Do believe Carrier would be quite a struggle to develop with sophisticated AI being needed in order to actually be a benefit. However, a AI controlled mass ship (AKA Carrier) defense mode would be quite fun! for sure a more viable option as a game mode at least starting out.

WhiteWidow#4074 posted (#post-237)

More like Battlestar Galactica or old naval battles with galleons going broadside to broadside.

I completely agree with the Battlestar reference. I haven't been able to demo any, but just watching streams and gameplay demos... That's the feeling I am getting from this.

Do believe they will have quite a bit of interest. There isn't even that much advertisement and yet they still have a decent amount of following. Imagine when they do start mass advertisement. Heck, they might not even have too as I know I've just been advertising myself! Dang you Grey Box and your ability to force free advertisement bhahahaha.

Jealous you were able to interview! Will give a listen!

I think it would be a great idea for the "try before you buy" option. Would force players to make sure they at least pretend to know some of the controls and could persuade people to not buy a ship they aren't comfortable with. Would prevent people from just not caring so they can earn enough for a different ship because they chose a play style they ended up hating!

I'm beyond excited for this game! Ready for the testing phase to be able to start contributing to its development!

Hoping to see it soon and be able to start a successful squad!