Do you PC people hate the Corvette counter play as much as I do?

I have really noticed one constant while playing matches here in Ps4 land and that is that good/decent Corvette players absolutley wreck face over here.

It's not that I don't think people should not be rewarded for skilled play, I just don't think getting kills in a Corvette takes any skill.
Especially if your team is running 2 or 3 tier IV vettes. And yes I am playing the Corvettes as well ( I strangly really like the Stribog a lot)

I've rage posted in the Ps4 Forum section and the push back I get is "git good", uses drain/stasis, and learn how to aim.

The problem is that I am good, I can aim, and I use some of these pretty good tricks to win some of these 1 on 1 battles.

( I think these suggestions are actually quite funny because when I play Covette I rarely get killed by drain/stasis and the other players can't hit me whe they shoot at me

I think there is a real problem here.

I can't help but feel that all engagements heavily favor the Corvette.
- My bullets do not track well - they actually appear to be attracted to the Corvette ship and miss it as a result ( this is not bad aim and I have seen other posts about this problem )

Corvette players also know where the dead zones on your ship are. ( Below or very close and below) and generally have a very punishing counter for many situations. - just a few days ago I was playing my Stribog and watched another player on my team finish almost every attack with the assault blink move, killing them of course - it was crazy to watch

Yes there is a lot more casual gamers and such and we have 5 vs 5 matches instead of 7 vs 7 so this is probably a factor

It's just that, matches like the one I just left where my entire team got trashed by 3 tier IV corvette users ( other 2 were in a Aion and Vigo ) will cause people like me to walk from this game. It is complete nonsense and not worth the aggravation.

I like the Corvette role I just think they do way too much dps and have way too many perks.

My suggestion to fix what I think is a major problem would be to either slightly increase the hitbox of the ship or probably the best thing to do would be to prevent 100% shield absorbtion - bring this down to 85%

I don't know about the PC but the player-base is a problem over here and by problem I mean very very small.
I'm not sure if the - very small ship dominates the very large ship - gameplay is going to help grow said player-base.

This game is very good and hopefully gets even better. I just think making the Corvette a little less dominant will help do that.


It is strange because I completely agree with the OP.

I feel the main cannon is just strangly lacking for a ship of it's size, It just feels very "wimpy" for the largest most " technically impressive " ship in the game.

I suppose the devs may have felt that it would be overpowered if it had better long range dmg.

I have however done pretty well in it, and I have seen some very good players dominate with this ship.

So legit question

How do you counter a speedy Scrambler pulse > Nuke > uses Thrust amp or Warp to run away scrub Vindicta?

I'm running Vigo and Voroznezh and I can usually handle 1 Vindicta if it's not using Scrub Scrambler Pulse

The match that I just came from was x2 Vindicta, 1 Jutland, 1 Blud ( my only kill ), and 1 Voroznezh

It was a complete one sided rolf stomp. I'm thinking I should just quit the match and play something else.

Whenever I got close to killing an attacker I'd watch the guy just Thrust off like a little B_itch and then I'd get killed while he zoomed back around or the other Vindicta would finish me off.

My last match was completly different team but oh wait another top level player ( xxVxx rank? ) using a Scramble Pulse hit and run scrub. Hmmm I wonder if Scramble pulse comes unlocked with the Vindicta....seriously what a joke of a playstyle. It really is the kind of thing that is going to make me delete this game. ( And I am really F_ucking close )

That has been my experience this week. I get pretty balanced matches and then when my team gets stomped the recipe usually includes 1 or 2 ( good ) Vindicta users. ( yes there's usually a Valcour in the mix too but I already qq'd enough on that subject )

Are the typical suggestions like Stasis pulse and drain actually going to work?

And can we be honest here?

Can you tell me why Scrambler Pulse is in this game?

Does it need to go?

Lets just all be honest, Scrambler Pulse is for scrubs and it needs to go.

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-216790) said:

tl;dr yall can't aim, and want vettes nerfed cuz you don't wanna improve your aim. Seems legit

Nobody wants Vettes nerfed you scrub

I just want the guns to actually connect when we shoot at them.

Actually the most common complaint I see around here is that some modules and/or counter play doesn't work quite right.

Since writing this awful awful "rant" I have played quite a few matches and I am sorry but on PS4 at least, the majority of top tier players ( xxVxx or whatever the decal rank is ) are highly proficient Vette ( Machias/Valcour and Vindictas ) and I mean shred the entire team rofl stomp.

I actually know all their names at this point because I have to prep for each one.


You make good points I just think it is odd that the Corvette is very dominant. And if it is the pure slayer role, why the heck call the game Dreanought?

It is dominant even if it doesn't have a high KDR for the match.

One of the reasons is because your entire team may waste a whole lot of time shooting at it but not get anywhere ( because they can't hit it and do minimal damage to it ) all the while getting picked off by the other ships.

  • This just happened in the last match I was in - This Corvette player was tier IV and shredded everyone on my team. He went 9 -2, he's very good and I see him pretty regularly. I was the one who killed him twice, he killed me 4 times. I almost had him once but as he hovered with shileds on, he very carefully moved just out of range of my Flak guns and by the time I switch back to my pathetic main guns it was all over. Btw I am actually not that bad at killing them I just think the playstyle that is encouraged is complete garbage.

The appeal of the game is the big ships right? Just nod your head and say it with me because I guarantee you if you spoke with any of the devs that is what they would sell you on. " Hey kis wanna play this super awesome giant battleship?" They would never ever mention Corvettes. If I end up going to PAX east I will prove ths to you WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE!!!! That is if I don't get thrown out for yelling at them about the stupid Corvettes first.


Can you shoot them down? Yes, yes you can.

Poor tracking? I think you mean poor aim.

You don't need a "special magic ice missile".

Hahaha you are too funny, it must be my lucky day to get a response from a LYBallbag scrub. Do you pub stompers even play on PS4?

Right, right, it's my poor aim. I was going to blame lag but I guess it's my terribad aim. It has nothing to do with shots fired ahead of the target and then watching the bullets actually move toward the target as if some type of aim assist was on. - This causes the bullets to miss btw but I guess you didn't understand that.

And, not a single person on any of these forums or anywhere feels this way about corvettes. It's just me I guess. I didn't just end a match a few days ago and hear another random player on the other team say " It's like a Tie fighter going up against the Death Star and the Tie fighter wins" Their team won the match btw.

And "Late Game"? WTF does that mean? You mean after you've unlocked all the upper tier modules that allow you any counter play? Ok I'll just keep grinding away until months from now I have sum gud modules.

I'm not sure if this is a very good example but why dont you go and play Havoc Mode? When your OP LYB self and your team lose because you can't kill the bot Corvette then maybe you'll understand.

That's what this game should be called. Corvette-nought.

All Dreadnoughts cower in fear of Corvettes

Can you shoot them down?

No. No you can not

Poor tracking, the shots will (almost) never land. The shots actually veer away from where you are leading them - this is with the auto-aim off btw.

What happens when a corvette parks their ship right off the bow of your Dreadnought?
- The Dreadnought is dead.

The Corvette will hilariously out DPS the namesake of this game.

Can we please have the guns of the Corvette on the bigger ships too?

For some reason the small Corvettes have shields that absorb 100% of damage.
Funny cause I thought it might be suicide to park such a small ship so close to the big scwary Dreadnought but here it is considered "good game design"

Can the reaally big ships that look like they have more than one person working in them instead have 100% shield absorption?

I actually think the Corvette role is pretty cool and it looks like a support fighter on paper but in reality it is a slayer role pure and simple.

I have played plenty of games ( PS4 ) and I have actually become accustomed to the players that fall back on either Corvettes or Vindicta as a crutch.

Can someone please tell me that I need Stasis missles? Or some other super locked away Tier IV module?

How about you instead explain to me why I need a special magic ice missle to counter poor game design? Or any other module for that matter?

The stasis missle is itself a very bad idea ( "hey , lets make the ships that move at a snails pace even slower or stop all together" )

Slowing the pace of play is not good at all. I'm not saying the tactic isn't effective, I'm saying having elements that slow down and frustrate players is not a good way to retain them.

Look I like this game but the counterplay against Corvettes ( and the Vindicta ) is a joke

Not calling for any major nerf here, I just want my guns to work and make some sense.
ie: when small ship sits next to my giant ship and I'm blasting it in the face with my main or secondary turrets, well sorry but I think the small ship should die very quickly, not the other way around.

I am sorry, but my goodness tier III is a disaster.

I simply cannot imagine grinding away to unlock anyting past this tier. ( Although I am truly trying )

I could go on and on about Corvettes and actually I have been wondering why this game was not called "Dreadnought Death by Corvette" or at least "Yager pilot murders Dreadnoughts again Online" - ( Yager was a great great great game for Xbox1 btw )

It seems any upper tier Kreshnik/Medusa/Machias just sit on me and tears through me and for whatever reason I cannot out DPS the little effers. I dont know if there is a bug but my guns can never hit them well enough - especially when they are standing very close. They just soak up damange and wreck. Or move gracefullly out of the way and no matter how hard I try to lead the target my guns just cannot compete. It is actually kind of crazy to me that these little ships are this powerful and difficult to kill.

The appeal of this game and what I found fun about it was that I'm driving a huge but slow battleship ( boat?) which forces me to think tactically and positionally.

Why does Tier IV introduce somewhat gamebreaking elements that completely betray what Tiers I - II and in my mind betrays what this game is about?

Tier IV ships are fast paced wrecking b alls. I am seeing the same style ships but now they warp in, warp out. Assault warp through you - and WTF is up with the "Vindicta"? - What a-hole thought it was good idea to put this ship in the game? That thing is hilariously OP. Want to be Captain Harlock and murder kittens? Then the Vindicta is for you. That ship + blind = me rage quitting. The blind ability makes no freaking sense btw.

Tier IV can really only compete with Tier IV - that is bad idea genes and may mortaly hurt this game.

I've read through a few of the forums posts and I don't think my gripes are far off from what others have said.

What's the answer?

The biggest problem that simply cannot be ignored is that the game stops being fun at Tier III - this is the mistake.

Asking people to grind, pay for boosters ( which is still grinding ), to hang in there, and git good is complete nonsense. The players are just going to leave when they start feeling how much of brick wall they just flew into.
( Maybe allow Free XP to be used WITHOUT paying for it ( seriously I know you guys need revenue streams but that is a really dumb one )

If the Devs could figure out how to make Tier III it's own cool little "thing" instead of this "OH MY GOD GET ME OUT OF THIS H E L L AND INTO TIER IV NOW PLS THX" Then players like me will happily stick through it. ( Though I am still rage quitting when someone uses "blind" on me - seriously what a krap ability. Makes me wonder what idiot built this giant technical marvel of a ship but didn't put enough titanium in the hull to block a EMT blast. )

Anyway, thank you for reading my wall of text

I'm going to go now and play Yager and crush every dreadnought in that game with my Corvette