Chip! You're the man! May I ask permission to use this on my twitch stream? I was going to spend a bit of time doing the logo today, but you beat me to it! :D

Hi Yager team!! Met a bunch of you at PAX along with the GreyBox team. You guys were all a great bunch and the excitement for the game between gamers and devs was just off the charts. You guys really have an amazing product here! Can't wait to talk with you guys further!

That being said, thanks for labeling your studio Yager and not Jager. My old self probably would have had to choke down some vomit remembering my college years >.<

Dat gif doe bwahaha

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about the PAX PCs because they were all Origin PCs probably maxed out with the craziest stuff. However, I have a good piece of advice for helping you build your new setup.

First, I would go ahead and test out the Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha. Why you ask? Well, it's running the Unreal 4 Engine which is the newest graphics engine which Dreadnought is using. Put everything up to the max settings and see how it runs. Granted it's not as large a game area, but it will give you a fairly good idea of where your PC lies in terms of things currently. I did this exact thing and expected 20 FPS max (I'm running a GTX 770M which is decently outdated by now) and ended up running 60+FPS VERY smoothly. The new U4E is just incredible. They managed to find a way to deliver better, more visually appealing graphics at about half the processing power, which absolutely boggles my mind. I could very well be wrong on that, but discussing it over the weekend, I don't believe I am.

In any case, the next step is going ahead and taking a look at what you're currently running and deciding which of it is the oldest and which is a bigger priority to upgrade. Currently, it sounds like your processor needs upgrading. The challenge with this is depending what you're upgrading too, you're gonna want to go for a Processor and Motherboard combo, as there's a good chance the motherboard you have isn't able to handle the new processors.

As with the graphics, depending on what your running, you should be ok to squeak by, but that depends fully on your results of testing with UT4. If you run that fine, I'd focus more on memory. If not, then go with a GPU.

Most of all, and some people will groan at this, but Reddit is your friend. and will have tons of information for you to utilize, including some of the best deals currently going on in the internet. This will maximize your computers power through the most inexpensive ways possible.

If you need any help or feedback, feel free to ask me and I'll help however I can!

Best of luck!

I'm not totally sure. Most team games I like playing a hybrid of support/damage. In most shooters, I love playing a sneaky sniper class. However, I really enjoyed Corvette and Destroyer. They were both a lot of fun and felt more like a good fit for my play style. Although, I did love warping into a battle with the Dreadnought class and wreaking havoc with broadsides and missile barrages.

Jaeger and Warchild I like the idea of your Engineer type ship. Mines could be useful, but I feel a majority of the battle would make it tough to deem mines effective, unless the ship had crazy speed and you could cross the bow of the ship and place it. However, what I did think of was Sanctum 2. If you haven't played Sanctum 2, it's a tower defense game but one particular tower creates air drones that shoot at incoming enemies. What would be cool, is an engineer or carrier style ship that could release these mini drones to attack nearby or targeted enemy ships for "x" amount of time. I think that would be a pretty fun (and annoying) feature, especially if it had the warp capability like the Dreadnought class. I just picture a Carrier class warping into the middle of a team battle, releasing it's drones, and chaos ensuing.

What would also be great for an Engineer class would be a tractor beam (like from Star Trek). This ship could have a cloaking ability with decent speed, so it could sneak in behind it's enemies and then engage it's tractor beam to hold that ship in place, denying it's ability to descend. This would allow great team coordinated moves in which they could prep their Artillery Classes to engage said target once it's tractor beamed.

I would love to have a cool statue and some other stuff for this game! If I could order a CE with a statue of the class of my choosing, I would gladly buy a CE!

I love how the game is coming along. So far, the class choices are great. One thing I noticed was that there is only a Healer type support class. So, I was thinking, what about another style of support but in terms of team damage? I think it would be great to have a quick, light armored ship that would be able to attach itself to another teammates ship which would amplify the damage output of that ship, but leave your ship completely vulnerable (such as taking 2 or 1.5 times damage) and unable to benefit from Energy Management. However, that EM option would in turn benefit THEIR ship, increasing whichever you choose (Weapons, Speed, or Shields). This would create a good coordination element between you and your teammate, and the attachment process could be something where you and your teammate are at the mercy of enemy ships for a short duration so that the enemy could swing a sort of counter-attack to try and destroy you before the attachment process completed, making it a risky move in the middle of a battlefield and requiring some organizing to do safely.

Just a thought :)

While I applaud your idea, I feel like it would be better suited for say...a Star Trek or Starship Troopers game rather than a game like Dreadnought.

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From what I played at PAX, even though it's called a pre-alpha build, I feel like it was more beta quality than anything.

Ya, I've been in pre-alpha phases of other games, and it can't be compared to the current state of dreadnought.. These alpha builds didn't even have textures or let alone high quality effects... So, i'd say Dreadnoughts (!visual!) quality is of atleast Closed / Open BETA.

I was actually having a comical talk about this with a few people at PAX. This years PAX felt like it was year of the Alpha/Pre-Alphas that felt close to release builds. I mean you had Dreadnought, Overwatch, Gigantic, and several more (and not at PAX you also have UT4). Boggled my mind because, to me, Pre-Alpha/Alphas are mostly rendered maps and characters with minimal texturing purposely because they're designed for harsh testing, implementing, and tweaking rather than polishing and fine tuning. Yet, all of these games felt incredibly solid and "Early Access" quality.