That's what I thought. IMHO the premium cost for them is too steep unless they provide a credit, or some other, benefit. To use WOT as an example premium vehicles (which are at about the same price point as hero ships) provide both credit and XP benefits. They are useful to grind cash if nothing else.

There's some L2P here, but I must agree that when you have a corvette motionless next to you and you can't hit it that sounds like poor game design to me. That or it should be made abundantly clear in the tutorial that ships can get in under your guns, but secondaries should not have that problem.

Do hero ships provide any credit or xp benefits as premium vehicles do in other games? They don't seem to, or if they do it doesn't seem to be much esp when compared with the battle bonus.

As the topic says dreadnought broadsides seem underwhelming to me especially when compared to long range weapons like nukes, interceptors, even vulture missiles if you can land them.

If you're able to get close enough to an enemy ship, esp with something like scatter gun broadsides, then IMHO you should be able to one shot anything that's not another undamaged dread. Currently the damage seems very lack luster.