The grind should be present, otherwise there is little incentive to spend money.

Being able to earn GP every 5,10,20 levels is not an answer to the problem that has been introduced for a couple reasons.

1) You did not implement this "fix" when you implemented the "problem". So, best case scenario, you failed plan effectively. Worst case scenario, you decided to try and milk some GP purchases before providing the "fix"

2) Is the free GP going to come with a warning akin to "You better save this for Officer Briefings in order to competitive"? I think not, instead it'll be a bone you throw to the player base without actually caring if they invest it properly in order to be on an even playing field with the rest of the player base.

Free 2 Play isn't rocket science. It's not like you're blazing new territory here in regards to the monetization of a game. You could have spent 10 minutes on Google and found out what happens when you place gameplay advantages behind pay walls. So what gives? Do you not have Google? Do you not take the time to research monetization models? Or do you just not care? Dreadnought is your fragile, expensive dream. Why the heck would you jeopardize that dream so early?

Sad to see a change like this sneak into this game.

Sadly, the basic design philosophy of healing in this game starts off on the wrong foot. Each tactical cruiser should have been designed off of the tier 2 tactical cruiser. Healing should have never been a primary fire infinite beam. Healing should be locked into modules with choices between low cool down, low health per second modules, and high cool down, burst heal modules. This would encourage team work and an active play style as teams alternated defensive cool downs with healing cool downs.

Shall we discuss how the patch fixed the game for 10 minutes?

Well that worked for all of one battle... I guess I was lucky.

I'd like to see the devs be open to community suggestions as far as hud/communication of information in game. I would not like to see the game be moddable. I think mods are ultimately a cancer to multiplayer games. They become necessary, and only serve to increase the gap between vets and new players.

Nukes are currently one of the most effective ways of dealing with teams that turtle up. I've died on a couple occasions to them, but only when I failed to see/pay attention to the nuke launch.

Prometheus25#5985 posted (#post-28173)

-1 to Coleman for awareness.

Sweet, who is running the master upvote/downvote spreadsheet for the forum?

Is that perhaps where you nuke silo is attached to the ship? And perhaps... this may be a stretch I know... you should consider the location of your nuke silo when launching? I dunno...