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Not that i'm too experienced (I have played only T2 Light Artillery), but wouldn't Siege Mode be better on this ship than Bomb Catapult?

I have played Ballista and Tugarin with Siege too, but they have a long delay between shots, making it hard to land them all, while the Furia seems to be able to fire them all in a fraction of a second, giving it a substantial burst potential

Thanks a lot gentlemen

Well in my humble opinion, Veteran Fleet matchmaking is too broad, I would suggest splitting the Veteran bracket in two: one for ships T2-T3, the other for T3-T4 ships

While playing the pc version on a laptop I always place a bag of cooling gel from the fridge under it, the thing still gets pretty hot.

Probably not an adequate laptop.

Thank you

Missile lock.

Sometimes I'm just flying casually, and some smartass crewman says "Sir, we got a weapons lock!"

And there's no ship to be seen, nothing in my sights, nothing in the radar. But if i let them loose, they don't seem to be hitting anything. Are they stopped by terrain or countermeasures, or did they just fly into empty space? I don't know

So my question would be: How is missile lock achieved? Do I have to be aiming at a ship, or does it just lock on the first thing that comes into range, even if it's cloaked or behind terrain?

Thanks for reading

Addditional question: Is shooting at incoming missiles with primary/secondary weapon any good?