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This is only really an issue because of maintenance itself. Without maintenance there would be just a minor annoyance.

I hear that man. I'm looking at about 150k lost credits but I'm OK with the not loading from time to time. I'm sure once this is all settled and fixed they'll compensate us. Heck I'd just put a trigger to charge upon the match finishing and upon pressing the return to outpost or exit game buttons. Everything else should be null.

I just thought I'd help. Maybe take some pressure off the devs and help people figure out solutions to their problems. I do apologize, it won't happen again. Its a downside to being a nice person.

Well any decent destroyer that can use engines and flak cannons can take down a corvette with ease. Having other people shoot at it is helpful as well. No need to hunt, just chase it off until its so desperate for a kill that it tries to pull a quick one and then wipe him out. Patience is your best weapon against a corvette... And flak cannons. Those help too.

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There is a lot of topics about corvettes and how OP they are. This is not a matter of discussion, I just want to know - WHEN WILL THEY FIX IT?

We talked about buying premium with my friends today, and everyone agreed that we should see if the devs are adequate first.

This situation is a simple test of their ability to listen to the community. As far as it goes, they don't listen. Moreover, they don't even bother to reply to numerous requests and give some comments at least.

Instead of fixing OBVIOUS things, they are increasing maintenance cost are demanding money for a raw product.

I'm 33 y.o. and played almost all major titles since 1995. I saw how projects rose from small fan mods to AAA titles and witnessed how they died because of poor management and bad decisions. Unfortunately, this is a clear example of the second scenario.

As a matter of fact the devs have done a good job of listening to the community. I respect them more for filtering out complaints versus whining about the game not being catered to an individual players needs. They aren't working with a massive team and the stress of people threatening to quit isn't helping. I'm sure they'll work on it eventually but they can't cut their whole development schedule to make a big change to several corvette class ships because people don't want to learn how to deal with them, and learn to (god forbid) look behind you from time to time. If I die to a corvette, that guy is on my list for the rest of the match. Instead of complaining, I deal with the problem myself and wear a big smile on my face knowing I did so.

Corvettes are strong but they aren't a threat to 3 or more people paying attention to them. Broadsides, torpedo's, and several other mods can chance them away. As time has gone on I have found that having two weapons dedicated to shutting down corvettes is highly effective. And utilizing strategy's such as launching missile to solely keep them away from that area isn't a bad idea. Its called adapting and it really helps you take care of those people that favor OP options in games, especially this one.

People are saying this will kill the game, but fact is if you let things like this bother you, stop playing. It only means players will have to adapt to new tactics and change scares people. We'll get over it eventually and then we can go back to complaining about other trivial matters.

This is my update. I've been waiting for a healer nerf and an increase in the Jutland's power. The heavy tac cruiser could heal a ship through the whole team shooting at it and would frankly decide the game winner when chosen. Hopefully with this, a match won't be decided with one ship. I'm downloading now and can't wait to get back on!

What's up all. A thought crossed my mind the other day while watching a friend play battlefield 4. Wouldn't it be dope if we had some sort of levelution aspect to the Maps? Like for example: On dry dock, maybe shooting the ice above the holes in the glacier could cause it to collapse on ships moving through it, or in rings of Saturn we could blow apart the asteroids and in Ryugu Haven, maybe break the central mining unit.


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Should really just switch to a number ranking system. Or add a little number next to the rank sliders.

I agree. I'm 37 but I have no idea what any other ranks look like.

Well its a good thing that dreadnought doesn't have some of these problems. Devs keep is up to date, they answer questions on streams, and they're currently working on the money issue. Though... I have to admit boycotting a game is definitely a new idea.