( Runs at you yelling and screaming ) "Nooooooo." "Doooooon't doooooo itttttt"

Unless you like the way the ship looks cosmetically ( ie: Forecastle/ unique color ) then a hero ship is very difficult to recommend.

You cannot change the fitting on the actualy Hero ship which is obviously ( or most probably ) a disadvantage

Sovereign_Praetor#8062 posted (#post-224441) said:

  1. Stay out of Recruit entirely. Many of us really have no reason to be there and seal-clubbing a bunch of newbies in Dovers is not going to give them a very good first impression of the game. That said, if you have no tier 3 ships left to unlock, then stay out of the Recruit bracket. Let the new players face other less experienced players instead of face-rolling them 100-4 in a TDM.

I don't necessarily agree with "Stay out of Recruit entirely" Firstly, the new new new players "should" be protected - I believe the Devs added a low level skill cap in the MM

It is rare but I will go to Recruit after playing Veteran because Battle Bonus ( If I can't find a Leg match ) or if I need to kill a specific ship for the daily bonus thing ( like Artillery or Tac ) - My only real advantage in Recruit btw is knowledge. This makes Recruit in a lot of ways the most "pure" game mode imo.

Also, if Corvettes are a problem then why not play them as much as possible in Recruit? The Devs fix things based on data not necessarily player complaints. If Corvettes are imbalanced, the only way to truly fix the problem is to prove it ie: stomp newbs with Corvette

For me pesonally I very much hate Scrambler Pulse/Mines and once the game opens on Steam literally every ship I use in Veteran will be equipped with some version of Scrambler. I promise to make sure that every Tier III player I face will have that awful Scramble effect burned into their eyes. New players that graduate to Veteran will quickly regret their decision after they meet me.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-224504) said:
T3 ships are not the problem. T4 ships are not the problem. New players are not the problem, Veteran players are not the problem. MM and player Pool size is the problem.

It is well know that squads kind of brake the MM, as it will pair any squad of any size against each other. So you could have 2 frends who have just got there first T3 go in to veteran and end up against a squad of 4 lvl 50 players. Now add that these new players have very little play time in comparrison to the level 50 players, there for lack game knowledge. This then exaggerate the power gap between T3 and T4.

My point was also proven that T3 ships can hold there own and have comparable scores with T4's, if you know what you are doing. There is another issue also. the fact people do go in to veteran unprepared. They get a T3 go veteran get stompped through no real fault of there own, as the game just lets them. Really there should be a lock on it where you need at the very least 5 T3's unlocked before you can join veteran.

I agree with you then disagree then agree again. It is vicious cycle.....

I may be alone in this but I think the problem is actually Officer Briefings. Some of them (specifically: Desperate Measures and Module Amper ) really screw this game up or at the very least compound the problem. Even the subtle Navigation Expert ( my personal favorite ) is incredibly strong. Do they need to go? Maybe. Nerfing makes them pointless ( Adrenaline shot pffft )

It is kinda weird but I think you are somehow correct that Tier III ships themselves are not the problem. I mean I'd be really curious to see Tier III vs Tier IV WITHOUT OB's enabled. I'm sure it's a similar result but at least the scales aren't all tipped in the Tier IV's favor.

Shaamaan#2419 posted (#post-224479) said:

I really don't understand how this makes any sense... why are T3 ships allowed to take part in combat vs T4s? Just now I was in a battle where two T4s from the enemy team basically did to our team whatever they pleased and wiped the floor with our corpses (metaphorically speaking).

It wasn't fun, it didn't feel fair. HOW is this fair to begin with?

I used to think this mismatch was fine... because T1s are easy to replace with T2s and I spent so much time in Rookie Queue with everyone flying T2s. But the grind to T4 from T3 is very real and feels very pointless. Coupled with the above, it feels like this is the main place where the game will try to squeeze out money from players. That, or get them to leave. Given how much players (myself included) hate the idea of "pay 2 win" this doesn't feel like a good design.

You are 100% Correct. It is NOT fun. It is NOT fair. It is not bad design it is pathetically stupid design.

And here is why: The "Elite Booster" is horrible and is not worth buying. So even if you are correct that this gap is intentional to drive sales ( which I do agree is the reason ) There is no incentive to spend money. The idea is so bad and clumsy and hurtful to the core game that the person responsible for this decision should be fired or barred from making sales decisions. And btw, I am not against the idea at all. The idea is exectuted poorly b/c again the Elite Booster does not in any way lessen the grind.

What they should do is increase the Elite rewards x3 - Doing this immedietly makes Elite WORTH BUYING, I guarantee this would provide a more consistent revenue stream and people that hate the idea can still save their money and grind out to Tier IV ( I did ).

LYB-Willis#7205 posted (#post-224252) said:

Stasis Ammo. Ask Lando, or anyone else... it works.

Does it tho?

So whaddabout when I use Blink and/or Afterburner?

I agree it is a good deterent and can work, certainly catches you off guard but the topic is Covettes SWARMY SWARMS.

Yes in a nice bubble Stasis ammo is very strong, I actually think it is more effective against the slower ships though like other Destroyers, Dreadnoughts, and Tactical Cruisers - stops a much larger easier to hit target

ALSO and off topic but I have a love hate relationship with modules like Statsis Ammo

My main problem with Stasis ammo and most weapons like this is because BORING. It takes up the 4th slot, again BORING.

I'm playing space ship laser missile game AND I WANT TO SEE EXPLOSIONS AND FIRE

I do not want a weak sounding pew...pew...pew to stop a ship and maybe 30% of the time get a kill.

Tier VI

Increased HP by 30 % Speed increase by 2 points. No increase in regular DPS but now you are able to choose exactly what modules you want to equip and also allows you to select the button you want them assigned to.

So I can have Broadsides AND Tartarus Missle on my Dread for example. Or Assault blink, Med Cloak, Kinetic Armor on my Corvette. Muahahaha

...Or you could just have a second set of additional equippable modules to choose from. So 7 or 8 usable modules for this class.


The OP's point is valid and here is why: Recruit mode vs Vet/Legendary. When you go back and play this mode, you will immedietly notice that the game "feels" better. I think this is because this is simply more of a "Pure" game mode. Yes these distruption modules are still in the game but their effects are lessened and also not needed as much because ships like Tacticals and Corvettes are not nearly as strong in the higher tiers ( due mostly because of stronger modules and OB - "Cough" "Cough" Desperate Measures )

Using other games ( WoT ) as a comparison is not helpful.

My problem has always been that the game seems to evolve into a non-sense bleep-show of Modules that do in many ways suck the fun out of the game. Yes there are ways to counter modules but the basic fact is that these modules STOP something or PREVENT something.

  • This essentially disconnects you from the product *

  • In a game like this where getting from point A to B can be slow and difficult I think it is bad idea to then also have more things in the game that make it slower, difficult, and downright throw the controller against the wall frustrating. ( and again to the OP's point, Scrambler for example is still the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a game of this type )

Also, I would like to say that I am not in favor of removing these types of modules. They can and should exist to add flavor - but perhaps at the higher tiers and with OB combinations they become too strong? Or the ships that are most vulnerable to them ( ie: Dreadnoughts ) need a buff or maybe as the OP suggested Warp is Standard on some ships...

Mav_Smileyface#9978 posted (#post-223973) said:

hey guys.. ive heard alot of talk about tier 4 ships smashing tier 3.. now ive just got my T3 destroyer.. do i grind away in rookie to upgrade my T3 to be atleast semi competitive.. or do i take a base level T3 into veteran matches.. and more than likely gst stomped..

Ok, so the key with Tier III ( for me at least ) is to play Onslaught mode. Your goal should be to get in on killing the command ship whenevr possible and kill all assault ships that you can find. - BUT - when against other players try to play for the kill assist. So do not go in like you are a Imperial Star Destroyer because you will die.

For Modules: Unlock Tier III Storm Missles ASAP, Tier III torpedos, keep Weapon Boost, and you can keep Module reboot as it is very handly to get a second volly of missles out.

Do not just stick with the Destroyer though.

Unlock the Akula Dreadnought too.

For the Dread unlock modules: Plasma broadsides, keep vulture missles or get torpedos, keep anti-missle lasers, and get Tier III Armor boost.

IMPORTANT Never Never Never upgrade the Armor Boost past Tier III ( so yes unlock AND purchase Tier III armor boost but NEVER unlock and purchase Tier IV Armor boost on a Tier IV dread ever) Tier III is actually much better than Tier IV and you can use the Tier III boost on a Tier IV Dread BUT ONCE YOU BUY THE TIER IV YOU CAN NEVER AGAIN USE THE TIER III and that is why it is a huge mistake to do so, ok? - got it?

Patrazor#2302 posted (#post-223976) said:

Today me and the squad I was in got crashed out of three Havoc matches in a row with a loading screen leading us back to the menu. Please fix this, since for example there is an achievement that requires players to get past wave 10.

How the h.ell do you get to Wave 10?

I can't get past Wave 5

I think there is a archive post about a glitch that crashes you if you get to Wave 10 and/or win

SilverCloak#1856 posted (#post-224015) said:

Two things i want to discuss here.
1.Those darned artillery pods they need a nerf of some kind
2.why are they shuting down the ps4 servers? seams they are alienating the ps4 section of the forums.
So what do yall think about these pionts and please feel free to add your own.

I am a PS4 player and I agree with the forum decision because it is better to consolidate and have one focused general topic section. More eyes and a better sense of community.

Now about these PODS.... here is the real problem. They have almost no hitbox. I have had many experiences where I have almost perfectly lined up the target and I am not able to destroy it ( yes I am in range ). It's almost like you have to spray n' pray that it hits the darn thing.

This is true of any of the PODS.

The best way ( not the only way ) to destroy them it seems is to use a burst damage module ( like blast pulse or bomb catapult )

So I think the damage they do is a bit high but this would be better balanced if they could be just a little easier to kill.

I think widening the hitbox a bit would do the trick.