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I blame World of Tanks.

I have already resigned myself to the fact that the UI will not ever change significantly. The reason why it sucks is because it's designed primarily for console players. It's questionable how much consideration were given to PC players. There is probably no chance we will ever again see anything close to the pre-Steam UI. Better get used to it.

I found that the FLEET page is the best location to use. It presents the (relative) best information layout and quick access to all the ship related function.

Just because menu navigation is sequential doesn't mean information has to be. For example, label the icons in the loadout menus would be good. Not all of us eat and breath this game so a semi-familiar icon informs us about as much as an Egyptian hieroglyph.

Mortimer#0942 posted (#post-226585) said:

My personal biggest issue with UI was "Play" button hidden underneath some secondary info panel, which needed to be slided back and it doesn't even look like it can be moved.

How someone could even think that making the most important button in entire game hidden is a good idea? Especially that it's not "just some button", its the one and only way to start a game, if you can't find it, your not gonna be able to join battle.

I guess you missed "PLAY" in gigantic letters on the main page.

I will defer to you because you have me questioning my reality and I'm all confused now.

Some practical advice:

Be prepared for a big change to what you have been used to when you reach the Veteran Fleet (Tier3). You will be going up against much more experienced players with better equipped ships. Grinding becomes more pronounced as everything will cost at least twice as much relative to the previous tier. You won't be acquiring a new module every 1-3 games like you have been doing. Just hang in there and it will get easier as you become more experienced.

Here's some suggestions to make the transition a little easier:

  • Don't spend any of the free XP that you earn on Tier 1 or 2, save it for later when it is more useful.

  • Concentrate on only 1 ship at a time - the limiting factor in the Dreadnought economy is credits. There is only one pile of credits that has to pay for every module for every ship. There is not enough to go around if you are working on 3-4 ships at the same time like you were able to do in the Recruit Fleet.


  • Learn about Captain's Briefings and plan your progression on acquiring them.

Remember, you can always go back and play in the recruit fleet if do not like the veteran fleet for whatever reason. After all, progression is not why we all like this game; we like it because we get to drive a gigantic spaceship and shoot the snot out of other gigantic spaceships.

You're supposed to shoot them down before they get within range to make their attack runs.

If anything, they need to improved just so they will literally work more than half the time because the bombers/fighters will usually crash into something before reaching the target. The most effective way I found to use them was at close range like a broadside but that was even iffy because they dont always launch out of the side that you need them to. I don't even bother using them anymore.

Get TrackIR. It will allow him to use his head for mouse look. There are a number of free third party utilities that work with TrackIR to bring TrackIR support to non-TrackIR Enhanced games and simulations.

While it fine when designating larger ships, it becomes an issue when used on small ships at medium range because all you can literally see is red fist flying around. Although it's hilarious that the act of telling your teammates to shoot a target can actually make it harder for them to do so. I'm just asking for this to be put on a to-do list.

Its Dual Scatter Cannon has been buffed:
2 round clip with 2.5s reload,
3800 damage @ 1900m,
1680 damage @ 2900m,
1280 damage @ 3400m

Essentually you can do 15200 damage in under 5 sec @ 1900m. That's un-amped too. It also has enough dispersion to make really difficult to miss. It eats arty cruisers alive, especially since its only semi-decent secondary weapon just got nerfed.

Datamine for Patch 1.10

I don't think Patch 1.11 is available yet