Thanks, friend.

At this point I'm definitely going to play the Vulcan and other 'Space Audi' ships.

Anyone else notice that each style of ship have a "bracket" when it comes to what weight they fall under? Audi light to medium; Zmey looking ('dark-metal'?) designs are medium to heavy; and Monarch (green lego) style light to heavy?

Seems looking at stats each manufacturer has a different emphasis Audi seems to be speed, dark-metal missile spam and lego heavy weapons?

Anyway thanks for finding all this data for us (god knows senior year has me too busy with homework. IB stuff, SAT prep, and college apps to try to watch every live-stream)

Ship name: Deliverance Class

Ship class: Medium Destroyer

A medium destroyer meant for fleet support actions, the Deliverance class is armed with turreted rail-guns "Thumpers" for mid to long range engagement with a somewhat slower fire rate than default destroyer turrets. Close in weaponry is known as the "Defender System" multiple chain-gun turrets meant for anti fighter or light vessel combat, befitting the classes role as a well-armed Fleet Support vessel.


1- Plasma Ram; same as standard destroyer's

2- Cluster Missiles; mid-weight missiles meant to prevent enemy vessels from closing in by filling the area with high explosives

3- Intensify Defensive Fire; as the name suggests transfer power from the main weapons to the Defender System, increasing the rate of fire of the Defender System for a short time.

4- Deliverance System; Uses all energy available (shutting down the weapon/shield systems) to empower the Plasma Ram system and engines for a kamikaze strike at an enemy vessel.


Class Medium Destroyer

Main weapons: Thumper rail-gun turrets

Secondary weapons: Defender System light chain-gun turrets

Abilities: 1 Plasma Ram, 2 Cluster Missiles, 3 Intensify Defensive Fire, 4 Deliverance System.

I was hoping to see some actual updates after a couple months, instead I found the entertainment classic of scoring life as an MMO (7.8/10 too much water).

Every time a new video comes out, I get hyped, and then I remember there's still no beta, and I die a bit inside.

Seriously what would Yager like to speed up the beta? Candy, Soda, Chips, an arm and a leg, or maybe my firstborn kid( on an IOU basis)?

Hmm, coming back from the second semester no time for fun hiatus, I LIKE THIS IDEA. The name sounds cool Moonshine class (shield destroyer?).

The perma shield would be interesting in terms of gameplay, and may benefit those who prefer to hang back somewhat (just behind the front line, not artillery distance) or could act as a support class (shield wall) Of course an ability like this could be hard to balance...

As for the weaponry, I like the idea of a shotgun ship but it feels like the weapon system may be weaker, comparatively to some of the other ships. (Wall of lead only can do so much)

Overall, neat concept, 10/10 would play

Darkloser#6427 posted (#post-3458)

A Grey Goo ship ! With tentacles ! And that absorb everything, and become larger !

No ?

Sounds fun. But how would the poor, overworked devs balance that?

Prometheus25#5985 posted (#post-447)

You sir, are a genius, I would totally play carrier if it was designed the way you speak of. And fighter wing management could add a lot of fun to a standoff role.

The most interesting though would be if a player using carrier could act as "commander" of their fighters and lead them from within the fighter group. Thoughts?

Here's somebody with ideas, somebody who's going places. The free fly zone+ targeting range sounds like a great way to make the game more interesting. Also, since there seem to be variants within the 5 classes maybe a try-before-you-buy test flight so that we can see how the ship acts and whether or not we want it.

Salutations and all that to all of you. As a gamer/Sci-fi fan I must admit the demo videos have me hyped to the maximum. It'll be nice to get to know all of you both on the forums and as you fall out of the skies in game.

Prepare yourselves my fellow captains for it's "time to tip the scales!"

Hiya. Liquid metal? depending on the composition of the ship hulls weapons fire would need to be anywhere from several hundred to several hundred thousand degrees to liquify the hull. I mean sure the ships seems to have rather powerful weapons, but i remain dubious that a broadside of ballistic weaponry could create such temperatures without the aid of some good old "plotdeviceanium". And what if the hull armor is made of lead? You want to give us heavy metal poisoning??

See y'all around the forums and hopefully soon in the beta :)

Salutations to you as well,

now I have 2 important questions 1) Any rumors on beta? 2) what time zone do the forums run on?