whatlistenwhat is true the only for a video game company to have their servers down it's just freaking ridiculous I mean who is this the 1990s or what . I just don't get it I hope these guys up to see how much money they're bringing in the holy s but they can't find servers they must be doing cocaine or meth or something man. it's ridiculous that the server goes down that much. and then I saw how many people played World Wide of s man you think they were just invested more shivers

okay so this is like the first computer company I've ever heard of having to shushutandshushutandtshushutandshushutandttdownt down their servers to I guess bring about a game or install a game whatever happened to having backup servers in letting the game continue on and folks could just play on that . I've been in the computer industry a long long time and I'm here to tell you most companies and most video game servers companies or whatever host their own games . easilyeasilyeasilyeasily