I actually appreciate and respect the Dev team, that literally says, Hey, we still have more bugs then we deem acceptible for launching out of beta. I'm excited for what I've dealt with since I picked up the game on PS4, and as soon as I discoved the PC had it, I immediately went to PC. Everything is simply much smoother for me as a PC gamer .

Anyways, Dev team, I appreciate the work you all have put in to make the game enjoyable, and madding at the same time Please continue to do well, and lets make this great! Also (IMO) I hate conquest but yea lol

Really? Interesting, I must've been really stupid then lol, cause when I looked it up for PC I didnt find it smile Anyways, good deal! Also, MiguelltUp, I'm looking forward to it!

All I can say, is I'm glad this game made it's way to the PC. I've played this on the playstation 4, and was impressed, but disliked the control scheme. On the PC, the controls are awesome! As a matter of fact, I've won more games from the start since I started on PC, then I have on PS4. When I have time off from my real world job, I'll be working on typing a review, and then also getting a video review as well. Please, please continue to improve this game, and you might have me for life smile

So, to the other in our community, what do you think of her? If you are new here, what made you choose this game? Lets start a conversation smile