Given that having a dedicated support tac on the team is reducing the overall DPS of the team then you need to justify that by making the ships being supported able to off-set that loss of firepower. One way to consider DPS is to not simply consider the amount of damage they can cause over a period of time but how much damage they could cause before being destroyed. So if a tac ship reduces a teams DPS by 1/8th (damage and life) then the healing should extend the life of a single ship by roughly 1/8th.

However, if the devs want to encourage teamwork then they may be looking at this situation and aiming for the idea that if one team is all damage with no support (100% DPS) then to promote teamwork we want the opposing team to actually be at 110% DPS due to the tac extending the life of the ships.

Given the nature of the game, I suspect that the latter applies here. That the tac ships are intended to create a situation where teamwork trumps everything.

I think you've highlighted the point here, the game mode isn't very clear on what is the right way to play it or how the scoring works. Doing something original is fine as long as it can be easily picked up by players - Conquest doesn't do that.

You do realize that stuff like what you're describing would significantly raise the system requirements for the game right? It's all nice ideas and all, but there is little point in making a game mode that requires a significantly meaty PC to enjoy at a decent framerate.

I don't see why Conquest mode can't take a slightly different angle. Here's a suggestion to fix the current issues of Corvettes and the vague territorial influence areas thing which they have going on that players struggle to fully understand.

Let's say that maybe there are mining facilities scattered around the map which dig up valuable ores that have to be collected and returned to your spawn area which is the refining facility. The team which wins is the ones who processed the most ore. However, different ships have different cargo capacities.

So although the Corvette is fast, it would not have as large a cargo hold as a Dreadnought. This means that capturing the point is only half the victory, the need to hold specific points is important, but so is protecting your shipping lanes back to your refining facility. Therefore the underlying concept of 'the team controlling most of the map wins' is maintained because the team which actually controls the map the best will be the one that transports the most ore back to their spawn point successfully. It won't be just the points that they control but all of the areas between them as well.

It eliminates this rather vague concept of ships generating an area of influence with something players can more easily understand. Protect your resource points, move materials as efficiently as possible and protect your supply lines. Simple.

I also believe personally that it would have hurt XP conversions too, as you could buy a hero ship and get all the XP on that ship that could be say 5-7K at a time and level a ship you dint want to play in no time at all.

Greybox gets money, the player gets to play the ship that they get the most enjoyment from and they can convert the XP on the hero ship for free. You think that is a bad thing?

The hero ships don't even have a significant advantage other than the fact that they are already leveled. In all honesty, I would prefer to have the satisfaction of seeing them progressively get better just like all the other vessels. Heck, Greybox could make even MORE money if they sold bonus tech-trees for hero ships.

I just feel like they haven't sat down, looked at successful F2P games and recognized where the money can be made in a way that players feel is fair and beneficial to them.

I'm just going to keep this simple. The mini-map is almost useless compared to other options available and have been used in space-sims for decades. Since I mainly play tactical ships I, more than other classes of ship, need to be fully aware of where everyone is and what their situation is. So I'd like offer three quick suggestions.

    In most space-combat sims you have on-screen indicators near your reticle that points to nearby ships both hostile and allied. I feel that a hostile indicator would devalue the Corvettes since it would make ambushes very difficult but at the very least I should be able to get information on allies. These indicators can even be color-coded to show an allies hull integrity so I can know how damaged they are within even needing to look at them. Even the minimap doesn't show this vital information.

    It would be very helpful if players could indicate where they are going and have this info appear on the team's HUD. At the moment you can only know where someone is going by the direction their ship is pointing but you really have no idea of that when the team is spread out or does not have LOS on each other. It would be a huge help for a player to be able to switch to a cursor mode, right-click on a surface they can see and mark it with an icon to indicate if they are moving to that point. This would allow teams to coordinate far better if the waypoints are used by players to indicate their intended destinations at all times.

    Unless you see the healing beams, there is no clear way to notice that you are being healed other than the health bar rising faster than usua;. It may seem a bit daft but in all honesty, the difference between knowing if I have the support of a tactical ship nearby or not is huge. Swtiching your camera around to see if someone is healing me or if the rising bar is simply the hull integrity regenerating is really quite a poor solution.

Or just throw in a Battle Royale mode like every other game these days. Just set in space with an ionic storm approaching from the outside of the zone and then watch Dreadnought jump into the top 10 most viewed games on Twitch.

On the plus side, you won't have to deal with people trying to hide a Corvette in a bush.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-225212) said:
Hero ships will always be one of those, things that people will find value for money or will not.

And that is where the problem I speak of lies because everyone should see value in those ships by the way they are designed and monetized. I get that some people like you buy them just for the sake of it and have no intent to use them in matches, however from a business perspective there is everything to lose by not making them seem like a sweet deal.

At present the game is literally saying to me "Yes, you can have this special ship but all your progression will come to a complete stop unless you keep spending real money" which is exactly the kind of negative consequence which will deter people like me from wanting to give Greybox money in order to add these ships to my roster in the first place.

So, free XP. In order to transfer XP from ships into free XP you have to pay real money. This sounds fine at first because the plan GB have is to allow people to buy progression, which is normal for most F2P games. However, F2P also makes most of it's money from selling skins and characters. In fact, I would say from personal experience that most of the money made from F2P games like League of legends is from character unlocks.

But Greybox has a problem because their business model is actually going to deter people from wanting legendary ships. Why? Because the XP that they gain is locked into that ship and in order to release it as free XP you have to pay even more money. Now, I have the Morning Star ships from closed beta and it just occoured to me that as much as I want to use them it would actually be detrimental to my progression through the game because of how any XP they gain from matches is utterly wasted. So I may as well just stick with the normal ships since they can be upgraded and they will add to career progression rewards. The legendary ships don't even have the ability to be upgraded so any ship XP is useless to them and locked behind a paywall.

Greybox, you're losing money. If you want to encourage people to buy legendary ships then any XP they gain should be automatically made Free XP.