It used to be 2-3-4 then 2 was removed. given the serious lack of legendary games should veteran be changed to allow tier 5? Is tier 5 really that much more powerful? If and when the population of players playing tier 5 gets high enough to allow for short leg queue times then maybe change it back.

The last entries I see for the roadmap are Sep 2017. Are there plans for the future or is this game now in maintenance?

The last entries I see for the roadmap are Sep 2017. Are there plans for the future or is this game now in maintenance?

I keep getting advertisements for this mobile game "Ark of War: Republic" which shows game play from dreadnought. Is that a mobile version of this game, or are they using dreadnought IP without permission?

Too expensive with too few benefits and bad loadouts IMHO

As the topic says it's been buggy for awhile now and grainy graphics definitely detracts from the enjoyment of the game at least for me.

Stasis missiles and bursts work pretty good. Also they pretty much have to be in your plane to hit you so power to engines and dive or climb quickly can help make them miss. Armor lock down, power to shields, etc can help. If the DD has a scrambler module then it can be a serious pain.

I don't see too many rams in the games I've been in, and when I have they've been mostly use for movement purposes rather than actually ramming things.

Corvettes will definitely make a tac cruisers day difficult. They're kind of natural predators for tacs. Other ship types though can deal with them pretty well. If you're in a standard PUG it's going to be hard to get your team to help defend you. I really hope they buff flechette missiles. IMHO they should go faster and do more damage than they currently do.

It's a good deal in terms of what it would cost if you bought the stuff individually. In terms of what you actually get though, well, I bought it as I want to support the game. Hero ships though don't work quite the same as premium vehicles in other games. My issues with them are that free xp costs too much GP to be useful, and you don't get much of a credit bonus using one so they're fairly pointless to have once you've unlocked the equivalent ship in its tier. Also the models are the same so you don't get much of a gee whiz factor other than the paint job.

IMHO buy it if you want to support the game, and/or like the cosmetics. Don't buy it if you expect it to do much for you in game.

It doesn't seem to work. I don't know if it's a bug, or if the Lorica is too squishy for it to take effect. I've had it on the Lorica for several battles and I've never had it trigger. I'm wondering if the trigger is set to low as I've been below 10% health with both armor amp and shields on and died before it kicked on. I've been keeping an eye on it across a few battles and there have been at least 5 times where I would've expected it to fire and it didn't.