Let me introduce you to the counter:

Jupiter Tac -
Artillery Pod,
Nuclear Mine,
Blast Pulse,
Armored Lockdown

Officer Briefing:
Desperate measures

Now go.

Murder Death Kill those Corvettes

( I experiment with Glass Cannon OB as well and get good results if you can keep your HP up with Repair Pod or Auto repair )

Also, a lot of players may not realize that the Corvette players are also using Desperate Measures which makes them even more frustrating to deal with.

Aetrion#4710 posted (#post-223962) said:

There are a couple huge design issues in this game that just suck the fun out of it, and that seem to simply get ignored. Maybe nobody has really put into words yet why these are so obnoxious

I certainly have brought up some of these great points and I've been told in one way or another to git gud or that I can't aim or whatever.

So point #3 - MAKE WARP A STANDARD MODULE - actually you can drop the mic after this one and walk away. You are 100% correct here. I had a gameplay idea that I was going to post after the forum update. Basically I thought that there should be an auxilary set of modules that you have access to. There would be penalties and such for using them but the idea came to me when I realized I would never use anything in the 4th slot except for target warp on my Jutland/Monarch and I wondered why this would be the case for a ship the size of a small town. - we really can't fit a armor boost anywhere else on the ship? The Corvette's shield blocks 100% of damage but Jupiter Arms can't get Armor boost to play nice with the Warp drive...ok...

Regarding point 1.) - Scrambler is THE WORST IDEA for this type a game period. - Remove the player from the game for 6-10 seconds. This weapon is a joke and is the main reason you will not retain players. ( It is also STILL GLITCHED ON PS4 and turns OFF the energy wheel ) - I clearly remember the player and moment I was first hit with this module. This was 3+ months ago and I did rage quit that game.
I do not feel as strongly about Drain or Disruptor ( even though Disruptor is probably the strongest of the 3 ) but I believe my reaction above adds to your point about modules that dull the game and keep it from being a fun experience

Now here's is what you might find intersting about "balance". So I see that you are mainly using the Kochei - this ship is downright horrible with the stock modules. But grind a bit and add Artillery Pods, Nuclear or Drain Mine, and Armored Lockdown. If you then add the hilariously strong Desperate Measure OB you may find that you then turn your little Kochei into a murder machine ( seriously, why is Desperate measures even in the game? )

In my opinion you are simply pointing out a lot of things that are undeniable facts and that is that the some of the problems with this game betray some kind of fundamental gameplay idea or betray the type of game that Dreadnought is being marketed as.

This is such a weird post.

I play on PS4 and even a casual Corvette players can rack up a lot of kills and do very well.

The Tactical Cruiser ( especially the Jupiter Tac ) are a good counter to Corvettes. ( Although I do agree that their silly laser beam has too long of a reach )

The Destroyer's Flak is suppossed to kill Corvettes AND anything else that gets close.

I did not play this game in it's early stages but I will agree that the Dreadnoughts need some kind of buff, I find them very lacking in a lot of areas. They are too slow and are terrible at tanking. Low damage output as well.

I'm not sure if buffing damage or health is the fix but to me they simply feel like they do not deserve to be called Dreadnoughts.

In the Dread vs Destroyer contest, I find that a Destroyer with Evasive Maneuver that uses Disruptor, Drain, or even Scrambler can easily win the engagement.

Disruptor to me is very very strong against a dread as it literally turns Off any Armor boost or hardener. ( A module a Dreadnought pilot may be counting on )

I can try running more tests when I get home but is anyone else on PS4 experiencing this?

There will be some audio updates when we hit Steam launch to emphasize when you're stuck in a tight spot. The music will have a mood change depending on what crazy predicament that you're in, which is super cool in my opinion! PS4 will have the same treatment.

Anywho, I cannot confirm that this is a bug without seeing a video. Would you be able to record a scenario where this happens?


Thank you for the response. I do not have a capture card at the moment but I will try to get a video on my iphone. The problem as highlighted in my post is that even if I provide a video you will not be able to see the Energy Wheel because Scrambler obscures everything so I'll try to frame the video to show my controller and gameplay screen.

I played a few matches last night and I 100% cannot use the Energy Wheel when Scrambled.

What I forgot to test is whether it turns the Energy Wheel off when you get struck with it. - So I am not sure if when Energy to Engines + Scrambled = Energy Off

PS4 issue:

I am not entirely sure if it is supposed to do this. ( I have read in many posts that it is NOT supposed to )

However when struck with the Scrambler pulse or mine I can confirm with almost 90% certainty that my Energy Wheel gets disabled.

I run Nav Expert on my Corvette and notice that my Power to Engines is off after I Blink away after being Scrambled ( when the effect clears )

In other situations I am very certain that I cannot put shields up ( although very difficult to confirm since the screen is completely obscured )

Can you maybe scale the effect back a bit so we can at least see the power wheel? Or add a audio cue when shields are activated? How is a player supposed to know if it is working as intended?

As-is Scrambler is the most hated and annoying attack in this game. Allowing it to disable the Energy Wheel makes it annoying and overpowered ( especially if combined with Disruptor )

I can try running more tests when I get home but is anyone else on PS4 experiencing this?

I've experienced this which is why I stopped using it.

I think the speed boost varies depending on the ship it is equipped on but again it does not seem to be working for me at all.

MGeh75#7841 posted (#post-223281) said:

Hi, I don't know if it is the same problem. I play on PS4 so maybe I'm wrong here. But I have from time to time a similar problem which is really annoying today because it happens on every ONSLAUGHT Match in any Map

Match is found and starts to load. Then in the loading screen on the right side some lines begin to flicker and the fan of my PS4 Pro start to wind up to the max. I can only end the game thru the main menu.

This happend from time to time the last few month but today always when I try to join a onslaught match. Especially in Legendary but also in Vet.

This is exactly what happens to me.

When the PS4 fan starts sounding like it's literally about to take off I quit the game.

It's happened 3 matches in a row now.

I've already sent in a ticket

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-222992) said:

I played an Onslaught match today and my Blud took out 4 corvettes with healer support in quick succession.

My point is just because you think you are good will not mean you are. There is always a bigger fish.

So by "Good" Corvette players I mean players that realize you are being repped, wait, trap/ flank, and kill the Healer tac first.

Killing anything while being healed? I mean c'mon man

If we are going to brag about using their Blud, I use mine in Legendary and I purposely use Tier 3 Storm Missles, Tier 3 Torpedos, Wep Boost, Evasive maneuver. ( & Ok, ok tier IV Flak) - I actually do pretty well with it. I have almost everything unlocked but I have other things I want to unlock first

BTW I am constantly wondering if the 7 vs 7 makes that much of a difference vs the PS4 5 vs 5

I wouldn't take it that far...

I'm curious to know what your guy's strategy is? What kind of ships do you have in your fleet? Corvettes are extremely vulnerable and have very low HP. There are ways to take down these pesky guys. It also helps if you ping their location so the team is aware of where they are!

Sorry I was sooooo mad when I posted this. I should have cooled off before $h1tposting.

But basically it was a Tier V Nevis. The player in question was using: 1) Assault Blink 2) Scrambler Mines 3) Distruptor 4) Afterburner. The Tandem Nevis player was using I believe Target Blink, Scramble mines, Blast Pulse, Afterburner

Tier V Jupiter Arms Tac was running: Tesla Pods, (I think) Nuke Mine, Blast Pulse, Energy Generator ( I've been on both sides with this player and have seen what he uses. He is absolutely devastating with this ship)

  • I don't have a problem with the Tac or really a lot of what the Corvettes can do. Disruptor is probably the strongest module that Vettes have. My problem is with general gameplay experience. The Corvette can kill you in so many ways. The Scrambler mines just feel like the ultimate F-U griefing tactic and I think it is completely unnecessary and harmful to the game itself. ( Basically why is a weapon/module this aggrivating in the game? - Especially since YOU KNOW player retention and numbers are a BIG PROBLEM)

Hey what's up man?

So some typical Corvette fits include: Blink Warp, Heavy or Light Torpedos, Disruptor or Blast Pulse, Afterburner ( although I like to use Auto-Repair )

You can use the above on really all three versions of the Corvette and of course swap out different modules to experiment. The Corvette is probably the most flexible class. By that I mean you can use almost all of this ships' available modules to great effect.

I like using the following Officer briefings: Feedback Loop ( although Desperate Measures is probably very useful as well ), Module Amper , Navigation Expert ( Or Engine Rigger ) , and of course Get My Good Side

The backlash is kinda what these ships are all about: Fast moving and hit very very hard at all angles. Very difficult to hit and kill.

If you end up playing well, just do the other team a favor and keep quiet at the end of the match, there is nothing more annoying than hearing a player say "GG" when they crushed you and went 12-2 with 2000xp or something.