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Purge in the hands of a compentant player was a death centance for any ship with out healer back up, as it left them with no energy, movement or modules.

I agree,

Which is why I'm suggesting only Purge beam it for a Tactical - that ship has to give up easy mode Arty Pods and can die pretty quickly if not careful when using it.

Dreads with 80% damage reduction + Retaliator + Slow and Steady + healer is a little crazy ( I like it, but it is crazy )

(PS4) Hello,

Sorry was not sure if this is the best place to post info/questions about this.

There is a post on the Discord app that says there will be a hotfix to address some of the critical feedback.

No details are provided as to what this means exactly

I would like to ask that if any Dev does read through this to perhaps consider bringing back at least Purge Beam for Tactical Cruisers.

Purge Beam can be strong but it also had a significant weakness when used on a Tactical, so you really had to pick your spots when to use it.

The Dreadnought Armor Amp change ( imo ) was a great change but they now almost seem cartoonishly strong. I would describe them as toothless endless damage sponges.

Purge is not a death sentence. It is an important tactical tool in a very tactical game

Probably the strongest component of Purge is that is also drains energy and slows the purged ship.

If it is possible, I would like to suggest bringing Purge back but only allow it to disrupt modules. ( So no energy drain or slowing of movement )

At this time I do not think Rupture is working and it is simply not as compelling as the Purge mechanic

I mean even the name "Purge" is way cooler than "Rupture"

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It's baffling me how these changes got past QA as not only are Corvettes totally overpowered in the current meta

I know I sound like a d1nk when I say this but they do not have QA

Think about it, they simply took the Tier III Armor amp for the Dreadnought and Copy / Pasted it for all Dreadnought Tiers and just added that same module to Corvettes. It was already there available for the Internal 4th slot. They just made it available for Corvettes too.

They say they "renamed" it for Corvettes. Rename = Copy + Paste. Then they simply disabled Kinetic Armor Amp on their game engine.

My guess is that Rupture was an idea that was shelved because Purge was just a better module.

Excellent points

I agree with all points as well

As a PS4 player I did not see Purge Ram being used very much. Plasma Ram was of course the most used - and this was typically used as a sacrifice or trade attack.

A 20% armor boost may have made the original Purge Ram viable ( low damage but at the cost of disabling)

I would suggest bringing back the standard Purge Ram but add the 20% damage reduction bonus when it is activated.

I have never seen or used Blast Ram in action and this type of bonus could make that module viable as well.

Just thinking of the possibility of disabling a ship and then the next goal possibly being for the Ram ship to escape sounds quite interesting.

Nothing to add about the Corvette notes. Again just an excellent job of breaking everything down, Thank you

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cant remember did armor amp exist on vette originally? but this does sound really bad. Their agility and small size alone is enough of a strength for their class and i loved that but giving them basically a dread module is now overkill ugh.

Hi Shock,

They had "Kinetic Armor Amp" as a Primary Module and was ( I think ) 30% dmg reduction and few perks if they took damage when it was active. - Not a bad module especially on the Akula Vet.

I just recently played against a Oberon Mithras using this "new" Armor amp ( 80% dmg reduction active for 15 seconds ) and it was real tough.

Even before this it was possible for a Corvette to park next to you and take you down. Now a Corvette can park, make some phone calls, order a pizza, and then Disrupt, Torpedo, ABW.

The only reliable counter is another vet with Distrupt ( and stop with the "but Tartarus and Distrupt Missle or Rupture Beam " on a Corvette )

Edited ( appologies, misread patch notes )

"Patch notes: Kinetic Armor Amp (Corvette): Renamed to 'Armor Amp' and functions identically to the Dreadnought's version of this module. Moved from the Primary Slot to the Internal Slot. "

I agree. The Corvette has 0% damage reduction on shields and they now add a module that can mitigate further damage to almost nothing? THAT IS CRAZY TALK

When used by experienced pilots, yes Stasis Ammo can be very strong.

I disagree that it is OP as it has it's draw backs.

I find that sometimes changing strategies can greatly limit the effect of this module.

If playing a destroyer - try Disrupt Missile or bait them into activating their module while diving for cover.

I do have a build that uses Stasis Ammo but I don't really like using it because I have to somewhat wait and react. I sacrifice mobility and I have to plan and play accordingly.

I find it's a good deterent to Vettes but it is not a death sentence. If they have good positioning they can quickly get out of range with Afterburn, Blink or ABWarp, further helped with Desperate measures/Retaliator

This topic has been brought up many many times before and falls on deaf ears for PS4 players

RETALIATOR is the key officer briefing for keeping the player Scramble locked.

This is a lose lose for the person that is attacked. - You attack the scrambling Vette and reduce their cooldown. You are basically helping them hit you with Scrambler again

The attacking Vette can also be hit by their own mines. I have not tested this but I assume this also activates Retaliator and reduces the cooldown.

The Build is simply ABW or Thrust Amp, Scram Mines V, Blast or Distrupt pulse, Afterburner.
OB: Retaliator/Mod Boost/ Nav Expert/ Reinforced or the std. 6.5% dmg reduce OB

Stasis ammo + Torps can help. This is a good deterent but if the Vette has a good angle they can Afterburn to you and still stunlock you or if not, they can simply afterburn away.

A little background on Mathias, the dude can compete with and kill anyone. He is very experienced and not at all easy to kill.

He is just again pointing out the EASY TO DO MATH that shows the Scram Mine V cooldown ( 8 seconds ) is less than the Scram duration ( 10 seconds ). Add a second Vette in the mix and this combo gets very easy kills

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If the Steam launch is going to be your do-or-die last ditch effort but you are hemorrhaging money and have less staff then why are you trying to implement a new UI and add more to the game?

Although the product was just fine as it was ( for us players ), releasing it as-is may not have been possible.

A new UI and other changes may have been required by Valve to comply with the Steam launch.

I am suggesting something may not have been compatible and needed to be re-worked for the Steam launch to work.

This would make the most sense as to why the new UI is not on par with the previous version. ( less staff and available capitol for creation, testing, and quality control )


Increasing/decreasing HP may not help. The best Corvette pilots are very difficult to kill.
A Dreadnought is probably the most susceptible to "Distruptor" attacks

Try getting and equipping these Officer Briefings:

The Officer Briefing "Reinforced" - This increases your HP by 25% but increases module cooldown

The Officer Briefing "Slow and Steady" + 10% defense but decreases movement by 10%

The Officer Briefing "Retaliator" - reduces module cooldown 15 secs when shields take damage.

The Tier IV Dreadnought has the module "Endurance Mode" This doubles your HP for about a minute.

Also VERY IMPORTANT: Never purchase the Tier IV Armor Amplifier. Only use the Tier III Armor amp on a Tier IV ship. ( On Tier V purchase the Tier V armor amp )

In general I do tend to agree with you about Dreadnoughts vs Corvettes but there are some very good ways to deal with them.