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So much good news in !

AS, Lore, MM, UI.... <3

Je suis tout à fait d'accord que le nerf du Tir d'Adrénaline a completement changé la donne! Son nerf l'a rendu inutile tout simplement :/

Le risque est que désormais oui le problèmle de la "Heal ball" a à 90% disparu, en revanche le futur du gameplay s'oriente sur des squads full corvette/vindicta/arty... Et la le jeu deviendra encore moins interessant et beaucoup plus frustrant...

Adieux la diversité des matchs avec la disparition des Dread et Tactical, la prochaine extinction de masse est en cours

Je n'ai pas fait le tour du forum EN mais j'imagine que l'on va voir apparaître rapidement des posts se plaignant des disrupt/drain pulse + storm missile/plasma ram au même titre que l'a été Tir d'adré...

Those 3 remind me W40K Eldar Biel-Tan Mothership Symbols <3 just love them 3 !

Federal Earth !

Nickel ! GG à tous les capitaines !

Hey Parzi!

Every team needs to have a Parzi in his team, he makes really good healing moves.

See you in space

Yes community challenges are back ! I hope we'll reaching the level 3.

The first 2 challenges haven't has crazy rewards, but last one with evolving seems to be very cool!
The last one is "only" a decal, right? Or is there a coating following it? (or in a futur another community challenge )

I understand your feelings, but let me give you my point of view of a just 100h player.

-Healing/Tacs [...] You get a tac hiding around a corner healing a destroyer/dread and that ship isn't going to die.I've seen entire teams pounding ships and the damage just going nowhere.

You're right, and the big mistake is that players always want to take down the biggest ship on the map (Dread, Destro..)... Dreads are the last ship to focus on !! And the game is well made because everybody focus the Dread...
But if you let the big fish alone and focus (In vocal or using the "F + Down" command, with all or a part of the team) on what I call "soft target". You'll be able to earn point and take down ship by ship the enemy fleet.

-It's when you have 2 or more that it gets stupid.Good luck killing 2 tacs with their green beams of bull**** on each other without having a co-ordinated team

Once again you're right, when 2 TC play together it's getting hard to take them down, but if 1 or 2 players are focusing them they have to heal each others to survive. BUT meanwhile, all others ennemies ships aren't youre team has to jump into the breach you've just created to destroy big fishes !
Thanks to plenty modules you are able to debuff enemy TC: Drain Pulse, Disrupt Pulse, Disrupt Missile, Purge Beam, Armorbreaker missile, weaponbreaker missile, plasma ram, purge ram, tractor beam/pod, tartarus nuke....
The last option is to put you ship through the healing beam, you just cut the lifeline, hitting the TC forcing him to move and put it out of cover...

-Tech Tree I am not fond of having to play ships I have no interest in to progress to the ships I am interested in.If I want to play destroyers,then let me play destroyers

At the beginning I had the same feelings, but after grinding and playing I found it absolutely necessary in order to save the variousness of ship you play and you encounter on the other side of the battlefield. Without it, every matches will be the same...every players playing the best ship meta in their Tier category...It had a bit of RP in the game, you have to make your proof as a recruit captain in order to pretend claiming a higher ship...
IRL it's like if all big luxury muscle car in the world, were able to be buy by anyone as youg driver...

Sometimes,When i log in and look at the tech tree and realize I have to slog through this boring arty or tac ship grind just to get to the ship I actually want,I just hit ESC,quit out,and play something else

Hum...Can I say "Sometimes, When I woke up and look at what I have to do in my life/career and realize I have to learn/work hard this boring studying/job just to get a better life/situation I want, I just give up, answering why I born, and imagine that I could be born as something else..."

-The Grind [...] it starts to get tiring about mid t3-4 for me.I can only imagine how much it's gonna suck at t4-5.If I stick around for that.

Yes it's hard and long to grind them, as you said it's made for leading players to buy elite status. But if it was easier to grind your ship, everybody were in full T5...and the game will be boring...think about the variousness I spoke previously.
And we are human, since the first video game was created, it's a clever mix of frustration and satisfaction...
When something is hard to reach, the more you frustration grows, the more you're satisfied when you gain it

So this post isn't THE UNIVERSAL ANSWER, it's just my point of view about your moods.

See you in space Space Cowboys !

If nerfing TC creates lot of troubles among players, Devs should buff all other class ==> every non TC players will be satisfied and bad feelings about the Heal b@ll will disappears