Thanks for the heads-up!

Would have been nice to get this information from the devs, though.

On 25th February we got the "Patch Notes Release 21f". The most notable change within it is the dynamic team size where in Legendary there will be no bots anymore on either side and as a result team size can go down as low as 5v5.

Yesterday I played Legendary but still got bots on both sides (to fill up both teams to 8v8) which leads me to belief that even 9 days after the patch notes were released the patch still hasn't gone live yet.

Why publish patch notes if there is no patch? I understand that the devs want to let us know what to expect from the next patch early on and generate some momentum by doing so. But releasing official patch notes to tease what might be coming in the far future is not the way to do this.

So the question remains: Where is the patch???

Nice guide, well written. There's just one thing I disagree on, and that would be:

Finally here's a suggestions as to what to do with Grey Box points when you have some, the GPs, the gold points that can be bought with real money.

If you are new and want to progress as quickly as possible purchase Elite Status using these GP. The bonus that gives you is significant and makes progression really less of a chore.

Once you have all the ships, OB's and modules unlocked that fit your playstyle, then you can go and chase vanity items.

I'm pretty sure there is no cross-safe between PC and PS4, these two platforms exist completely seperate from each other.

So you better keep playing on PS4 to keep all your progress because on PC you'll have to start from scratch.

Zamestas#7016 posted (#post-279758) said:

It is only possible to assemble a team after switching to Lenedary, since the game on the Veteran and the Lenedary is very different.

Actually that's not true. Of course you can squad up in any queue you like. However, squads in Recruit and Veteran fleet are not very common. Usually low level players that populate Recruit and Veteran are trying different ships with different modules so they are for all intents and purposes busy learning the mechanics of the game rather than refining their gameplay. The low number of squads in turn significantly reduces the need of being in a squad yourself to stand your ground.

Once players advance to Legendary fleet they usually have a decent understanding of the game mechanics so they can start focussing on the actual gameplay. And this is where the benefits of teamplay really kick in. In a T4 you have a clear disadvantage to T5 so being in a coordinated squad is the easiest way of being competetive and thus more successful.

To me it seems a bit hypocritical to abandon the game for months and then to "feel just as abandoned".

As for the complaint that no new content has been added in months, that's a very valid point to make. Although this is an understatement. In my view bug fixes, balance changes and marketplace updates do not qualify as 'content' but rather life support. Actual content would be things like a new game mode, new maps, new modules, new ship classes, new manufacturers, etc. Given that this game had the last content drop back in May 2018 with the addition of Conquest mode, even before the offical Steam release!

It's no secret that SixFoot ceased all development activities on 13th February of this year when they infamously advertised their planned life stream that was scheduled one hour later that very same day only to cancel this one and every future life stream without official notice. They just went radio silent on all medias.

Right now they have two developers working on the game but all they can do is life support. It's unrealistic to expect them to crank out a PvE campaign or any other kind of real content. Unless the player count skyrockets we have to come to terms with the fact that what we have now is all there ever will be.

It's not enough to just research the modules, they must be purchased as well.

The solution to this issue is described here.


Olga suiciding 7 times in a vette while gnamesh is healing in the other team does indeed make a huge difference. I personally would enjoy matches without bots a ton more. Make DN 5v5 or 6v6 or one bot per team only 7v7, or just delete bots.

Well written! A few months back I wrote a post about this very issue. I won't repeat it here but want to chime in on it with just an image that I think shows off the whole 'having bots in your team is worse than being outnumbered' situation:


My statement that Corvettes are overpowered may have been a little too general. What I meant was that there are certain builds/modules that are way too OP.

Assault Blink Warp is of course the most egregious one, but only the tip of the iceberg.

Target Warp has a range of 16.000 meaning that you can target warp any target from any place on any map (In Onslaught an enemy Corvette can reach the own command ship long before most of the own ships. Just for comparison: The Target Warp range of Dreadnoughts is 5.000.).

Disrupture Pulse is an AoE module disabeling all targets within its range as opposed to Arties and Destroyers which can disable only 3 and 1 targets at a time respectively.

There are probably a few more but I guess you get the idea...