be flux pinned, BLAH BLAH BLAH insert whatever further explanation is needed to play a fun map. LOL

Good Grief, lets take it down a notch with this "that's not possible" attitude for a game base on fiction as it becomes quite laughable at a certain point. smile

After the last wipe before progression 2.0 rolled out we received all the GP that was spent on cosmetics, elite status, etc. Any additional GP purchased with money was also returned (as GP) to be spent again after the wipe.

I understand your frustration BUT...

Keep in mind that everyone here is a beta tester. This is a closed beta for crying out loud. It's no secret the moment you signed up for this.

Well, this is part of that territory plain and simple. We're here to experience stuff breaking... Better yet forcing stuff to break if possible so that we can report it back so those that go into the full release will have a smooth experience.

Don't delude yourself into believing anything otherwise as doing so would be completely foolish and short sighted while unnecessarily making your more frustrated than you should rightfully be.

If you want a bug free experience, don't do betas or early access games. smile

^^ I'm tallying up all the cred I'm losing due to the bugs and will submit this to CS.

Spending the cred to bypass the glitch above might be valuable info for the devs. As a beta tester that's my job and as long as i get reimbursed for it in the end I'm fine. They are good at making things right in previous issues like this. As awful as it is that is why we are here.

Not submitting a reimbursement request just yet since I'm sure I will lose more credits before they fix everything.

For instance, I just lost 1550 more cred to a bug that charges 1550 main for winning a vet match.. so.. lol

I can't afford to test Vet any further if I'm going to be charged 1550 credits for winning, LOL. That fee is ridiculous even for a loss. 600 was bad enough so I'm not sure where this 1550 is coming from.

I will assume that aside from the bug applying maint to a win, the figure amount is wrong as well and not been intentionally increased i would hope.

This seems like what I had going on which I fixed. After the update, I had a slot 2 mod duplicate equipped in slot 3. In battle though, my slot 4 mod became my slot 3 mod and slot 4 was completely empty. The bug seemed to affect my slot 3 mod in such a way that in battle, it did not exist and caused the slot 4 mod to take its place, leaving the last slot empty.

I had to buy other slot 3 mods (one I owned already along with one I did not) in order for this bug to clear and allow me to properly equip what I had originally before the update. Here is my post from the other bug thread regarding my Trafalgar and how I fixed the issue with 1500 creds. Maybe some of this info can help you resolve your issue.

Same here but I was able to fix this.

DEVS: You owe me 1500 credits it took to fix this smile

I had Weapon booster Pulse before the update. After the update weapon slot 3 has a duplicate torpedo salvo in it even though it is a slot 2 item and already equipped. Also it was shown that weapon booster pulse needed to be purchased even though I had it before the update.

If you enter a match like this it gets weirder. Slot 3 in game becomes whatever you had in slot 4 (module reboot for me) and slot 4 is totally empty.

I decided to spend 750 cred to buy WBP again, but it did not equip nor showed that it was able to be selected to equip.

FIX: I had to spend 750 more cred to buy auto guns. Once they equipped, I had the abilty to change them back to weapon booster pulse. Now I can't say whether I needed to buy WBP again or not for this to work, but that's how it did for me.

I get this error when trying to equip.

Yep, it's down per everyone on discord as well.

Just get a XIM 4 or Titan One for Keyboard/Mouse on Console. I know a few that use Keyboard/mouse and swear by both products.