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schau doch mal auf die Internetseite unseres Clans. Neben anderen Spielen wird bei uns auch Dreadnought gezockt.

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@ morbeus:

Thank you for the very educated post that really contributes in a meaningful capacity to the subject at hand. I expected nothing less of you!

Some of you are still missing the point. If you look at the healthiness of the game in regards to the size of its playerbase it doesn't matter whether or not Corvettes are objectively OP.

It's all about the subjective perception of new players. If they feel like the game is unbalanced, unfair and unfun to play they will leave and they do. They simply won't endure hundreds of hours of beeing stomped to eventually 'get good'. As long as this issue remains unaddressed and new players keep quitting once they enter Legendary Fleet the playerbase will never recover.

The tier system amplifies this issue with the power gap between T4 and T5 even further but that's the topic of another discussion entirely.

And I'm not saying the other ship classes are without balance issues but none of them are as pronounced as what we see with Corvettes. So addressing these would be a good start...

This is going to be a long one so sorry for that in advance.

I found this review by Skye on the Steam page (posted on 14th April) which in my eyes sums up perfectly the state of the game and what ails it the most. I only hope, DN_Space_Ghost and DN_RayDog_Carrot will take a read and consider this!

I genuinely enjoyed this game, all my hours are over a 5 day period during a long weekend in which I binged the game and watched anime constantly.
However, I got 3 tier 4 ships in this time, really enjoyed playing a dreadnaught, tac cruiser (healer) and artillery ship (sniper) THEN ended up in a match against 5 corvettes.
Corvettes are small fast ships with low health, and very high damage. Very high damage. They can blink forwards in a ramming movement that will 1 shot most ships other than tanks.
Their health is NOT low enough to counter this one hit kill.
Corvettes are broken, unfun to play against and make a mockery of the game as a whole.
2 other people in that game also said that match was the final straw and theyd be quitting as well.

Here is an excerpt of another steam review by a player called Oz:

Even then, you will not find satisfaction unless you are using the most broken ship in legend: the corvette, while this ship was a fun gimmick, glass cannon in recruit and veteran rank. It was turned into an unstoppable power house in legend. And if you're not using it, you're losing to it. Your only hope of salvation is to have your allies help you shoot it down, even then your odds of survival are slim. This rank in unbalanced to the extreme. This game ends for me at Veteran rank. I have the most fun there, balanced and not difficult to rank up your ships. You will enjoy this game if you stay there.

Unfortunately the devs seem to listen only to the vocal minority (but a minority nonetheless) of players that defend the state of the current Corvette meta claiming that the sole reason they finish a game with a 12-0 k/d-ratio (or higher) pretty much in every match is that they spent a lot of time practicing. Consequently these players justify the strength of Corvettes with their 'get good' attitude rather than with the strength of the ships themselves. Likewise they usually claim that countering Corvettes is easy if you just 'get good' enough.

But at the end of the day it doesn't matter whether it's the former or the latter. The point is that Corvettes are able to wreck each and everyone regardless. If a ship class can dominate all other classes by orders of magnitude for now more than a year then this game has a serious problem.

I don’t play Corvettes because I despise them from a gameplay and a conceptual point of view so I will always be on the receiving end. That means I know what it feels like to be in a game where two or more Corvettes easily stomp you. I even had my first 0 - 100 defeat with 3 Corvettes in the enemy team recently after more than 700 hours of playtime. To me the idea that a Corvette can single-handedly take out a Dreadnought is laughable. What’s the point of having giant bricks of heavy amour and devastating destruction (Dreadnoughts) if a small Corvette can take them out with ease?

Even if Corvettes are not OP (which they are) and it’s really all about skill (which it isn’t) the fact alone that Corvettes can and do steam-ABW-roll the enemy team pretty much all the time in Legendary, regardless of why, is proof that there is something fundamentally wrong with that ship class.

There are several cases to be made on why Corvettes in their current iteration are actively hurting the game, but I will focus on what is in my view the most important one: player retention.

While I recognize that dedicated Corvette players have some skill, I’ll give them that, the 'get good' argument is not in favour of the game but actually damages it. Let me explain.

Dreadnought is a F2P game that relies heavily on players’ willingness to spend money on Elite Status and cosmetics. As such it needs to attract as many players as possible AND keep them engaged for as long as possible. What you don’t want is an influx of new players that leave shortly after because they will not spend any money and the game will not create any revenue.

In a F2P game the threshold to quit is much lower because there is no financial investment involved as you don’t have to purchase the game. So if players don’t have a good time in Dreadnought from the get-go they will simply leave and find something else to play rather quickly.

And that's precisely where the above mentioned player Skye comes in. All it takes apparently is one match where players feel that playing against Corvettes and as such playing Dreadnought as a whole is not only unbalanced but unfair and most importantly unfun. One match and they are out. Even if the 'get good' attitute was valid (which it isn't) players simply don't have it in them to get stomped dozens of times before they might stand a chance.

I understand that avid Corvette players will defend the status quo so they can continue to wreck each and every one. But the reality is that Corvettes drive players away and that's the last thing this game needs. But this is exactly what we are seeing right now in Dreadnought.

As I said I spent more than 700 hours playing this game and I like to think that I can hold my ground in this game pretty well but even I prefer to leave matches before they even start once certain Corvette players are on the opposing team because this is guaranteed to be an exercise in frustration. And I know I’m not the only one. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about one or two losses. I’m talking about losing every single time! But if I have to quit in order to not get frustrated then what’s the point in playing at all? and if even I as a veteran player think so, what will new players that enter Legendary Fleet for the first time in their stock T4 ship think? How often will they be ABW’ed before they throw their hands up in the air and say ‘F%ck this sh&t, I’m out!’? Well, if Skye is any reference the answer is: not many times!

Corvettes have terrorized this game long enough, it’s high time this stopped. The developers have to make a choice: Either cater to the casual player by seriously nerfing Corvettes in order to attract and keep new players engaged so the game can thrive (probably at the expense of said avid Corvette players, though, but they have already all hero ships and other cosmetics purchased and all ships and modules unlocked and therefore no reason to invest any more money anyway) or please the few hardcore Corvette players and sacrifice the future of this game as a result as many players will quit the game out of frustration, myself included.

Game servers are a bit wonky sometimes, just keep trying.

Also use the official Dreadnought Discord (the link is in the bottom right corner of the game launcher). There is a channel called 'PC-bug-discussion' or something along that lines where you can ping the devs (DN_Space_Ghost and DN_RayDog_Carrot) to notify them of the server crash. They are usually very quick to respond and restart the server if necessary.

All this has to be adressed before we players can expect new content like maps, ship classes, game modes as well as more variety in ship design.

What's baffling to me is that there are still game modes that are platform-exclusive. Conquest is available only on PC and Havoc only on PS4.

I recognize that development time and money is limited but to adapt an existing game mode to the respective platform should not be that much of a problem.

But then again even pushing a patch live seems to be a major issue as we see on PC currently. I'm sure RayDog_Carrot and Space_Ghost are giving their best but it's probably better not to expect too much from these guys as their ressources seem to be rather limited.

And that's a shame as adding a new game mode to the game would go a long way to increase player retention and to shake things up a bit making the game more fun.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Would have been nice to get this information from the devs, though.

On 25th February we got the "Patch Notes Release 21f". The most notable change within it is the dynamic team size where in Legendary there will be no bots anymore on either side and as a result team size can go down as low as 5v5.

Yesterday I played Legendary but still got bots on both sides (to fill up both teams to 8v8) which leads me to belief that even 9 days after the patch notes were released the patch still hasn't gone live yet.

Why publish patch notes if there is no patch? I understand that the devs want to let us know what to expect from the next patch early on and generate some momentum by doing so. But releasing official patch notes to tease what might be coming in the far future is not the way to do this.

So the question remains: Where is the patch???

Nice guide, well written. There's just one thing I disagree on, and that would be:

Finally here's a suggestions as to what to do with Grey Box points when you have some, the GPs, the gold points that can be bought with real money.

If you are new and want to progress as quickly as possible purchase Elite Status using these GP. The bonus that gives you is significant and makes progression really less of a chore.

Once you have all the ships, OB's and modules unlocked that fit your playstyle, then you can go and chase vanity items.

I'm pretty sure there is no cross-safe between PC and PS4, these two platforms exist completely seperate from each other.

So you better keep playing on PS4 to keep all your progress because on PC you'll have to start from scratch.