HAhahahaha Thats what you get Server!!!!

Enjoy Disrupt followed by Scrambler mines followed by Confusion and Boredom


Awwww don't like the dumbest idea in the game????


Here have some more boredom aka Scrambler Mines!!!!!! YOU ARE SOOOOOO SCRAMBLEDDDDDddddd and can't see nuthin!!!! Now cry for meeeeeee

Awwww c'mon don't rage quit mr server, come back I want to pad my kdr with your tears HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA


I used to feel that Vindictas were practically OP rage quit machines but the key is as BB stated . You have to be aware of them and be almost hyper aggressive.

There is NO counter to being Scrambled ( no matter what anyone tells you )

Listen for that signature sound of their main guns as that can be a real tip off.

If you are in a tac and want to kill it ( I did this yesterday with a Harwich ), I had Tesla pod, repair pod, blast pulse, and auto repair.
Keep your distance and keep pressure with your main beam. play possum and bait him then snare a really fun trap with your tesla pods, followed by switching to your secondary Tesla beam and release your repair pod and try to get your auto repair going at the last second so you can hopefully stay alive.

It was a very rewarding kill for sure

What I don't understand is your salty, toxic attitude. If this is really as bad a choice as you claim, then you need say nothing and reap whatever benefits you might for someone fitting a corvette in this way. If it's such a bad suggestion, why are you so angry? You insinuated that PS4 players are going to have an easy time fighting against PC players, because of this type of fit. I would think that would make you really happy, not so salty and toxic.

When people post as you have, it adds very little or absolutely nothing to the conversation. It does not help the community and causes people to react in a toxic way.
If someone is using a TAC ship, do you honestly think if they have read this post and remember you, and are playing on a PC, that they are going to bother to heal you?

I for one am excited about the server merge, not because I am hostile towards PS4 players, I might end up switching to PS4 myself if it allows me some advantage. I am looking forwards to having more active players, the possibility that we have enough pilots online at any time that the matching system can be fixed. I certainly do not hold any anger or negative feelings about PS4 players.

Ok ok ok, I was kinda mean and jerky.....but....


That module is made completely irrelevant by afterburner ( which the Corvette who waxed the OP was probably equipped with )


WHEN YOU SUGGEST SCRUBBER MODULE I draw the conclusion that you are INSULTING THE OP because SCRUBBER MODULE is NONSENSE ( and it also kinda sorta makes me feel like you guys haven't experienced the aformentioned UNSTOPPABLE attack )

WHICH BRINGS US TO - you certainly will at the merger.

The game ( last I checked ) is called DREADNOUGHT - not Corvette nought or Corv Dis Scramble nought. - Don't get me wrong, I love the Corvettes but if you do not have the courage to stand up and point out when something is obviously game breaking ( and F'ing rage quit frustratng it is to even just be hit with scrambler ) then YOU are not contributing to this game's success.

I WANT BALANCE OVER ALL ELSE - if I die I should feel like I made a mistake NOT "oh well, that guy's using that cheap OP combo"

& I guarantee you will lose new players simply because of Scrambler pulse - but you know when I bring that sort of thing up I get you uppity PC players teling me to calm down and that Scrambler's not that strong and you can still see when hit with it and other nonsense.



  • IF THE DEVELEPORS HAD HALF A BRAIN - they would actually encourage and bolster a PC vs PS4 rivalry. This is a competitive game and this type of thing would help this game tremendously.

Do I have to respond to the theoretical Tac Cruiser who may or may not heal me because I'm a salty, bitter, ragey player that wants to win and also keep his/her buttt alive? I could really care less if they are healing me as long as they are healing somebody and contributing.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221461) said:

Scrubber module on the corvet will remove the debuff. Just don't fly into another mine.

I'm sorry dude but this reply completely piisses me off.

Scrubber Module?


The dude's getting KILLED by a Corvette

If you are using a Corvette and you are losing because you are getting Scrambled then you should immedietly stop using a Corvette because you are literally the worst Corvette player EVERRrrrrrrr.

Literally every other module in the 4th bracket is better. ( Afterburner and auto-repair get you out of a lot of bad situations )

Have you even asked the question as to why the Corvette - THE SHIP THAT NEEDS A SCRUBBER MODULE THE LEAST - is the only ship that has it? Well the answer is because the orginal name for this game was Corvette-nought

My goodness us PS4 players are going to eat you PC people alive after the merger


Yes it can be chained and it is a completely game breaking tactic when used with the combination of disruptor and another 1 or 2 ships.

I made a thread about this:

The only decent advice I've ever received is to equip the Desperate Measures OB - but this module won't really save you and you will be dead before you can counter attack.

You have to just be ready and hope you see them coming and hit first. Remember, Distruptor turns your modules OFF. That + Scrambler mines ( which shoot outward from the corvette - meaning they can stay OUT of your flak range ) = the most ridiculous OP combo in this game.

Yes, this was happening to me last evening.

I am trying to log in now and it can't conect to server. Could be maintenance/patchwork

( Edit )
Nevermind just got in....

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-220675) said:

Thank you for the reply

I generally can handle corvettes. 1 on 1 are really not a problem for me. Obviously it depends on the Corvette players skill level and tier but I can down corvettes with most of the ships I use. ( Well I am actually still pretty bad with Corvette vs Corvette )

The particulatr match I am referencing was vs 3 Tier V corvettes ( & I think a dread and Destroyer ) and I am now kind of wondering ( based on your reply ) that maybe there is a bug because it was your typical Vette attack run - ( where they stall just out of range of your flaks and hit you with distrupt before finishing with Assault blink or torpedos) except you'd get scrambled and see in the kill feed that there was damage cause by scrambler mines. I am pretty certain I did not hit mines. We were in a group ( A mix of T4 and T5 Destroyers, healer, 1 Dread I think)

It is possible there was one of them dropping them on us but I think for the most part they would drop them when they stopped and the mines would activate do to proximity ( which is what I assumed happened )

Also I just want to add that these were great players we were up against ( One of them easily in the top 5 or so for PS4 ) so I hope I'm not coming across like we would have won had they not used this tactic. It was going to be rough and probably a stomp regardless but they way the match played out it was just a non-competitive waste of time.

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-220670) said:

It shouldn't even affect dreads or tacs, it'd just be annoying. For the rest, you can still see decently enough anyways and use your sense of location before you got scrambled.

^^^ What are you even talking about here? Oh this is you telling me to "git good" ( I gets feelings that LYB-Footjob does not play the game )

I'm not sure why you think anything used in tandem shouldn't be that effective.

Tandem tactics should obviously work/be effective. I'm saying since you can completly wipe another team out with next to zero counterplay with THIS TACTIC that it may be a problem.

It doesn't even truly blind you, you can still use your energy and abilities, and it doesn't even really affect 2/5th of the roster (to the extent that it results in death).

^^^ DOES NOT TRULY BLIND YOU??? When hit with SCRAMBLER Pulse??? HAHAHAHAhhaaa. O.K.
So let me explain what happens Footjob. When you ( the player ) get scrambled, your view screen is replaced by dazzling static effect. YOU. CAN. NOT. SEE.
Yes you can still shoot and move and use modules but lets stop pretending these are race cars we're driving here. You should always be moving and shooting and pressing buttons. It's just harder to get shots on target when the screen is replaced by: zzZZZzzZZZZzzz

The last time Footjob commented on Scramble Pulse: "Scramble just makes it harder to see, whoop dey doo. "

Dear Mr. Footjob, Dreadnought is a really cool fun game. It also has other modes called "Onslaught" and "Team Deathmatch" You can stop playing Havoc and Proving Grounds now but you have to watch out because when you stop playing against bots, sometimes the opposing players can use Scrambler on you and you won't be able to see anything except for a scramble effect on the screen for 5-6 seconds. This is all fine and good until you face a team that uses it in tandem and demolishes your whole team. If this happens to you, it just means you have to git good and learn how to aim and dodge. Oh and be aware of your surroundings, maybe use the force and search your feelings as well.


I've been playing this game for a good stretch now ( I'm close to T5, but I can certainly hold my own in legendary matches )

I've recently enountered what I feel is a completely game breaking tactic.

This would be the co-ordinated attack of ships equipped with Scrambler pulse/ Scrambler mines.

You can completely wipe out your oppossing team with this tactic. You have a weapon that blinds players for 6 or ( up to? ) 10 seconds. There is no effective counter. ( well please enighten me, and please have a intelligent response. At least better than " warp away" , or "move" )
- Actually I prefer a reply from any players that have actually encountered this and if/how they countered it.

The last match I had where this was used was hilarious. At the end of the match the losing players joked " Oh there he is..scrambled. Wait go...scrambled. Oh cool game, scrambled."
It is a completely debilitating tactic. And it was quite a boring match if I may add. The winning players actually laughed and wondered why scrambler mines are still in the game.

Some possible solutions to Scrambler Pulse/mines aside from simply removing them ( and please, the game loses nothing by doing this )
Add a timed delay before the effect is activated? ( This would an ok solution but is really a band-aid )
Or a keypad combination that the scrambled pilot needs to input? ( I like this because everything makes sense and there is a sensible way to counter the effect )
Moar suggestions please

I like the idea of this as an area denial weapon or a trap. I think the modules that use it that way or bombers ( because you CAN shoot them down ) are perfectly fine.

And I understand that there are players that may not have experienced this type of attack with the severity that I am describing. I just like this game a lot and would like it remain an enjoyable experience to as many players as possible.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-220028) said:

T4 modules are conpetitive in T5. Some like armor amp are better.

As a struggling T4, I can agree with this statement.

Question for you BB,

As you pointed out, there are some modules like Armor amp that are in some ways "better" in their Tier II or III versions - or at least different enough that you could say might be better for certain play styles.

The problem is that I have read that is you ever upgrade to Tier IV for a particular ship, you lose the earlier version. ( so if you buy Armor amp IV, Armor amp III can no longer be equipped for that ship )

So is it possible to ask the dev team why this is a thing? Why is it not possible to equip Armor amp II on my Tier IV ( or Tier V ) Dreadnought? If equipping Armor amp II is a mistake, then please let me make it.