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Ever thought about an often suggested checkbox queue system, where people simply could mark those modes they want? Those who want all modes, mark all, those wo don´t like TE, just uncheck TE, or whichever mode they dislike.
Just to see, if that makes a difference, before you erase it permanently.

^^This, with queue times being pretty awful at times, it's not a stretch to imagine that someone wanting a fast queue will pick the option that gets them into battle faster, even if they like TE. The checkbox queue would solve that problem. I for one miss TE, quite a bit actually, and wish it would come back in some form.

Thanks for the updates, it's nice to actually be kept in the loop on server status. I think the launcher had the incorrect date of the 26th though, threw me off when I tried to log in and the server was down.

It would be nice to have tooltips for them....A lot of the ones I have aren't posted in the list above.

Having an issue with mine, where when I complete a contract it resets my timers, not completely though, seems to reset to the time remaining when I logged in or something.

I agree that this is an issue, it sucks getting disconnected and just losing 900 credits just like that. Or sometimes the game freezed on the loading screen and I have to close and restart the game...bam another 900 credits. Makes it that much harder when you are trying to save up for a ship.

And as someone else had mentioned, getting shoehorned into an elimination match, halway into the 2nd round after the team already got trounced once, as a FIGHTER and then losing 900 credits, is a real slap in the face. Hard to refrain from vulgarity recalling that match.

When a win only makes me twice what I lose from a loss, it's REALLY hard to save up for a ship. Or when the game freezes on load screen 3x in a row...that's 2 matches to recover from that...and that's if they're both wins....3 if one of those 2 is a loss....

Another thing to consider here, is the top 3 waiver. It should be top 3 on your team. Think about it, if you are good, and the rest of your team is terrible, or this can go for ship tiers too, it doesn't matter how good you are if the other team is way better than yours, bc you are MASSIVELY outnumbered, and no matter how good you do, you probably won't be in the top 3 without the support of a good team. Ie. when I am playing elimination and half my team wanders off on naturewalks and gets picked off bc they are clueless, and then only half the team is left, how am I supposed to come in top 3 overall?

Ditto, some of the career achievements are not working....I've probably done over a million damage with my destroyers....and it shows 0 for the wreak destruction, spread the dread not tracking either, or vigilant vessel, which I should also have a ton of....Privateer life not tracking as well, etc.