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To be fair, Kyle was the PR guy, so maybe we're experiencing a transitional phase.

We are indeed. What we see here is the transition from active development to life support.

I fully agree, gameplay is in a really good place right now. There are still squads that dominate but they are few and far between and usually comprised of not more than 2 players. So most of the time it's just Randoms battling it out (and much to my dismay too many bots but that's a different discussion entirely) which makes for more balanced matches.

Unfortunately all of this is a direct result of the dwindling playerbase. Most clans have stopped playing Dreadnought, Twitch coverage is nonexistend anymore, player numbers are abysmally low and even SixFoot seems to have given up on the game.

The game is so much fun and I enjoy playing it a lot. I still have a little more than 200 days of Elite Status and I fully intend to make use of it. But will the servers be operational long enough to do so? Sadly I doubt that.

When Onslaught feels like Proving Grounds...


The only silver lining so far is that these kinds of matches currently only occur in Veteran fleet, at least for me. But I'm afraid that this is just temporarely. So Legendary Fleet: Brace yourself...

I do not understand the silence, but there are definitively more things coming. They are working on a new Map featuring a big Scrapyard, new cosmetics and much more.

Unfortunately there is absolutely no evidence to support this statement. The things he's refering to were showcased or hinted at during the official release stream back in October '18. In February '19 6ft went completely radio silent:

  • their streams cancelled,

  • no more Twitter updates aside from updates about server issues,

  • no additions to the market place.

To believe that there is still development going on is nothing more than wishful thinking.

To me... going back to 5v5 is a step backwards and ruins my game experience.

Of course a full 8v8 match of only human players is the best option. But look at the score board of a match I had on Tuesday and tell me in all honesty that these kinds of matches don't ruin your game experience!


And to clearify one thing: I never called for 5v5 as the new default team size. Instead I suggested that 5 players should be the minimum to get a match popping which is an important distinction. As the graphic shows bots don't serve any meaningful purpose in this game anyway, instead they're useless filler at best or mindless cannon fodder at worst.

removing bots altogether? then how many people wopuld we need to get a Q to pop? If one team has 5 ships and the other has 6, if one team has a bad ship comp one team will get eaten alive, you could also sneek aroound a lot easier with less ships per match and no bots.

Easy: 5. I don't see why this would be a problem. The PS4 version had its fleet size limited to 5 ships for years and apparently that worked as well.

if anything, Bot AI needs to be made better so they are no a liability to your team.

Let's face it, the devs have ceased any work on the game. I imagine increasing the competency of the AI would require a lot of development time and resources. But even if they would still work on the game. If recent events have tought us anything, then that SixFoot is the incarnation of incompetency. Want an example? Here we go:

  • no roadmap at all (until the alledged end of development when they went radio silent in the middle of February which means 4 months after Steam release),

  • no additional content that was promised in May '18 (Havoc Mode, Custom matches)

  • no additional content that was promised right after Steam release (new PvP-focused game mode)

  • a bug, that prevented the icons of the market place items to be displayed lingered on for 4 weeks

  • the sound bug where the sound got distorded during the heat of the battle was never truely fixed, instead their solution was to mute all sounds for the duration of the distortion creating an awkward silence while everything around you explodes

  • baffling balance changes (looking at you AmorAmp for Corvettes)

  • changes to game mechanics the community didn't ask for (Rupture replacing Purge)

  • changes to game mechanics that were meant to lure players into spending real world money by increasing the already enormous amount of grind (increasing the cost for Battle Bonus in Legendary fleet)

  • and worst of all: they completely ignored player feedback leading to game updates that did not target the most pressing issues the players had with the game leading to the mass exodus of players

All of this shows that SixFoot either never played their own game (Kyle and Shawn certainly never did, otherwise they would not have sucked in their live streams so hard) or they do not understand basic principles of game design. Long story short: I believe that SixFoot would be overchallenged with the creation of a more capable AI.

Last weekend I played TDM on Veteran fleet and the opposing team had 5 bots in their ranks while my team had 6. No, this is not a typo! We actually had six bots in TDM in our team.

This wouldn't be much as much of a problem if the AI were at least decently capable but unfortunately the AI is dumb as f..k. These bots always charge the enemy straight ahead with no chance for you to make them hold position, fall back or do simple things like taking cover. As such all these bots do is to feed the opposing team while you can only helplessly watch them go down. This leads to the situation that the team with more bots in their ranks is almost certainly on the receiving end of the match regardless of skill.

This issue was barely noticable when having a bot in your team was the exception rather then the rule. But with player numbers dwindling the issue becomes more and more pronounced until finally you feel like you play Proving Grounds instead of TDM.

I'd rather play 5 vs. 6 than having 2 or 3 bots in my team which do nothing but making my game experience worse.

Daß die Entwickler die Weiterentwicklung des Spiels allem Anschein nach eingestellt haben, ist angesichts der Spielerzahlen durchaus verständlich.

Daß aber seit der Servermigration das Spiel gefühlt 50% der Zeit wegen technischer Probleme (Login, Lag) nicht mehr spielbar ist, ist für mich nicht nachzuvollziehen. Eigentlich sollte es doch in SixFoots Interesse sein, die paar Spieler, die noch aktiv spielen, zu halten oder wenigstens seinem Ruf nicht noch weiter zu schaden.

Im Moment geben sie aber nur das Bild eines Studios ab, daß nicht weiß, was es tut.

(Anmerkung: Eine frühere Variante dieses Posts war zu emotional und daher unsachlich.)

Since the last Twitch stream on 6th of February we've got nothing but radio silence from you (server updates don't count).

I think it is hight time to tell the community what's going on. 6 weeks without any beep from the CM's is absolutely unacceptable. I guess the writing is on the wall and the concurrent players number on Steam Charts speaks volume but nonetheless be transparent and tell us what we all assume anyway: Is Dreadnought still in development?

Fostering the community is as important as developing the game and frankly speaking you sucked at both. But after months of critical feedback the game is finally in a really good spot. The bonus XP helps lessen the grind, the balance is the best it's ever been and the gameplay is excellent.

This could be the foundation for the resurrection of the game. To play dead like you currently do only shows that you gave up on the game. But if so why should we as the players care anylonger?

If you want the game to live on you need to start talking to us again and more importantly add new features to the game ASAP. No more 'this may be added at a later date', 'this is not on our immediate to-do list' or 'this is not a definite NO but we don't have any plans at the moment'.

Stop optimizing maps and add real content. Add Havoc and custom games to PC now. Give us a road map of things to come now, even if there is no exact release date. Just show us that you still care.

If not you might as well have skipped the server migration and just turned the power off instead.

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Yes, the sounds since Steam launch have been a huge joke and whoever developed them should have been fired a long time ago.

He probably was right after Steam launch. That's the only plausible explanation as to why the sound is still buggy or why these changes never got reverted despite all the complaints of the community.