Ya know something?

There IS a problem with Corvettes.

And do you know why I know this with so much certainty?

Because this topic is brought up so much that some random player can start a thread - MISSPELL Corvette - and here we the typical celebrity forum warriors all talking about it like we know how to counter them.

Look, you are all idiots. Play a tier V match against GOOD Nevis players and you will not play another match for the rest of the day ( or maybe week ) you will either break your controller or turn the game off.

I have posted numerous times about the problem with the GOOD Corvette players. YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM and it is a joke. Absolutely nothing works unless you want to completely gimp your ship and what is the point in doing that? Die not as much? Lose by not as large a margin?

YOU PLAY AGAINST the Corvette style. This means ( if they are good) that they DICTATE the match. To the OP's point and the same point I brought up months ago, for a game called DREADNOUGHT, that is a completely screwed up.

Hahahaha I know right?

Just left a match where 2 Tier V Nevis Corvettes and a Tier V Jupiter Tac absolutely ate our faces. It was the first match I've bailed on in about 3 weeks.

Seriously my Dreadnought - MY F'ing Dreadnought got crushed by the Tac alone.

It was a Scramble mine $h1tshow with the Corvettes. You are probably whining about tier iv Corvettes that don't use Scrambler mines. Scramblers mines in a corordinated squad will be the sole reason I stop playing. It is a $h1t tactic used by $h1t players that I hope get in a real life flaming car wreck on their way to work or high school or whatever these f.ucks do

The Dreadnoughts are a complete embarassment.

I hear you

I admire your passion and your hatred

I urge you to search "Corvette-nought" or even "Corvettenought" you will see the replies I get, the deaf ears, the lame advice they give.

- The key to defeating this enemy is becoming it. You are going to need the "Get my good side" Officer briefing. This means you WILL need to play the Machias Corvette. Play the pooop out of this ship, learn how everyone responds to you and attacks you. What kills you and what does not.

The PLasma Broadsides will help but you will also need the "Module Amper" Officer briefing as well. ( Unlocked with the Blud destroyer )

A word of warning though, you may find that after playing the Corvette you may start to like the fact that you cannot die and that you embarrass all Dreadnoughts all of the time.

You may end up joining the darkside like me, and when you do your sole mission will be to make them regret ever naming this game Dreadnought AHhhhahahahhaahahahahahah

Hello PC masterpoops,

Is this really a problem or were the few of you reporting it just really ( and understandably ) upset when your match got messed up because of it?

I do not see a lot of this over here in PS4 world

It happens but just because you are upset does not mean that punishing the "leaver" is the answer.

and/also YOU HAVE NOT ADDRESSED THE REAL PROBLEM, which is that there is no real reward for just playing the game.

An example: I was just in a match where i was playing poorly against some real good opponents. I predicably get my face smashed in. Now the thought of leaving did occur but here is what you and others are not doing. YOU ARE NOT ASKING WHY they want to or do in fact leave the match.

The problem is a combination of time, grind, and general anger. If my opponent have jumped to a +150 score and my team is at say 45 then it may seem to some that it is a complete waste of time to continue playing. Sometimes I'd rather leave and get nothing rather than give my opponents even more points. That's just the way it is.

A possible solution could be a sytem for allowing a minimum amount of XP/credits at the end of match regardless of the result. So for example: a player having a bad day gets a minimum 1500 XP and 1500 credits - maybe this is based on the damage they dealt.

Just like this game has "hard counters" to everything there is a hard counter for your proposed punishment. The player can very simply say "bye-bye I'm going to play something else that does not have a messed up MM and does not punish it's players for playing the damnn game"

Lets please attack and address the real problem

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-222774) said:

Read the article here and tell us your thoughts!

I never though that incects were the muse for the corvette designs.

Since most of the ships move and resemble some type of aquatic creature I thought the Corvettes were like Piranahs. ( Oberon Dread = Great white. Oberon Destroyer = nurse shark ect. )

Anyway, it's a neat idea. There is a thread in the concepts section asking about the possibility of adding negative/positive bonuses to some hull parts - this could be a good or bad idea but should at least be discussed and may add value to some of these proposed cosmetic options.

hotrods_n_harleys#3566 posted (#post-222579) said:

To further this last point it's the kind a player that has say 1- 1/2 to 2 years in this game and just stays in the vet queue when clearly capible of being in legondary witch also adds to a lot of unneeded and unwanted bullcrap to an allready less than ideal matchmacking system. ( last part may be a topic for another thread or a start of one anyway )

  • I have been seeing this recently too. Some players that are very very tough in Veteran I never see in Legendary and I am starting to think it's because they like the advantage they have against lower tier players. This is something that is difficult to prove but I usually bounce between Vet and legendary ( because of the battle bonus) and I'm pretty good with remembering who I'm seeing in each match.


I play on PS4 and yes the MM seems to have this "put stacked squads against as many T III's as possible" thing going on

But Unfair it is not

I lone wolf and casual play all the time.

If you have a MIC and the other players have EARS, then guess what? You can do everyting these squadded players do.

Nobody wants to talk? Well that's fine, but don't complain because it is not unfair and just because you see 3 level 50's on the other side does not mean that you are going to lose or get stomped.

So here is the score:
Lilith is 100% correct
BBelial is 100% correct
Hotrods is 100% correct
Hypervolt is WRONG
and SkyRaider is not helping

You mr Tyrian are wrong but because the MM is against you, your frustration is complely understandable. So stop crying and MIC up.

Insidious_Wheat#1950 posted (#post-222592) said:

If you insist on keeping this type of ship in your game at least put in the ability to play in matches where these ships can be omitted from being used. I would gladly que up and wait 20 minutes for a match with out this over powered broken.

  • I have actually thought about how cool a mode like this would be. No annoying Corvettes that you can't hit.

but I have to go with Enterprise on this one, Corvettes aren't exactly OP, they are very strong but they can be countered.

I've kinda turned to the dark side and play Corvette a lot. From my experience what you say is ( mostly ) true.

I will still get killed if I play recklessly but most of the time I end up with a high KDR.

A very strange thing I noticed is that the modules available to the Corvette are very useful. Rarely ( if ever ) do you need to gimp your Corvette build for a situation. You can equip the modules that you prefer and most like to use.

For Dreadnoughts and most other ships this is not true because you need modules to help deal with specific threats ( namely Corvettes and healer tacs )

I would not call for a nerf, I think certain modules on the other ships need a buff. For example the tractor beam on the dread is PATHETIC against Corvettes. It is so easy to escape. But if this module was stronger and also either drained energy or HP from the ship it might be more useful.
( Hmm what about "Purge" and "Drain" versions of the Tractor beam? )

I also feel this way about the Tartarus Nuke because Broadsides are where it's at on the Dreadnought. Why would I want to remove the coolest and most iconic weapon the Dreadnought has? The Tartarus Nuke is situational ( maybe Im wrong about this?) I think there are some modules like Tartarus where you should be able to equip it in the 2nd slot.

So I ultimatley think some buffs to certain modules and maybe the ability to move some modules to other slots would help balance out the problem

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-222607) said:

Corvettes are not OP, no Vette nerfs needed.

USE YOUR EYES and READ, do not assume

The OP DID NOT say that Corvettes are OP

The OP DID NOT say a Nerf was needed

He said they ruin the game. This is mostly due to the fact that because of their speed, hitbox, and ping, Corvettes are very difficult to get shots on.

This is true.

If you don't think so, they you will when I shove my Corvette up your @$$

"EDIT " Goddamit OP, you do say that the Corvetts are OP.....I'm the one that KANT READ....well my fangs shall find you anyway you stupid old and crapp retro version of the Enterprise


I..I..think you misspelled or probably misstyped or maybe your auto-correct put the word "Artillery Cruiser" in place of the word "Corvette"

Maybe you've been so tramatized by Corvettes that in order to block out the horror your mind instead sees Artillery Cruiser's zipping around the map, not taking damage, killing as they please, and scramble mine'ning you to death.


There is nothing wrong with any of the Artillery cruisers but I do suggest playing them just so you get a idea of what they can/cannot do ( strengths & weaknessesssss ) Not having a sniper role in a game like this would be just silly to imagine.

If anything I think that the Jupiter and Akula cruisers are a little underpowered. In my experience if my opponents are using Corvettes or really anything maneuverable you are pretty much ded once they get close. A lot of the modules are not very usefull. You have to be a patient player and I find the idea of waiting around to be killed by a Corvette a bit unsettling.

I think you are probably referring to the smaller Oberon Cruiser ( which I now use pretty regularly). Yes this ship can be a pain and very strong depending on the situation.

When playing a dreadnought you have to understand that you are not going to be able to kill everything and you will need to use cover ( or Warp if you are one of those players

Warp to an Arty and you will laugh as you watch them desperatley turn/push every button and then die so long as you know what you are doing.

So why are they in the game? Well the Sniper role will always be a thing. You cannot escape the Sniper but you can try flying lower or behind something instead of advertising yourself like a goodyear blimp.

Oh, and Brother Belial is 100% CORRECT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!!!