I had a discussion with Jawane on discord. We were talking about tac cruisers being overpowered. My original message was, "how can a tac cruiser, without any support, survive 3 strikes of interceptors, over 4 full clips of repeater guns and fire support?" We then talked about the ways of killing a tac cruiser, and then I brough up, "what if theres more than one? they can just sit there healing eachother and go deathless." What im saying is, is that tac cruisers shouldnt be able to just heal someone, or themselves, to full health with just themselves. My impression of a tac cruiser is the repair shop for when you get out of combat alive, then youll be ready to attack again, not sitting under fire for minutes at a time without taking more than half full health damage. Please consider this in the next update because tactical cruisers are easily the most cancerous thing in this game if theres any. Thanks for your time.

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There are different modules that disables the enemy's modules, including after burner and blink warp. They are called disruptor pulse and disruptor missile.

Yeah, but it can not be used on Dreadnoughts and they still have their full speed and can get away. I'm not saying stasis pulse should disable afterburner, it should reduce it's effect.

Why can Corvettes fully use their afterburner when under stasis? This is just another reason why Corvettes are so unbalanced. Please fix

Yeah it seems like a waste to me but on t4 ships there will be officer briefings you can research from the secondary weapons tree

Hello, I had just saw this forum and i was wondering how i would join a squad. I am lvl 15 i think, have t3 ships, pretty good at flying destroyers and dreadnoughts. Suck at artillery cruisers, decent at tac cruisers, im not sure about corvettes. I am looking for a squad who will give me advise and give me some training. Looking forward to it!

its 6:22 PM where i am and its still not up

So i had just got the Gravis last night, and played multiple matches with it. Correct me if im wrong, but it seems a little weak. It has less health than a t1 dreadnought. Every match ive played ive gotten about 3 kills because its weapons seem to do little to no damage to enemy ships. Even when i set power to weapons systems, most of the time we are about to kill a ship, it is an assist. Im requesting a simple buff, maybe give it a little more health, or a little more weapon damage? I really hope you consider doing this because the ship seems kinda weak right now, thanks!

Hello, I have had this game for quite a while now and ive noticed going through the tiers, prices get really high. i only have up to tier 3 ships right now and a t3 ship cost 10k-20k ship xp. I was wondering how i could go by getting more ship xp per match, because on a good match, i get about 2k. But ive seen other people get 4-8k xp per match. If anyone could suggest me a way of playing this game to get more ship xp i would appreciate that. Thanks!

I know you probably get this alot but is there any confirmed release date for the PS4 beta? The computer I have cant run this game well and I'd really like to play it some more thanks!

You want people to play this game right? But you have to understand that not everyone can afford a top ranged gaming PC.

I can see this game will go far out when its full version is released, and i understand that it is just a beta and things still need to be changed and fixed, but i was wondering if there was any way i could reduce game lag for me without going through an entire update, thanks!