That's what the Dreadnought Discord is for. Chat is in there, as well as squad team ups and voip. Here's the link. You can use your browser as the client or download the Discord App/Program which has less issues for me.

That's what the Dreadnought Discord is for. Chat is in there, as well as squad team ups and voip.

Get into DN Discord. That's where the chat is at. Lots of people are there chatting and doing squad VOIP.

Get into DN Discord. That's where the chat is.

That's what the DN Discord is for. Get in there.

That's what the DN Discord is for. You need to get in there.

You should be able to configure multiple loadouts of the same ship for your fleet with different mods/weapons as you unlock them. Why can't you anymore?

Yep, I had a few different loadouts on my Destroyer before 2.0 and wish this could be done currently. Switching from my regular loadout to one tailored with Anti Corvette weapons and mods when u realize the opposing team is a horde of vettes for example. Switching on the fly during a match was nice on next respawn. Now it's impossible. Sigh.

This is definitely not a game for a Flight Stick/HOTAS as it's not a space flight sim. The game plays like a typical FPS with movement/aiming tailored for keyboard/mouse. The reticle aiming is fast and precise made for mouse input.

I was going to buy FT IV but then notice that there is absolutely zero difference reflected in their stats other than the small description in writing. Are the actual increased stat values reflected in their function and just overlooked in the description? I assume this is the case.

Please add this to your fix list.

I looked and the V. also have the same stats listed.




Also, your Forum software needs adjusting. It says I cannot post because I was PROPERLY using roman numerals for flak turret "3" which is composed of 3 consecutive "I's" It's a bit silly not to be able to post a roman numeral 3 when it's the way you intended to list these ships and mods. smile

This happens to me as well, however, the raw data of your creds/xp/gp etc never seems to be affected. It appears to be a visual UI glitch that causes this data not to be displayed making it appear that everything is zero.

It happens almost everyday and sometimes multiple times per day. First time it happened I almost lost it lol.

Sometimes I log in and all stats are zero. Relogging in usually resets the visual stats for me. Also, instead of relogging in, I just play a match and have the UI reset (resync the data?) after the match correcting the issue for me. Sometimes it doesn't, most times it does.

Sometimes the bug appears after a match when the hanger UI is loading, then all of a sudden "poof' stats are all zero. I cannot pinpoint what may be causing it, just seems random when loading the Hangar UI either from logging in or from a returning from a match.

If you know the values of your creds/xp while you play a match (with zero values) and come back to the menu afterwards, the data always properly accounts for everything you earned/lost once the UI resyncs the data again.

I feel bad for others where this bug is persistent and does not correct itself as easily as it does for me.