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Seriously what were you thinking? I come back to the game and there are now tiers and tech tress?!!?! This is arguably one of the WORST things you could do to the game. Not only that but the ships aren't uniquely different, you just took a completed ship and broke it apart and put it into tiers. Additionally, in order to unlock say a Gora, I have to play through a sniper to get to it?? AND, I have to grind through 3 tiers of it before I can even start on that line??

Your logic just buried this game. Someone call the FBI and Interpol because Greybox just murdered Dreadnaught.

Farewell and Adieu

P.S. Queue times long?

P.P.S. I wonder why

After much raging I have decided to be zen about it and have just moved on. I do check back here daily in hope they change their new tier system to something sensible because I absolutely loved the game pre-1.3; it wasn't perfect, but it was a darn sight better. If they don't change it I wish them the best and my money will just go else where, as Imrahil basically said in a thread he started a little while back - you don't bite the hands that feed you.

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Would you prefer that all ships and modules be unlocked from the start? Every single item available to every single player immediately?

Honestly, yes.

The most successful foot this game has put forward is the idea that it's not just a big ship battle game, but one which offers fast-paced competitive combat.

You know what makes a competitive game more competitive? AN EVEN PLAYING FIELD. After the mess we've seen with the current progression system, I'd be really happy to see a change to "everyone has all the things" at this stage.

hear, hear

{rummages around for record player, finds player with record glued in place, turns on player}

As Imrahil above says, this is probably not helped by people just not logging in to play following 1.3+. I personally have started to load up the game several times since the patch, get to password entry and just decide to close it and do something else. I have no will to play a tiered system and it makes me annoyed each time I want to play I am presented with it. I was more than happy with the long (which now appear incredibly short) queue times from the end of previous patch to be matched up with an eclectic mix of captain ability/rank players just because we all had access to the same ships at lvl25.

I absolutely loved this game before and guess I foolishly assumed the tech tree stuff incoming would not lock all ships into power tiers. They have my money now and I thank them for the alpha to pre-1.3 days but I will keep an eye on here, randomly fire up my stuck record every so often and then slink off to do something else.

It was good, I envisioned it getting better, it got hades of a lot worse.

Are we still locked to one ship or can we buy multiple of the same hull type for different load outs?

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I'm shocked no one is mentioning the 3 squad limit.

If someone gets bad MM from a 5 man team, or the queue is long, that stinks. If you limit your teams to 3 players people with more than 2 friends don't play your game. At least with 5 person teams those who bought your game to enjoy with friends could continue to play with them.

I did in one of the other threads long lost on the general forum sub, I have a group of friends that fluctuate between ~3-8 of an evening. I have been in since alpha and loved it so much I bought the founder pack that had 4 invites to get some of them on board. Now I regret that two fold because the moment we will have 4+ people online that throws dread out of the window and we move to something else (the second fold is the terribad tiering I have ranted about enough).

Whilst some teams of 8 will be honed awsomesauce killing death squads my lot are an ecliptic lot of people who find it hard to aim in a straight to the FPS-competitive guy - but we love playing together for fun.. not in this game it seems...

In 1.1 I could simply have 3 different Aions, 1 for full offense to counter corvettes or troll around when we had a second tac. 1 to have full defenses so I was a mobile healing platform. 1 to have hybrid build to be not totally useless in the opposite build.

This is the bit I would like to highlight, the ability to buy with credits/GP an entire fleets worth of the same ship just so you could equip with different modules made anything previous far better than being stuck with one ship in one load out.

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I wanted to mention something,mostly for the people who werent here before the patch.The actual time u needed to unlock stuff and mostly the ships before,wasnt that fast,its actually the same as it is now,with a bigger difference,now you can choose what you want to unlock.Just my 2cents,cause y its different,y its new,but except the tier 4 hero ships in smaller tiers,i cant find any flaws.

I do not disagree that the previous experience unlock model was any better in time, but you had all ships unlocked by 25 and none of them were replacements for the previous, they were just different. SolisObscuri perfectly sums this up in his diagram, you get a load of trash until you finish the grind in the current system. What is needed is for the dev time on this patch not to be lost, but adjusted to be based on ship variant unlocks. This would also mean new ship designs can be added later down the line for huge initial investment in credits or just GP which you then play and unlock its variants in a similar manner to all other ships.

Modules could then be back to their previous association with ship types rather than per ship. You could unlock with an experience tree as an aside to the ship type you play. Play {ship type (e.g. corvette)}, the {ship type} module and briefing tree gains experience along side SolisObscuris variant ship unlock tree allowing you to unlock & purchase modules with credits or GP.

You can game the system though, I raised a bug report last night on this. We tested that the squad leader would sign up for recruit tier and then the other two members could select any tier ships they wanted to join with. As long as you didn't change ship type in the game you could spend the whole thing in your T4 hero ship.

Both sides should be symmetrical in a match, you are promoting the idea of a match being entirely tilted one way due to money/time (current model). Whilst each ship might not be perfectly balanced they nearly had this in the previous build. Yes some things were a little out of line but could be countered with good play.

I fail to see how having enough faith in an ELO style system with carefully and continuously balanced ships vs a pyramid/totem pole power creep system is the worse of the two models.

Balanced (as best as humanly possible) ships available to all is by far greater than beating players just because you paid money and/or spent three months unlocking something that is 5x better in numbers.

edit well after several matches this evening me and my lot are done till this gets changed. Every game had T4 ships on the opposition vs T1/2 on our side, this shows everything wrong with power tiers.

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2) Tiers - This was a much needed feature to balance the game between newbies and veterans. Don't let old players sway you on this. Corvettes with crazy modules absolutely wrecked new players. Those same ships became liabilities in higher lvl games.

To stop this you use ELO rating... it was an issue leading up to this patch because there were so few people playing the queue times were long so it would drop people down/move people up to get a game started hence you would get teams of lvl50 vs teams of lvl3. More players stops this, unless you use a tier system that splits your player base up into three queues...

A flat, balanced system is far better and gives those newbies a chance to find that whilst they sucked in ships x & y when they finally earnt enough credits or blew GP on ship z which was perfect fit for their playstyle they started to get better.

Under the tier system all that really happens is they move from being seal clubbed in recruit tier (T1s vs T2s fully unlocked), unlock T2/3 ship to be seal clubbed by fully unlocked T4s in the next tier to claw their way up to their new shiny T4 and get seal clubbed by fully unlocked T5s. Great balance...