Problem fixed with the support help.

To start troubleshooting this display issue, We would like you to set the display area of the game screen to match your TV screen.
You can do this on your PS4 by following instructions bellow:

To set the display area of the game screen to match the TV screen, select (Settings) > [Sound and Screen] > [Display Area Settings].

Once, You set your display area, try launching dreadnought again to see if this issue remains.

I have attach the screenshots on the email that I sent to Customer Service, I would like to know how can I attach screenshots here in the forums.


I have taken pictures from the start of the game until the screen press x to start playing, where it looks like it goes from full screen to reduced screen, how can I attach the pictures in this forum?.
I have send a ticket too.


When I play any game on PS4 I see it in full screen on the TV, but not in Dreadnought. Once I open Dreadnought, the screen of the game is reduced by 5cm on the 4 sides of the TV, the image of the game becomes smaller, and from the image of the game to the TV, appear there is a black area, having reduced the part of the game. I have looked at the configuration options of the game, and I have not found anything to fix it.

When stath the game I see the presentation screen with a video:

Screen DREADNOUGHT is a full screen.
Sreen Greybox is a full screen.
Screen Sixfoot is a full screen.
Screen Yager is a full screen.
Screen Ion Galaxy is a full screen.
Screen Unreal Engie is a full screen.

Screen Dreadnought Push X, then the image is reduced and appear the black area.
I push X and always the image is reduced with the black area around the tv, and the game screen.

*Con los desafíos mensuales de la comunidad, ¿cómo sabes si has recibido la recompensa?, ¿te llega algún tipo de mensaje?, por que se supone que en los de este mes se han conseguido dos de las tres recompensas.

*Según esto la recompensa se entrego el viernes 27, pero no he visto nada al respecto en las noticias en español, ni el el juego.
You’re in the final stretch on April’s Community Challenge, dish out the hurt and get rewarded with the exclusive Kore decal! Timo granted the last challenge reward of 3 Days Elite Status this Friday morning in time for the weekend, so get out there and enjoy it! We have been getting a lot of awesome feedback on the Community Challenge initiative and will be reviewing our plans for May and how we can make the challenges and rewards more meaningful.

¡Estás en el tramo final del Community Challenge de abril, repartes el daño y te recompensan con la calcomanía exclusiva de Kore! Timo otorgó la última recompensa de desafío de 3 días Elite Status este viernes por la mañana a tiempo para el fin de semana, ¡así que sal y disfruta! Hemos recibido muchos comentarios impresionantes sobre la iniciativa Community Challenge y revisaremos nuestros planes para mayo y cómo podemos hacer que los desafíos y recompensas sean más significativos.

*¿Como funcionan los desafíos mensuales, y la entrega de las recompensas?

I can´t play in legendary to find a macth, in veteran is easy to play.


Have You seen this bug in other parts of the map Kappa Base playing Dreadnought in PC or PS4?. Can You enter the underground zone by another site?

It's out of curiosity and so They can better fix the game's bug.

Bonjour, comment allez-vous.

J'ai vu les vidéos de votre chaîne et ils m'ont donné une idée pour améliorer le mien. Je vous donnerai l'adresse au cas où cela serait utile.
J'utilise google translator.


Hello everyone.

This is my YouTube channel that only has a few days, but I'm improving it little by little, and I hope that with time it will be interesting and useful for dreadnought players.


Thans for the information, I removed the beep.