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So if I see a bike unlocked I'm allowed to take it?

People playing hero ships in T4 are abusers and deserve no mercy, they ruin a lot of games of a lot of people. They know they will get matched up with lower ranks so they play it to get easy wins, they are ruining it on purpose. On the other hand, people that simply unlocked their T3 and T4 ships are as much a victim as the T1 and T2 players.

Using Hero Ship =/= theft.

What's silly is saying, "Hey, you can't use that thing you paid money for because it's worse for free users." If you have your bike which you paid for, you shouldn't have to walk because most of us are. If anything, your line of thinking is closer to theft since it condemns and suggest forbidding the use of something they have every right to use. I understand your outrage, but please direct it at the closer source: the system.

The issue resides in the system for three primary reason:

1. Low population.

2. Larger amount of players required for matches.

3. Match making designed to allow cross-bracket (different from cross-tier) matching.

1 & 2 simply don't mix, and it was a shocking choice to make. It simply wasn't the right time to implement the second, even if it is a good idea. The third, however, is outright disappointing and short-sighted. It provides a "fix" for 1 & 2, but makes the experience miserable and is outside of what they had seemed to indicate would exist: three separate brackets.

When I first played, I went with T1 for the experience. Oh, I have T4's, I simply chose not to dive into them right out of the gate. Once I learned of this cross-bracket match making, I just stopped playing entirely. It wasn't enjoyable for me to play T1's, and I refused to simply join the other side of the stomping. Don't assume T4's have knowledge of the broken system by default; I didn't. Don't assume they're being bullies; you don't know. And don't ever, ever, suggesting taking away what people have paid for: they invested in the future of this game and got burned just the same as you.

General reminder: sometimes, when the server says it's unavailable you just need to enter your credentials again; not because you made a mistake, but the server's just a tad silly that way.

Great idea. It'd be a fun twist on things, though I do see it making trolling all too accessible to those with ill intent.

To address how a few posts in here talk about sudden FP gains and/or a lack of seeing them occur: it seems the FP counter is a little buggy.

Right now, from what I've seen, the FP counter can just be tad slow to update its gains. I've kept an eye on it before/after matches and it's usually correct, but there have been times when it's just seemed to be accumulating in the background and an hour or so later it ticks up to the right amount. It seems to have gotten better as of late, but it may still need a fixin'. Dropped a bug report about it a month or so ago.

An excellent read, sir/madam/other. Clear, concise, and a potent column for players and devs alike. As others have already said, I agree with 99% of your view on things. If there were anything to comment on, it'd be this:

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◦Jump Drive

◾Slow, telegraphed, and an indicator that you’re in trouble in a battle.

◾I would personally avoid this one as it is, since if you need to move, Energy generator can do the same thing with energy to spare.


While not as instantaneous as a blink warp, I find it's fast enough to save your hide, on a low enough cooldown to decently boost your mobility, and useful since it allows you to bypass terrain. With some map knowledge and careful planning, you can drop in on the enemy's "backline" without being detected along the way... or pop in beneath their formation and drop a heavy nuke to hilarious effect. You can escape behind large obstacles that would require a serious commitment for pursuers, sometime baiting them into a bigger fight. Yes, it's a lot more niche, but I find it's useful if you want to be a flanking support rather than a corvette. (Note: I pack this on a flanking Gora.)

Whilst I do enjoy my Gora, the range on its primary weapon does seem a bit silly; all the more so when taking Arties into account. It's true that the damage isn't much of a threat at longer ranges, but damage is still damage (every bit counts) and a destroyer should be ducking from an artillery at that kind of range, not the other way around.

I'm tempted to agree with Zerek on this and go for a moderate change to both. I feel like arties would benefit from an upgrade to ~8k, while the Gora could easily be toned down to a more sensible 7k.

The information found on this wiki provides some energy details that seem fairly accurate in my experience.

The currently listed Discord invite is out of commission. Grabbed a working URL from your guys' steam group:

Leave the damage, increase the range. If it's already a stick suited to poking entrenched formations, make it a longer stick. This not only strengthens its anti-entrenchment role, but it plays up its current risk-reward even further: stay closer to your team, or take a wider flank to push the other team to move at the risk of being entirely alone against a 'vette?

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TBH some high school students in 1999 created counterstrike which had VOIP back then.. not sure how almost 20 years later full development studios are unable to create simple VOIP systems in thier games..

It's not just about creating that functionality, it's about the practicality of it as well:

More stress on the servers.

Difficult to reliably police.

One more thing to debug while still in Beta.

Other VOIP options, many of which are free, already exist and would probably do a better job. Harder to arrange the team into, sure, but far more capable than an afterthought.

Would it be nice? Yeah, you're right. But it may not be practical enough for the time being.