SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-279494) said:

Yeah, after a few matches in a row i didnt get rewards i stopped playing for the whole weekend. so much for the credit boost...

Actually you didn't miss out on very much. This time around the credits boost was let's say underwhelming. I earned credits in the range of 16k to 18k which is a mere 30% boost compared to the 150 - 200% during the first event.

So while the first time around the boost was maybe a bit too generous (as DN_Space_Ghost put it on Discord) this time it was defenitely to stingy.

But don't get me wrong. Even if it was not as rewarding as the first time it was a welcome addition to the game all the same. And let's not forget about the additions to the market place. The new coating (Limerick) in particular looks terrific. I put it on all of my ships.

Note to the devs: Keep the good stuff coming!

This is probably a PS4 exclusive issue. I'm on PC and to me it seems as if the hangar is now lighter than before. They even added (a somewhat awkward looking) spot light on the right hand side replacing one of the steam clouds.

Aside from the fact that the credit boost discussion is completely off-topic here it's almost impressive how even positive things (which we didn't have too much of lately, mind you) are being talked down.

Granted, it may not be the 'Reaper Of Souls' - moment that turns the tide. But instead of nitpicking and being salty why don't you just appreciate the attempt to give the community an incentive to play?

Shame on you!

After almost 4 months of radio silence we finally got a sign of life which is incredible news in my eyes. Perhaps this game isn't as dead as we thought it to be!

I have currently about 3.5 Million credits so this event is not exactly a game changer for me personally but the fact that there is something to motivate people to play is a very welcome change all the same!

I hope that this is just the beginning, that there is more to come. Remember the community events that granted decals or the Twitch drops? Anything like that would go a long way to foster player engagement.

Of course what the game really needs to thrive are a revised tier system, new maps, new ships and new game modes. But to expect that probably would be too much to ask for given the current player count. However, even little additions to the game just like the credit boost are the right answer to players who already sang the game's swan song, myself included .

I'm sure there will be players who argue that it took them too long to tend to the obvious issue of depleted credit accounts due to the high Legendary Battle Bonus costs but honestly, what's the point? We have it now and that's what matters.

The credit boost event may not be enough to save the game but at least it's something and that's very good news ...

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Conquest isnt availsble on ps4 :/

What the actual f&%k?! One can't help but wonder if this is meant to make good for the lack of Havoc Mode and Team Elimination on PC (sarcasm incoming!).

All that talking about parity between the two platforms (which was the main rationale for implementing the new hangar mind you) actually was nothing more than pointless gibberish from the devs. Just wow!

slab_of_bacon#9340 posted (#post-279343) said:

To be fair, Kyle was the PR guy, so maybe we're experiencing a transitional phase.

We are indeed. What we see here is the transition from active development to life support.

I fully agree, gameplay is in a really good place right now. There are still squads that dominate but they are few and far between and usually comprised of not more than 2 players. So most of the time it's just Randoms battling it out (and much to my dismay too many bots but that's a different discussion entirely) which makes for more balanced matches.

Unfortunately all of this is a direct result of the dwindling playerbase. Most clans have stopped playing Dreadnought, Twitch coverage is nonexistend anymore, player numbers are abysmally low and even SixFoot seems to have given up on the game.

The game is so much fun and I enjoy playing it a lot. I still have a little more than 200 days of Elite Status and I fully intend to make use of it. But will the servers be operational long enough to do so? Sadly I doubt that.

When Onslaught feels like Proving Grounds...


The only silver lining so far is that these kinds of matches currently only occur in Veteran fleet, at least for me. But I'm afraid that this is just temporarely. So Legendary Fleet: Brace yourself...

I do not understand the silence, but there are definitively more things coming. They are working on a new Map featuring a big Scrapyard, new cosmetics and much more.

Unfortunately there is absolutely no evidence to support this statement. The things he's refering to were showcased or hinted at during the official release stream back in October '18. In February '19 6ft went completely radio silent:

  • their streams cancelled,

  • no more Twitter updates aside from updates about server issues,

  • no additions to the market place.

To believe that there is still development going on is nothing more than wishful thinking.

To me... going back to 5v5 is a step backwards and ruins my game experience.

Of course a full 8v8 match of only human players is the best option. But look at the score board of a match I had on Tuesday and tell me in all honesty that these kinds of matches don't ruin your game experience!


And to clearify one thing: I never called for 5v5 as the new default team size. Instead I suggested that 5 players should be the minimum to get a match popping which is an important distinction. As the graphic shows bots don't serve any meaningful purpose in this game anyway, instead they're useless filler at best or mindless cannon fodder at worst.