The Jutland is a classic tank. As with various MMORPGs their first task is to take as much damage as possible.
If you now equip this ship with stronger main guns that would break the balance.

Deficit of the main arms needs to be compensated with secondary arms and modules. I use the main guns only for the time when the secondarys are reloading or the enemy is too far away.

I play two different Jutland Styles:

  1. Close Quarter Jutland
    - Warpdrive
    - Ballistic Broadside / Plasma Broadside
    - Armor Boost Impulse
    - Rockets with short Cooldown

  2. Nuclear Carrier Jutland
    - Warpdrive or Armor Amplifier
    - Rocket Salvo (Quad Nuke)
    - Long Range Rockets
    - Armor Boost Impulse

Officer Briefings at both Styles:

  • Modul Amper

  • Retaliator

  • Slow and Steady

  • It´s a trap

I don´t have a problem with the corvettes ;-) The best tactic against corvettes is a good team.

Synbious#7127 posted (#post-203299) said:

Just found that the sound bug still exists in onslought mode

I have the sound bug in onslought and team death match. I not happens very often. The last two weeks aprox two times.
But when it happens it´s very anoying. Without a restart of the Game you can´t solve the problem.

If you keep your eyes open, when a corvette gets close brake out the flak and watch them melt.

And if he uses a Oberon T4 & T5 Corvette then you can forget that with the flak. 360 degrees fire from a distance is quiet a thing. ^^

drain torpedo

Anti-Rocket Impulse? ;-)

Another graphics bug:
If you are in the Hangar you can see some parts of the dock flicker.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-202994) said:

I love seeing corvettes on the other team. They are normally free kills.

Until you meet a player like Karlos the great ape on veteran or legendary. He´s one of the best corvette players i know on PS4.

For one the game is in beta, and we all know review bombing is a thing on steam.

Yeah, your right with this point. Steam reviews are sometimes very salty. ;-)

So for a free to play game steam can be a risk.

Sure, but at some point when the beta phase is over, and the biggest bugs have been eliminated than Steam would really be an option. I realize that it is still a long way to go, but I wanted to address the topic anyway.

Btw. what do you think about the F2P Model of Dreadnought?

Hi @ all

If you find a statement in the forum again and again, then there are supposedly too few players for Dreadnought. Although I play the game primarily on the PS4, I wonder why the game does not appear on Steam in addition.

Because if you want to reach players then Steam with its millions of members would actually be the best choice or?

What do you think about that?


Want to post some links to your favourite adrenaline-pumping, hype-building, let's-do-this warship anthems??

Sure! With this music, even making some coffee becomes an epic event.

If we play together in an armada and one of our players has a bluescreen, then he can not join our armada after restarting his game.

The "Solution":
Disband the armada and invite the players in the right order in which they were invited back then.
(Thx to the Player "Calanthe" for the Solution!)