At first: Gratulation for going live with Dreadnought!

Feedback, Bugs etc:

  • Random crashes in a running game. --> PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0

  • Random crashes when I am scroll through the hangar or try to equip ships or do some research. --> PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0

  • Several Server-Errors over the day with complete disconnects.

  • The AI at Team Deathmatch is really buggy. I have seen a healer who was only flying on to a wall. And some Dreadnoughts which won´t move in any direction.

  • The new Lava-Map is great.

  • Spawn-Problems: Have you changed something in the spawn system? Because I have spawned (as healer) very often directly by some enemy ships in Team Death Match. My fleet was at the other side of the map. I couldn´t reach them. They killed me instant.

  • The loading time: The time to the ship selection is very long. The same problem when the match is finished and you go back to the main menu.

  • Elemination Mode: Two Games until a Round is finished is very short. Three games would be better in my opinion. It would be more exciting to play.


At first I have to say that your are right.
I play a healer very often. But you have to understand our situation too.
When the game starts and the Dreadnoughts going to warp directly in the middle of the enemy fleet, there is not munch a healer can do. We can only heal you up with the main-beam if you are still in range. But if you are in the middle of the enemy fleet this wouldn´t be enough. And the mulit-beam isn´t at range. When you don´t play a healer with target-warp it could be to late for the Dreadnoughts. Than there is the next problem. If the Dreadnoughts are warped away we have to defend us against the corvetts alone. A 1vs1 against a corvette...
I think I don´t need to explain this But it would help us a lot if our sniper an corvette players can spot the enemy corvettes for us. If we can not see them we can not fight them either.

From a healer point of view one of the big problems is that the Dreadnoughts fly in different directions to often.
If two Dreadnoughts, a Destroyer and a healer keep together you will have a good defence and offensive force.

The matchmaking is not very good. Yesterday i played a Recruit Game with my old T2 Dreadnought. And the enemy has mostly T4 Ships. :/

Im sure the devs will fix this in a future update.

Die Holo-Idee hab ich frech von Star Trek Aramada geklaut und etwas abgeändert.

Hier ein Video zur Quelle:

Hast du schon eine Idee für die verschiedenen Hersteller-Versionen des Schiffs?

@ FrostyCZ

And whats with the spotting function and the support fire function? I use the spotting function as sniper very often to mark the corvettes for the team.

Ich hätte da einen Vorschlag für deine Klasse. Bzw. ein Modul.

Phantomflotte bzw. Holoemitter:
Die Saboteur-Klasse erzeugt in einem Umkreis von 2.500 Meter Holokopien der eigenen Flotte.
Diese Hologramme haben 15% HP und verursachen 5% Schaden der Originale. Dauer des Moduls: 40 Sekunden

It would be great. You would be more flexible. smile

That idea is very good. If I'm in the train or at a buisness trip I can continue playing on the notebook. A sync between the two Accounts/Profiles would be necessary.