Two tac cruisers isn't perhaps more powerful per say, but it's certainly easier. You might be able to out play two tac cruisers with double corvettes coming in together so it's really hard to stop them or even like two corvettes go in and try to just draw an initial hate volley and do some poke and then a plasma ram destroyer follows up.

It's possible to beat, but for how little skill it takes to run two healers, it's incredibly successful.

I think the main issue is the "ease" of healing. healing is a hit scan weapon so it doesn't require aiming, it doesn't have ammo or energy or anything to manage. It's literally just point click and be healed my friend.

Healing should have things like

you heal more the closer you are, rewarding you for taking risks but endangering yourself to heal.

any damage you take causes feedback to occur to your target turning your healing beam into a damage beam and damaging your friendly target or partially at least resulting in reduced healing.

raising your shields makes it impossible to heal (probably a bad idea)

healing beam can be weapon switched to a damage amplifier beam that allows you to basically give an ally a free "power to weapons" boost. They can then actually power to weapons to give themselves an additional boost. Now you have to choose between sustain and damage help.

healing beams can be held down for a charged burst that fires like a projectile requiring aiming and leading but that heals for a great deal.

hitting an enemy with your beam siphons power giving you a 3 second burst to your healing beam that heals for 250% (or whatever, partly this is high to compensate for the time your not healing for a second)

this makes it so the best healers are ones who can mix it up nearby you and alternate between tagging enemy targets and healing you.

It makes the frankly boring as frig healing we currently have interesting, rewarding and if you make healing have a decent range falloff and weaker base numbers if you fail to ping enemies etc. is much easier to create counterplay.

Just because people often complain, a quick mention of what this game to me got totally right that many don't.

-the lack of lag is awesome, servers crash, but they don't stutter.

-maybe its UE4 but the ability of this game to look good on rigs that aren't amazing seems pretty well optimized.

-balance between ships, oh sure i hate corvettes any stealth assassin is annoying in a game but overall you see every single ship represented in every game nearly, how awesome is that? People will complain about balance i'm sure but overall if anything was REALLY OP you'd see it quickly being adopted as the auto select. At the end of the day dreadnaughts really do shrug off corvettes even if they struggle to keep them off the healers. arty really does dish out some damage even on a healed target and make a huge difference in a sustained skirmish across some cover. corvettes do wreck the squishies and healers feel impactful and powerful in healing. even the abilities, nukes do high damage, if anything they could probably use a buff because of how easy it is to dodge them once you realize, oh they just hit wherever they were aimed at but they take literally like 30 seconds to arrive on target, power to engines if your a dreadnaught maybe and never get hit.

now as for a few comments questions.


is it just hard to balance ships and weapons against each other or why do you arbitrarily limit the number of turrets on a ship that fire of those that can fire?

having a dreadnought that fires only 3 cannons despite having like 8 that could open up seems odd. To me it adds to the tactical advantage players can generate against each other by just nerfing the damage output of a single turret but allowing a broadside to fire like 8 shots. You nerf it of course so that 8 shots does only say 133% of the current so the damage of four shots instead of 3 but this way positioning in a fight can be a lot more important. Crossing the T in naval terms can be really strong for you in a dread vs dread denying them both the broadside ability itself and additional cannons being brought to bear on you.


can we have an option to warp back to space basically and switch ships without dying?

its kinda crappy when you for example spawn in as a close in brawler dread but quickly realize your team is balling up and their team is balling up and it's going to be a long extended trade, the only thing you can do is warp in and HOPE you kill a squishy arty or healer before you die and more likely your literally just trading your life for the chance to get a ship you can actually make a contribution with. Ditto with realizing your team switched up at the last minute and you dont have a healer. smile


will missiles once fired have infinite range in the full game?

it seems like missiles should have a origin point you can ping off of to check distance and trigger self detonation. it's a bit silly to warp away from missiles that were fired at like 7k range and use power to engines and possibly even warp a second time and there is still missiles seemingly mindlessly following you having been launched roughly 12 to 15 clicks back.

I've noticed this cause I often dreadnaught warp in, wipe out like an arty ship, warp out away from the enemy and try to sit and heal for a bit and my healing is interrupted by a few errant missiles that have followed me across half the map.

  1. will missiles have limited turn and track at some point?

i will often juke say the slow firing nuclear torp things that hit a huge area by getting roughly close to an enemy and once they launch i instantly warp towards them and will normally warp just before impact and avoid the fire. This will also initially dodge missiles but because they have seemingly endless range and tracking they'll flip a 180 and fly the 4 kilometers back to me and still land.

some suggestions

l it'd be really nice if you had a little more control over warping. I know you don't want players to be bogged down and for it to be intuitive but even just having your first click show a ghost ship indicating your warp location and then like let me scroll the mouse wheel back and forth to tune the distance maybe would be nice. especially around terrain you really have no idea where in the like refinery planet canyon map your going to get tossed out at until you've committed. also after one second letting me press again to cancel the warp would be nice. i've realized i basically "mis warped" and am about to end up soemhwere horrible while i'm warping and there is nothing I can do to avoid it.

I do really like the locking on to allied and friendly ships especially initially but it'd be nice if i could press the warp button once, get a ghost ship at an initial postiion determined by your current formula and fine tune it a bit with the scroll wheel. For example what I find really really frustrating is that i'll warp in on an enemy and part of me wants to position my ship so that as I exit the warp the enemy will be on my side for a broadside but another part of me knows that i'll always be warped in around 1.2k away and i need to be within 900 meters to use my autocannons which means i need to charge them to close the distance but turnign is extremely slow and power to engines leaves my shields down for that first huge counter battery salvo they throw. I get that to some extent it's a trade off but really if a ship is close enoguh and i want to appear 500 meters away instead of 1.2k why not let me? you already get this giant star on the screen for 7 seconds letting you know i'm coming in, let me tweak my spawn to be 400 meters closer so i can actually alpha strike.

I actually think this game does incredibly well as far as resources, you really should post your system specs there may be just one area that needs a quick fix.

Perhaps for example you lack ram, that could easily explain it or your using built in graphics card.

watch at around at 24 to 30 seconds on the bottom middle of the screen you'll notice a clear line basically as the further off 2D trees get close enough they actually get made from a 2d picture of a tree facing your camera into an actual 3D model. As you get closer that model will "pop" again and maybe again getting ever more detailed because actually rendering all those polygons is way too much work.

So this huge ship is a tech nightmare because if your on one side of the ship your can be both close and therefore needing it to be rendered high detail and far because the other side of the ship is a mile off, so now you have to smoothly transition across the ship which means parts of the ship have to kind of chunked out but this creates a problem because this probably has lots of repeated textures. having this one model basically be equiv to having 20 models because it's parted out that way means you end up a really weird thing. The biggest issue is tech wise Unreal 4 just isn't set up to have a single model be 20 models kind of thing. Like setting up a "huge" ship would be just ugh. Your modellers and texture guys everyone would hate you and in the end because your hacking it together in an engine you didn't design to support it what you'll end up with is a lag fest.

Nothing you do can make unreal play nice with something that big in a way that doesn't lag. You can make a big beautiful ship and make it render and it'll take 120 hours to render just like it does when they render out the scenes in star wars or you can fake out a lot of it but then people will get close to your creation and it will literally look like smudged paint, like minecraft will look better than the textures on this thing.

So no huge ship, at least not that huge, but maybe you just want something like several times bigger. Well ok, you can still have multiple manned ships which i guess could be interesting but it'd be so hard to make them both not worthless and not overpowered. The thing is as you give something more and more potential you have to give it more and more downsides or whatever, it's not enough to just go oh well the other side has one too because yea but not everyone is in this thing, if i'm flying around in a corvette i don't wnat to feel like i'm a bit player and really i don't matter and all that really matters is how well each big ship does cause I can't do anything. I need to feel really powerful still but then now your huge ship isn't which means it's just a giant target, it's a liability and really the game is who can burst down the other ship fastest kind of thing. if a ship five times your size can fire back your doomed, if it can't it's doomed, there isn't really a lot of middle ground here, either the battleship is in range of your carrier or it isn't and depending on the answer one of you is really screwed.

You see this a lot of times with like assassins in MOBAs or mmo's or with healers sometimes too. either your so broken strong and powerful basically your mandatory as a healer or your worthless and with MOBA assassin they are sooo hard to balance, assassins are super squishy like the corsairs so they rely on kind of going in and killing you with basically zero counterplay on your end. Ideally they burst in, blow you up and burst out and it happens in moments but then that's so hard to balance because you don't want players to feel like there was literally nothing they could have done but you also don't want the assassin to feel like every kill costs him a death or he cant' really ever do anything. Assassins fall really far outside the median of power they are super squishy and super damagey and being there is really hard to find a way that ends up back in the middle. it's easy to have them too squishy or too damagey.

You don't want things where you can have massive differences in power because it's really hard to make that fair.

Perma stealthed ships aren't in yet which suprises me. Anyone think the "submarine" version of a ship AKA perma cloak that only decloaks by firing will make an appearance?

Yea seems like you'd have the carrier "pilot" spend time manually controlling the fighters which would actually be quite useful. For example routing around the edge of the map to make sure the enemy doesn't just decimate your planes before they get to the carriers. You could also do just as the world of warships etc does and allow you to basically improve your aircrafts aim. I think you allow yourself to actually manually control your fighters in a simple little dogfight simulation soy ou can shoot down enemy bombers/fighters with greater accuracy than normally seen and for bombers or torpedo bombers you can actually manually time the launch time of the torps from the flight as they do in world of warships. if you can select a group of fighters and draw a path and then press spacebar to launch torps then you could launch at the last minute to be better assured of a hit with less dodged,shot down.

Bombs is easy, you have a top down view and you basically pick a point to dive and then they'll fly high and dive straight down on that line and you press when to release and basically it relies on your ability to anticipate the enemy movements and predict to make sure your bombers dive just ahead of there movements and end up dead center over the ship, your really just aiming in 2d because the bombs are falling straight down through the third dimension. for torps it's a little harder to make aiming easy because not all ships are on the same plane. for bomb purposes your height doesn't matter because they hit you at all heights as it were as long as they are above you but for torps you can't. probably the easiest is to have you actually control the flight leader and just fly in and everyone stays as well as possible fixed in a position beside you and you are basically guiding your ship but all of them and your fire fires everyones torps. You can also make it work in the minimap though with some decent AI

somebody would have to sit down and write it down in training.

You can tell if your "in range" your crosshairs will remain white if you aim at an enemy out of range, yellow if you aim at an enemy at basically fall off range where you hit but deal reduced damage and be red if your hit will be at full strength.

You can also tell for your abillties if someone is in range because if you look above an enemy or friendly ship you'll see four icons that correlate to your four abilities. So if for example you want to warp to an enemy ship as a dreadnaught you can watch and the fourth icon will light up (i think at around 4k to 5k distance) and at that point you can successfully fire. You will also at times hear if you listen things like "vulture missiles locked on captain" that let you know you can fire your vulture missiles.

somebody would have to sit down and write it down in training.

You can tell if your "in range" your crosshairs will remain white if you aim at an enemy out of range, yellow if you aim at an enemy at basically fall off range where you hit but deal reduced damage and be red if your hit will be at full strength.

You can also tell for your abillties if someone is in range because if you look above an enemy or friendly ship you'll see four icons that correlate to your four abilities. So if for example you want to warp to an enemy ship as a dreadnaught you can watch and the fourth icon will light up (i think at around 4k to 5k distance) and at that point you can successfully fire. You will also at times hear if you listen things like "vulture missiles locked on captain" that let you know you can fire your vulture missiles.

Aetrion#4710 posted (#post-27152)

I don't want to have to toggle things like shields at all, I just want a block button and a boost button, because that's how power to shields and engines are used in this game. Nobody goes "Well, better toggle these shields on because we better have them on for the next few minutes.", you just go "Uh oh, big hits incoming, shields up! Danger averted, shields down!" There is no reason to do that with a toggle, it's clunky and just bad controls.

I see absolutely no reason why there should be level restrictions on ships at all. Just let me get whatever ship I want and let me get more ships as I level up, don't make me play for days with ships I don't really care about.

Then set up a block and boost button? they haven't done controls in game yet but it's in the game files easily enough to modify.