While we are at it, we could even allow for beam weapons to punch through the planet to the otherside... or tac nukes to ripple accross the planet kicking up frost and particles as a kind of smoke screen. lol

Here is an idea...

If anyone has played home world 2 you will remember the mothership could reproduce ships up to a destroyer. (I'm sure you have mentioned mobile spawn point so that's not my point)

You could have an ability where the carrier IS the fleet or support craft. Not only do you launch attack craft, but your ultimate, if you will, could break the ships into 4 or five cruiser type ships that could attack on multiple fronts. (the 3 or 4 ships the player is not controling would be ai driven, and the player could switch controls back and forth between all of them by changing the view.

This ship I'm sure has been mentioned as a command ship for stratification rolls, but wouldn't it be awesome to have the only ship with a bridge view.

And let's not forget a boring party. Special forces would board the ship and depending on the level would determine how much crippling dmg would be inflicted.

Local emp effect would be nice. hit a ship with a missile and the closest turret goes dead. This would be well Balaced for any emp attacks. It would dedicate one or two ships to focusing emp attacks to cripple the ship while the bigger guns take it out. (Driving players to communicate rather than run and gun)