Tie in the game friendslist with the steam friendslist with some kind of import/export please.

Random thoughts for more explosions and open ended tactics

Squads Tournament mode with a daily top 5 "hall of fame" (posted and lasting a week) no extra rewards (just regular match rewards) save bragging rights based on a average points, based on a 5 game tournament, against another full random squad, no skill rating just show up and play (custom squad names required)...

For "pincer maneuvers" and "bob and weave" validation

-Variable absorbtion rates on shields, with more demanding higher energy consumption, for example a simple % slider on the energy wheel that you can adjust on the fly or preselected on the loadout.. all ships because we all like options and situational awareness, but not up to 100% and within reason

-Healers requiring energy for heals as energy drains into shields so does heals, thus can not have both shields and max healing at the same time and drain affects them. (-note no heal energy consumption)

-General Speed increase and turn rate on corvettes makes them harder to hit and harder to fly (overshoots/longer stopping time which is announced, less time on target on flyby, no need for a bulky tank with less time on approach)

-Artillery cruisers have a recoil throwing the aim off slightly, (have to adjust the shots -note not a decrease in manuverability)

-Nuclear Emp effect of some sort, take your poison (one of, or all of, random of), shields reset/knockdown (able to restart immediately), damage over time (fallout), short enemy module cooldown (emp) (allready offset by inaccuracy and "h-lasers", (-note not meant to replace or eclipse the stronger "emp" tartarus)

How is the ones getting steamrolled supposed to get better and get points to improve ships and skills etc with no time to learn and no points to improve points..

Im in no way lone wolfing the game, unless you want to call playing random unsquaded games lonewolfing (which is what most new players do). So far i have only had 1 invite to coms and 1 to squad (i get that the playerbase isnt huge but that seems low)...

Concerning blobtactics well if no one shows their ship or moves then it would indeed be a dull match...

Gametime / Scorelimits

Why not make an option to change the Gametime / Scorelimit to the regular gamemodes so that you can play for a longer time...