So far I've enjoyed the core gameplay, and most of my friends have, but those same friends and I agree that the menus in the hangar are pretty terrible. So i'm going to dump a truckload of suggestions for improvements and may add to it over time.

  1. Add an X or other close button to all pop up menus. Also allow the use of the ESC key to close the menus one at a time. Some have the X's, some don't. The big ones are career progression, friend list, and the tech trees.

  2. Make the ship overview come up first when using the tech tree. When you hover over a ship in the main tech tree you see some basic stats like health, range, and optimal dps. When you click you get to see alllll the modules you can unlock. what you don't get to see is when you click on a ship in a reasearch window for a ship you already own, displaying the flavortext, stats, viewing the ship itself, and with an option to open it's tech tree.
    2a. Also there should be the option to view the modules so you can check the stats of the main weapon. you can't check that from the research tree, only the secondaries. It would also be nice if the option to view the flavortext from this screen was added.

  3. Lets us skip the research and unlock animation. You know, the one where it drops a big blue box on your screen, assembles a little blue box and then out pops the module or ship you researched. When you research multiple things it's be nice to click again to dismiss it quickly as you already know what you bought instead fo waiting for a minute on your friend who is researching 5 tier 1 modules.

  4. Put a warning on the appearance tab that purchased items will only apply to the selected ship subtype, and display what ship subtypes are. i can't for the life of me figure out where your guys list what a "medium destroyer" is, or if anythign besides a medium destroyer is in that class.And if you're feelign really benevolent, add the option to display a higher price to buy it for all vehicles

More will probably come later, but these are some of the big ones
also i can't figure out how to get images or links to work on these accursed forums, so you'll have to copy paste those imgur links

Edit: 5. add a convenient way to view your previous match stats so you don't have to stay in a queue while deciphering the xp spread among your fleet.

+1 to op, I keep trying to reverse like world of warships and facing the wrong way.

I second the coating collections always being available. If you can currently buy a single coating you should be shown an option to buy it for the one class and size and an option to buy for all ships. Could also use a nice royal blue coating of some kind instead of the really light pastel colors currently available.

A dragon decal and the option to buy a decal for all ships as well wouldn't go amiss.

Very new player so don't know what coatings have been sold in the past.