Tl;dr which is objectively the superior deadnought at each tier for helping secure team wins

I'm brand new to PS4 and brand new to dreadnought, I played 100's of hours of World of tanks and world of warships where I mained artillery and carriers respectively.

In this game I want to play differently and as I'm a huge battleship navy fanboy (after aircraft carriers) I want to try my hand at the dreadnought class. VLC

Which dreadnoughts do you hope to see on your team when a game starts and for what reason? Tanking ability, rarity, cool factor etc? Happy Wheels

I'd assume it's the same but is there any you hope not to see on the enemy side? CCleaner

I was looking at Jupiter ships as they appear to be tankier although the akulas seem to be middle ground between the oberons lighter but faster/more powerful weapons.