Can't some people realize that at the end of the days, players especially the new ones found DN on steam don't really give a F about if past dev made good efforts or Six Foot got layoffs? Only thing people care if the quality of the product as whole. There is zero point saying that anyone need to sympathize with those who lost their jobs. Players especially the new ones need to see how Six Foot is making their efforts to dig themselves out of the six feet hole they somehow dig them themselves into.

^It is pure frustration that when many things were tested and proved to work (maybe need tweaks and improvements but still work) were re-done without sufficient resources and testing and now things got screwed up and everyone in a loss-loss situation. If they have financial deadlines then why waste time on reinventing wheels and put themselves into a worse situation is beyond me. The more I try to like this game, the more it hurts me to think about wtf is going on with their directions. (and tried very hard to tell friends the dev is not trying to do a money grab on steam given they have been OK in the past years)

Tyrel#8199 posted (#post-226686) said:

Belial please, wake up already. LOOK at what they accomplished with their full team this year! Like... nothing!

New features were not delivered, the new UI sucks, the new sounds suck, the balance changes they did are laughable too... for example look at how they "fixed" Adrenaline Shot. There were several great suggestions for handling that one, suggestions that made sense, and look at what they did instead!

Whoever the heck is the lead gameplay designer on this game, should be fired this instant.

And about the launch, no, it isn't a failure solely because of the server issues. It's a failure because they made the game worse, they brought on a plethora of new bugs, and they haven't fixed anything that their veteran players explicitly told them they need to fix before Steam, otherwise they'll scare off new players.

There is absolutely zero good in what they did to the game, Steam launch would have been a failure with rock solid servers as well. This is why some of us - that wanted the game to succeed - are extremely p1ssed off.

Now, looking at what their full team was "capable of", what do you think 2/3 of that sorry bunch will accomplish?

Totally agreed. The sh1tty steam launch is something DN dev team did unto themselves. And so far I didn't see much of communication regarding player feedbacks like if they are gonig to change anything soon. My patience is running super thin right now. With so many games being published every now and then, DN's new UI and the sh1tty programming (or lack of testing prior to steam launch) will be the deciding point for me and many players I know for whether we will continue to support DN. The whole POS is just telling me that Six Foot dev is just trying to do something for the sake of being able to say they do something and then they just broke things that work.

Unlike some fanboys trying to say I need to be polite blah blah blah, the sh1tty-ness of this launch needs to be blasted with the harshest words possible to wake the dev up to fix things. See how Rainbow Six Siege was a f-up thing when launch and the devs turned it completely around to be one of the most popular on Steam? Six Foot you guys better prepare yourself to turn Dreadnought around too or it is more than just a few years of time and resources wasted thanks to your screwup at steam launch, which you guys apparently has absolutely zero idea how important it is judging from your actions. Like there is no testing and feedback period before launch on steam? You guys are either so bl00dy overconfident or just stupid thinking that you don't need to have feedback.

Already had my feedback thru support. Still UX is so bad that whoever is doing it is not doing his or her job. Also if you have any reading comprehension skill, it is called exaggeration, used to tell the dev how frustrating it is.

I would rather heavy deads to be able to at least deal some dmg (not tons, but just more than tickling) over a longer range. It is not fun to play as a punching bag that can't fight back even if you are a super durable ship just from game design point.

Would love to see if the dev ever gonna announce they are revising the UI. My patience with this UI is running thin without even considering the other tons of bugs. The UI alone makes it an unbearable experience for being super clunky and ugly. The UX guy really needs to be shot N. Korea style if there is one.