My suggestion is easy. Just make better reward.

That would be great.

So players if you have another reason why you do not play Elimination just wrote.

I´ve already posted it on the Megatread: Two Games until a Round is finished is very short. Three games would be better in my opinion. It would be more exciting to play. The enemy Team has better chances for a Comback with three games. With three games there would also be a chance for higher rewards.

Corvetts are strong ships, but not unbeatable. If you play a dreadnought then the recommendation here is the stasis pulse. Very helpfull is the ballistic broadside. It has a 8 Sec. Cooldown. With this you can slow down and fight the Corvetts pretty good. Another good Modul for the defense is the Armor Amplifier.

But the most important thing is a good team! Corvetts are dangerous and should be targeted first.

Hier mal wieder eine Idee für ein Modul.

Sekundärschilde / Schildblase:
Das Modul aktiviert die Fähigkeit seine Energie um X% zu boosten. Diese Energie ist aber nur verfügbar wenn die Energie auf die Schilde umgeleitet wird. Dadurch wird eine Schildblase auf bis zu zwei Schiffe im Umkreis von x Meter ausgedeht. Die eigenen Schilde werden dadurch nicht verstärkt. Dauer des Moduls: x Sekunden.

Das eigene Schiff dehnt quasi seine Schilde auf seine Verbündeten aus.

These Bot-Maneuvers are very annoying. There should be an option to search a game without bots.

Last Friday I had a new kind of Sound-Bug at Dreadnought.
The sound during some battles on Friday seemed totally distorted or slow motion. This problem can only be fixed after a restart of the game. It occurred in the most diverse maps. In the main menu/lobby there wasn´t any issues.


Please fix the crashing bug and make it so that we have the legitimate opportunity to get a platinum in your game.

Should not the patch from yesterday solve the problems with the crashes?

AI teammates may as well be potatoes, especially when they can't hit a target less than 500m away with a flak cannon...

Or if they leave the shields permanently up and do not move.

Thanks for the answers.
Apparently there is still a lot to be clarified here. A statement from the developers would be nice.

A few days ago I have unlocked my first officer briefing "Desperate Measures". According to the description, it activates at low health. I find this description a bit inaccurate. From how many health points does it activate?

Because I´ve noticed that it doesn´t always work. The briefing is equipped at my T4 Lorica and T4 Vigo.
I´m in the middle of a battle, the health goes down in red section but the moduls stay at cooldown.

Should it activate only from 1000 health or lower then that would really not be good. Even with Armor Amplifier on the Dreadnought the situation almost always is lost.

And the next question:
Do I have to be completely healthed up to use the briefing again? Or has it some kind of cooldown we can´t see?

I hope you can help me with this. Thank you!


Another Point is the Minimap. In my eyes is the Map really buggy and expandable.

Some examples:

  • Two Ships of our Fleet are directly on the left side behind me. But the Minimap doesn´t show these ships.

  • Our Fleet spots some of the enemy Ships. But the Minimap doesn´t show these as well. Without Teamchat you don´t have much chances against fast ships like corvetts.

  • The Minimap doesn´t show the terrain or buildings. But this feature would be really helpfull. Especially on maps like Mars.

Ich schließe mich gleich mal mit an. Das Problem mit den Spawns habe ich auch. Entweder man spawnt hinter den Gegnern oder neben ihnen. Wenn dann die eigene Flotte auf der anderen Seite der Map ist kann man sich den Weg als Healer eigentlich sparen.

In der englischen Sektion des Forums habe ich eine kleine Bug-Liste schon gepostet: