Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-225514) said:

Evasive Maneuver V has been fixed for a while now! However, I think it still could use around a 10-20% buff to more greatly differentiate it from Evasive Maneuver IV.


I do not think this is the case with PS4 players. I recently overheard a player on in game chat saying there was still a problem with it. ( They had just purchased it. )

I will never purchase this module so I can not test it.
( It has always had problems and there is no justification for the exp and credits vs other more useful and working mods )

This is a non-issue if they simply allowed the player to use whatever lower tier modules they want on their build.

( Problem with Tier V mod? - "No problem guys just please use the tier IV version until we get it fixed" )

Vascilios#9709 posted (#post-225166) said:

Not to mention the fact that I am here to play a game, not stare at a fuzzy screen. If I wanted that, I got a busted TV in the basement that I can plug in.

^^^ This is the ONLY reason I lbitch and complain about Scrambler as much as I do.

I hate it and whine about removing it, but it really should be re-worked.

There is a point in the Scrambler effect when the fuzzy part starts wearing off but the screen is still hazy ( it looks kinda like when your're really drunk - Ships and objects look like hazy/fuzzy blobs ) I think this should be the effect the whole time. It is still difficult to see but it doesn't remove the game or gameplay from the player.

THE REAL PROBLEM: The gameplay for Recruit is COMPLETELY different than Veteran. A player that just wants to play casually and fly around in the middle of the map and approach a group directly is going to have a very very bad day in Veteran. Yes Tier III is underpowered compared to T4 but I also see A LOT of "these" players walk their ships right into a lions den.

Another ( unavoidable ) problem is that this game asks you to play competitively but then also wants you to work on ships and grind out points so you can unlock stuff. The players that need to do this are going to die a lot. - A Tier IV example of this is using a brand new unlocked Kochei. Good luck with those stock modules

Why remove squads? That makes no sense to me. What they should do is make getting into a squad much easier. They should allow players to just "tag along" and group with other players and if those players don't like you allow them to vote or "kick" you out.

I mostly "lone wolf" and I generally don't like squadding because I have to become friends and talk and say "hi" and all this uncomfortable social stuff. - I'm not playing stupid spaceship game to be social ok?

In my experience the MM does appear to set squads or group higher level players against lower level tiers. I think it does try to separate lone wolf players accordingly but overall it is poorly executed. The problem may be mitigated by making it easier to squad up.

To BB's point, I do not mind the current not at all perfect system. I know how to play. I know how to compliment other players and play a role. I usually do very well despite how one-sided a match may be or look.

Again I play on PS4 so meow that into consideration

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Play the game to have fun. What I do is look at the modules I "want" and get them first. I get them, then I just play for fun till I unlock the next ship, then add in a new one to my fleet, and carry on.

This is completely 100% correct and I was going to say that there really are only a few "good" modules that you should unlock first and use on any ship. Part of fun for me is using these modules successfully.

I think it's kinda funny that I like this game so much that I'm also dreaming up different ship ideas and modules. I've got a neat idea for a "Carrier" type ship...but your're probably not really gonna like it......

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Disrupt + drain and the healball is no more.

Agreed on artie pods. Those things are ridiculous, it's like having two personal impossible to hit Murometzs riding shotgun with you.

Yes Disrupt is really the only true counter but the catch 22 is getting yourself and/or other players in a position to actually hit the Tac with Disrupt while getting pounded with that sometimes too accurate AI Artillery aim is a completely different story. Drain is also very helpful but I can easily counter this with Armored Lockdown/Auto repair/Emergency Evac if I am not disrupted - and EVEN IF I AM DISRUPTED, Desperate Measures comes to my rescue.

But please do not misunderstand or over-react to the issue. The PODS are the problem here. All that is needed is for their hitbox to be increased and/or give them some kind of hit detection ( so maybe all a ship needs to do is touch it to destroy it ) Right now you need pin point accuracy to shoot a POD down and while this is great if you're the Tac player it is overall not great ( I think ) from a gameplay perspective.

BTW I play on PS4 so the experience may be different than the 7 vs 7 PC matches ( I am just wondering if this is not as much of an issue in PC play )

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absurd durability with the retaliator+energy generator

You are actually mostly correct about how strong Tacticals are, but I think you and everone else is wrong about this one point. Retaliator is Okay but the players who know what they are doing are using Desperate it's Desperate Measures + Armored Lockdown ( or Energy Generator or Emergency Evac )

  1. No ( I hope I have explained why )

  2. I have thought about this and it is not bad but it will never happen ( for many reasons and I doubt you want to read more paragraphs of eye bleeding text )

  3. Yes, this needs to happen - and I imagine at some point it will because Artillery PODS are over-used. Aside from maybe Purge Beam this is the best main module on a tactical

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-224676) said:

So shall we just remove evertyhing you find annoying?

Sure, and we can start with removing you

What we need is for Scrambler to be removed from the game

Here's my latest example:
I was in Legendary with my Tier V Dread vs Tier V Corvette. This Corvette had Retaliator OB and was able to chain Scramble Mines repeatedly. Mind you I has Flak firing in the general direction and did register hits but this fight was pretty one-sided.

I saw only the Scrambler effect until I died. Good Game I guess :/

Also it may also be worth mentioning that this effect IS STILL BUGGED on PS4. If you get hit with it and then try to put up shields or thrust it will just turn OFF the Energy Wheel.

I have a better idea.

How about removing the absolute dumbest idea in the game?

Remove Scrambler from the game

It is not the "strongest" module but it is certainly the most annoying and will result in people quitting the game.

What in the Godzs is this about?????

I'm not sure if you need a pep talk or a vial of vallium.

Work on yourself. Improve yourself. The correct question that needs an answer is DO YOU LIKE YOURSELF and CAN YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF? You need to be able to confidently answer "YES" to this question.

Also, wouldn't a SJW bigot, antisemitic and xenophobic person be a complete contradiction of themself?