We just tested this on PS4 Live and we did not get that insuffucient funds message.

Can you try to shut down your instance of the game completely on PS4 and then restart it to see if you can buy modules for credits when you reload?

Hey Harry,

I can see your credits going up when you finish a battle but I can't see any spends yet with credits. Are you able to research the modules with XP but the credit purchases are all failing? We will take a look to see if we can repro this.

PS4 has been restarted.

Thank you

We are investigating the services now to figure out how the game got into this state. We will restart the server within the next hour once the investigation is complete. We will block new matches and let the existing matches finish before restart so no one gets kicked during a match.

Is this only happening on your Legendary fleets or is it also affecting Vet and Recruit?

When did this problem start happening for you and the other players?

Is the black screen only happening when you first start the match?

Are you getting back to Hangar after you complete a match and then see no progression for free xp, ship xp, and credits? Is it only happening if you black screen at the end of a match?
Are you only missing some rewards some of the time?

Please send a Customer Support ticket with as much information as possible.

We can restart the server tomorrow morning if you are all still seeing this.